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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is an animated show about a 13 year old boy who lives in Mexico, in a city where crime runs rampant. Manny has a gift of superpowers and must decide if he will go against the evil forces or join them. His father, who is known as White Pantera, is a superhero and would like Manny to grow up to be good and fight off evil. Manny has a Grandpapi, who happens to be a super villain named Puma Loco, and he would like Manny to join the dark side. This poses as quite a dilemma for the young Mexican Superhero.

Every day brings a new adventure for young Manny. He must ward off and face his enemies. He has to contend with his father who pulls him into the good side while his grandfather sways him into darkness. Manny, alone, must choose how he will conduct himself and face his enemies.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 2007.

Where do I stream El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera online? El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
March 3, 2007
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Alanna Ubach, Grey Griffin, Carlos Alazraqui, Eric Bauza
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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Full Episode Guide

  • When Manny, Rodolfo and Granpapi are forced by a court order to give up their Mystic Objects of Power, they find out what it's like to be just a regular family. It's actually pretty great. That is, until all their enemies discover that the Rivera's are helpless and out in the open. Now, it's a race to get away from the villains, grab their mystical objects and save themselves from certain doom.

  • Both Manny and Dr. Chipotle Jr. have forgotten to get Fathers Day presents for their dads, so they team up to solve the problem. They stage a fake fight in which Rodolfo is "captured" and Manny must "save him" from the evil Chipotles. It's all going great, and Manny can't wait to give his dad the gift of a heroic rescue. That is, until Chipotle Jr. double-crosses him. Dang!

  • Worried that Manny is becoming more evil than heroic, Rodolfo sets up a playdate with him and Miracle City's goody-two-shoes top teen superheroes, the Golden Eagle Twins. Manny and Frida are initially bummed that they have to hang out with the duo... until they find out the Twins aren't quite as clean-cut as everyone thinks they are.

  • Rodolfo is forcing Manny and Frida to help him spruce up Miracle City, when Maria returns in her superhero identity: Plata Peligrosa. Manny and Frida are psyched. When Rodolfo is distracted by Plata, he completely forgets about the beautification project.

  • Longing to have more in common with her police chief father, Frida decides to join the Junior Police Cadets. Frida's sisters, who are in charge of the troop, are less than thrilled to see her among the recruits. Luckily, El Tigre and Frida figure out a way to work the system, and soon Frida is the top crime-fighting cadet around. Chief Suarez is beaming and he and Frida couldn't be closer.

  • Rodolfo is very disappointed in Manny, and Manny really wants to figure out a way to get back on his dad's good side. So he comes up with a brilliant plan. He'll pretend to like Black Cuervo, who has a crush on him, and, while they're dating, he can dig up inside information on the Flock of Fury's upcoming crimes to pass on to Rodolfo.

  • Sartana decides to give away her magical guitar to the special tournament champion when she retires. El Tigre is expected by both White Pantera and Puma Loco to help win the tournament, but decides to go after the guitar himself.

  • Grandpapi takes on an apprentice, the Cactus Kid, only to make Manny jealous. Later, Manny learns his mother was once a superhero when he finds her Glove of Power, which she dons once more to fight crime.

  • Manny agrees to be the Albino Burrito's sidekick for a week and must wear a humiliating costume for the role. Next, Rodolpho is upset after being passed over for the superhero league, especially since El Tigre has been invited.

  • Manny and Frida end up in the Land of the Dead while battling Sartana's undead army. They enlist the help of Tigre's dead ancestors, including the original El Tigre, to save Miracle City.

  • When Sartana summons a powerful army of forgotten dead on Dia de los Muertes (the Day of the Dead), it looks like she may finally destroy Miracle City forever. In the midst of an epic battle, El Tigre and Frida find themselves in The Land of the Dead. As the Rodolfo and Granpapi fight for their lives in Miracle City,

  • After spending staying up all night playing videogames with Manny, Frida runs out of time to write a new song for her band to perform at the Battle of the Bands. On stage in a panic, Frida improvises a song about Tigre's humiliating loss to Sartana the previous night--and the crowd loves it.

  • Frida finds fame as a rock star after ad-libbing a song at a band contest about El Tigre's humiliating defeat at the hands of Sartana.

  • A giant robot is let loose by accident when Manny tricks a fan into doing his chores. Later, Frida uses Manny's super belt and gets captured by Sartana.

  • Manny learns his father once ran from a fight, so he goes to face the villain himself to save his family honor. Later, Rodolfo's friend, the Seventh Samurai, visits, hoping to find a villain for his son to defeat.

  • Maria starts a halfway house for super-villains, forcing Manny to share his weekend home with his sworn enemies. Later, one of Rodolfo's old superhero friends stops for a visit and brings along his son, who must prove himself by defeating a villain.

  • Manny wants a moustache so he can live like a grown-up, and the evil Dr. Chipotle Jr. helps him, but only to steal El Tigre's super belt. Later, Manny attempts to make Grandpapi look like a good guy to keep Rodolfo from kicking the older man out of the house for being a bad influence.

  • Manny's mother visits and threatens to take him with her after she learns that Rodolfo is still living the life of a superhero. Later, Manny and Frida volunteer at Casa De Adios, a retirement home for supervillains.

  • Zebra Donkey, the school mascot, dies while in Manny's care, but Manny revives the animal with a magical guitar. Later, one of White Pantera's former sidekicks attacks, and Frida is injured, forcing Manny to end their friendship for her safety.

  • Manny's soccer team is losing, thanks to his father's no-cheating coaching style, so he tries to get Granpapi to take over. Later, Manny starts to help the kids at school with their grades, but he becomes a controlling tyrant.

  • Manny is sent to the store to buy guacamole, but uses the money for a tattoo machine instead; lost pets mean big business for Manny and Frida, who are raising money to buy special skates.

  • Manny borrows his father's magical boots and damages them. Later, he is sent to buy some guacamole, but uses the money for a tattoo-maker instead.

  • Manny is sent to buy some guacamole, but uses the money for a tattoo-maker instead.