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McGee is an ordinary kid who thinks that he is embarking upon the fairly ordinary experience of a summer camp. However, strange things are in store for him. He boards the wrong bus and ends up going to another camp entirely, meeting Gretchen and Squirt along the way. The three become fast friends, and they will need that newly formed bond to help them make it through their time at the eerie Camp Lakebottom, where bizarre things always seem to be happening. With the adventures that it provides them, this is definitely not a run of the mill summer camp.

CLB Productions Inc.
3 Seasons, 117 Episodes
July 13, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Melissa Altro, Darren Frost, Scott McCord, Richard Binsley
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Camp Lakebottom Full Episode Guide

  • The kids prepare for the last week of camp by volunteering as staff-in-training to help with the unexpected arrival of two new campers. That is, until Buttsquat takes over the camp!

  • Middle-aged McGee travels from the future back to present-day Lakebottom to change the past, and stop the staff from becoming evil, bloodthirsty monsters!

  • The kids must find their way out of a Lakebottom dimension populated by giant Turkeysaurus Rexes...before they wind up as Harvest dinner.

  • The kids enter a Lakebottom House of Horrors! Only to discover that they will soon be the house's star attractions!

  • Rosebud and the kids are drawn into a Squirrel-version of Lakebottom to answer for their crimes against all Squirrel-kind!

  • Buttsquat uses all the evil tricks at his disposal to brainwash the kids into becoming an elite Butt-Squad of Buttsquat warriors!

  • The campers face the wrath of two mutated Ocean Apes, once the pets of McGee and Suzi, now seeking for revenge after being flushed years ago.

  • Buttsquat and McGee get digitized into a classic 80's video game, and must battle the game's software guardian to make their way out again.

  • Gretch's famous action-hero, movie-star parents visit Camp Lakebottom, and wind up getting a dramatic motivation they never dreamed of: terrified by monsters!

  • Rosebud turns camp Lakebottom into camp LOCKDOWN-bottom! Keepin the kids behind bars until they return her missing golden ladle!

  • McGee becomes a human sweat hydrant after using zombie Sawye'rs anti-sweat cream!

  • McGee gives Sawyer a high-tech chip that turns him into a Zomborg that's bent on taking out the campers!

  • The campers must travel back in time to the old west to prevent Grandpappy Black Butt from stealing the deed to Lakebottom.

  • McGee summons the Moon Dervish, who will bring the apocalypse unless a Sasquatch dances for him

  • Gretchen turns into a bee person.

  • Squirt is captured by a Tooth Troll who claims his baby tooth has enough power to summon all the teeth in the world. Now McGee has to snatch the baby tooth before everyone is left toothless.

  • The campers convince Armand to protect his old spy nemesis Abomina Lafur, but when she threatens the camp with a volatile brownie explosive -it's up to Armand to get his spy on!

  • Suzi gets hit on the head and becomes an evil Ice Queen.

  • Rosebud leaves the group to do the chores.

  • While chasing his gopher-nemesis, Sawyer gets zapped into his brain bin and emerges super smart!

  • The Bottom Dwellers come across a suitcase in the attic that contains a ventriloquist dummy. They soon realize this dummy has the power to turn living things into wood - including Squirt!

  • McGee vows to out rock Buttsquat for best camp song, so he signs a contract with Sheba the bandshee; McGee's beloved lucky rubber duck goes missing and he loses the scare bear commisionare title to Buttsquat.

  • McGee is visited by three ghosts looking to save Camp Lakebottom from catastrophe before it's too late.

  • On the eve of Eekmas, McGee blames his toot on Squirt.

  • McGee and Buttsquat argue over whose a better space captain.

  • The campers track down a UFO inhabited by an alien from the planet Squont.

  • McStanger inhabits a post-apocalyptic world.

  • The campers tell stories to pass the time.

  • The kids have to face Squirt's greatest fear, The Boogeyman!

  • McGee gets a bad case of the Hiccups, that make stuff disappear!

  • McGee takes care of a baby dragon

  • Suzi gets jealous of McGee

  • McGee has his lucky duck stolen from him by Jordan

  • McGee wants to be a rock star but it comes at a price when rock goddess Sheba Bandshee tries to take him on tour as her support act - forever

  • Everyone is painting their own masterpieces, and a zombie artist possesses one of the painters

  • The Campers go to an island which is a bird-watchers' paradise and try to find a rare bird which will repeat what they say

  • McGee experiences what Lakebottom would be like if he never existed.

  • McGee, Gretchen, Squirt and Sawyer discover a creepy cabin inhabited by a strange caretaker

  • The campers train to be Sawyer's Zombie Scouts.

  • Suzi and McGee must work together to save their parents from thirsty pod plants.

  • Nanny Num Nums comes to Lakebottom to care for an ill Rosebud.

  • The campers build a race car to help Sawyer relive his racing days.

  • A broken amulet causes McGee and Buttsquat switch bodies.

  • Squirt resurrects his pet lousy from the grave.

  • A capture-the-flag game turns deadly when the ghost of Gen. Butt appears in the form of Buttsquat..

  • McGee and Gretchen find themselves on opposite sides of a long-running feud when they and Squirt become lost in a swamp.

  • When Suzi gets bit by the green eyed jealousy bug, she literally turns green with envy; McGee adopts a fire-breathing dragonnamed Lizzy which proves to be an unruly pet.

  • During a game of who's the best scarier, Gretchen befriends a ghost called Preston, but he gets a crush on her.

  • The campers summon Armand's old rival, Doofus the clown, who vows to destroy the campers.

  • McGee,Gretchen, Squirt and Sawyer discover a creepy cabin inhabited by a strange caretaker; McGee experiences what Lakebottom would be like if he never existed.

  • The campers build a race car to help Sawyer relive his racing days; Nanny Num Nums comes to Lakebottom to care for an ill Rosebud.

  • Squirt resurrects his pet Lousy from the grave, who grows seven feet tall and vows to feed off everything with hair; Buttgee is desperate to reverse the spell that put Buttsquat in McGee's body.

  • Lost deep in the schwamp, McGee and Gretchen argue about the right way back to Lakebottom; during a trip to Camp Sunnybottom, Buttsquat challenges the CLB gang to a game of capture the flag.

  • 12-year-old daredevil and mastermind, McGee, was headed for an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles when his bus took a wrong turn and landed him at old, rundown and ridiculously spooky Camp Lakebottom.

  • The campers summon Armand's old rival, Doofus the clown, who vows to destroy the campers; McGee prepares what he thinks is the best prank ever.

  • The host of "Paranormal Confronter" comes to Camp Lakebottom and McGee vows to protect Lakebottom's supernatural secrets; campers befriend an elderly former Lakebottom camper, Poe.

  • Gretchen, McGee and Squirt are trapped by a witch who forces campers into pizza slave labor; Suzi gives Buttsquat a rare action figure that was meant for McGee.

  • McGee makes friends with a frog-like alien and helps repair the creator's spaceship; a tiki idol becomes animated when McGee plays its bongo drums.

  • McGee releases a mischievous pixie; McGee gets in the middle of Sawyer's family troubles.

  • McGee mistakenly concocts a spray that shrinks the campers to a microscopic size. They meet a friendly blue ant who agrees to help them navigate their way through this now dangerously giant world to the kitchen to find a cure.

  • During a game of Stink Toss, McGee and Buttsquat get lost in the forest for what feels like days! They must work together to survive the terrors of the forest and make it back to camp safely.

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