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Krypto the Superdog is about a dog named Krypto. Krypto's home was going to be destroyed soon. Krypto is put into a ship by Superman's dad to see if the ship can fly safely. Krypto accidently destroys wires on the ship. When Krypto accidently destroyed the wires it put him and the ship to sleep.

The ship heads toward plant Earth. Krypto gets super powers from being exposed to the Earth's sun. He has power like that of Superman. Superman arranges for Krypto to be adopted by a little boy because he is too busy saving the world to properly take care of Krypto.

Krypto pretends to be a normal dog. The little boy who adopted Krypto is the only one who knows about Krypto's super powers and how he saves the world. Krypto can only speak to his owner, the little boy named Kevin, and other animals. Kevin has to wear a special device to be able to understand Krypto.

Krypto the Superdog is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2005.

Where do I stream Krypto the Superdog online? Krypto the Superdog is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Krypto the Superdog on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
March 25, 2005
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Sam Vincent, Michael Dobson, Tabitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar
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Krypto the Superdog Full Episode Guide

  • Ignatius buys a toy named "Chippy" with Krypto's assitance, but when Krypto has to help inside the same store Ignatius is in, Ignatius, unbenounced to him, that Krypto is no longer outside, leaves. Now he's walking in the streets trying to get home when a strong wind comes past and blows Chippy's emotion chips into some snowmen and snowoman, they come alive after an electrical surge from a lightpole. Now they're on the loose in Metropolis.

  • Mechanikat turns himself into a giant robot to defeat Superdog. Krypto and Kevin must defeat an intergalatic prankster who has stolen a device that can stop time.

  • While at camp, Kevin uncovers a scheme to take over the world by a group of beavers. Streaky goes on a crusade to hunt down alien elephants that have stolen all the peanuts in Metropolis.

  • Streaky and Stretch-O-Mutt team up on the docks to battle a sinister parrot captain and his crew of rats. Robbie the Bird Wonder teams with Streaky to save Bat Hound and Krypto.

  • When the Dogstars get sick, Stretch-O-Mutt assumes their identities to fool Mechanikat into thinking everything is normal. Snooky hits Krypto with a beam that makes the dog think he's a cat.

  • Bailey sneaks around trying to get a picture that will prove Krypto is Superdog.Pleeek miniaturize Superdog & Kevin so the now-tiny heroes can go inside Streaky to captures a dangerous germ.

  • The Dog Stars argue as to who should take over the ship when Brainy Barker becomes incapacitated. Snooky infiltrates Streaky's fan club in order to scheme against Supercat and Superdog.

  • Ignatius creates chaos when he uses a duplicating machine to duplicate himself and ends up creating dozens of new Ignatiuses. Streaky takes his fan club to Bat Hound's Metropolis stronghold during a field trip, and ends up putting Krypto and Bat Hound in danger.

  • When Andrea learns that Krypto and Streaky are Superdog and Supercat, she battles with them against Mechanikat. Bat Hound joins Stretch-O-Mutt when Merton the Magic Rabbit captures Krypto.

  • Snooky attacks Krypto with an aging machine and inadvertently ages Kevin into an adult. Bat Hound finds his life turned upside down when Thunder Mutt follows him around as research for his next role a dog detective.

  • When Mechanikat builds a robotic version of himself, the robot turns on him. When a guard dog named Buddy falls into a vat of rubberizing solution, he becomes Stretch-O-Mutt.

  • Kevin and Andrea team up when they become super-powered like Krypto.Krypto and Kevin are transferred into a videogame that tests their game-playing skills and superpowers.

  • Krypto and Kevin experience a Christmas they won't ever forget.

  • When Tusky loses his tooth, Mechanikat is determined to steal it. Chaos ensues when Waddles, the Penguin's penguin, steals Streaky's superpowers.

  • Bathound is frustrated when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. Krypto and Streaky have an undersea adventure when red kryptonite turns them into fish.

  • A royal cat has a "Roman Holiday" with Streaky, allowing Isis the opportunity to steal the Queen's jewels. Krypto becomes jealous when he thinks Kevin likes Bathound more than Superdog.

  • Bathound assists the Dog Stars when Hot Dog goes missing. Krypto comes to Jimmy The Rat's aid when he disguises himself as a dog and becomes a member of the Downtown Dogs.

  • Krypto and Bathound pursue a villain named Dogwood who steals trees. Krypto and Kevin are at their wits' end when an enlarging ray turns Melanie into a 30-foot giant.

  • In order to control the Dog Stars, Mechanikat turns them into puppies. Krypto is forced to partner with Ignatius while investigating thefts within Lexcorp.

  • When Kevin and his class eat Ignatius's lighter-than-air muffins, they start floating away, forcing Krypto to come to the rescue. Krypto and Kevin try to stop Ignatius from going back into the past in order to change the future.

  • Streaky speaks before his fan club and tells a whopper of a tall tale about his superhero exploits. Drooly, a dog who desperately wants to join the Dog Stars, gets his chance when Snooky endangers the Dog Stars.

  • When a baby monkey comes into her life, Melanie learns why monkeys are better off in the rainforest and humans are better off at home. When Bathound is affected by laughing gas, he becomes too silly to fight crime.

  • Ignatius creates a formula to grow super hair. While Krypto is away, Bathound is forced to team up with Streaky to stop a fish-stealing operation.

  • Red kryptonite causes Krypto's tail to detach and take on a life of its own. Krypto, Kevin and Streaky have to save Metropolis when Ignatius changes the weather, turning winter into summer.

  • Bathound has a crisis in confidence when he pursues Catwoman's cat, Isis, who is able to use a bad luck charm against him. Krypto must come to the rescue of the Dog Stars when they are forced to perform in a space circus.

  • Streaky programs Dogbot to do super deeds so that Krypto can spend more time with Kevin. Kevin's bad boy cousin, Bailey, visits and discovers Krypto's secret.

  • When Krypto is captured by Mechanikat, the Dog Stars send in a reluctant Streaky to sneak aboard Mechanikat's ship. Krypto and Kevin are reduced in size by aliens who are collecting specimens from other worlds.

  • Streaky tries to be a big-time superhero to impress his nephew, Squeaky. A movie star dog makes a pact with Snooky so that the actor can wear a super suit that gives him powers.

  • Krypto poses as an old firehouse Dalmatian in hopes of helping the aging dog keep his job. Chaos reigns at the zoo when a zookeeper's assistant takes Kevin's communicator and starts doing everything the animals request.

  • When Krypto loses his powers because of red kryptonite, Bathound tries to equip him with bat gear. Krypto is stalked by a companion robot dog from Krypton who is programmed to be his best friend.

  • Kevin learns what it's like to be a dog when aliens adopt him as their pet. When dogs all over the city start acting like other animals, Krypto investigates and discovers that Mechanikat is the cause.

  • Kevin and Krypto have to spend a day in each other's bodies when red kryptonite causes their minds to switch. Krypto becomes Bathound's partner when they chase after Joker's hyenas.

  • When a teleporter gets stuck in Melanie's diaper, Krypto and Kevin have to save her before Melanie teleports herself into danger. Streaky feels neglected when Andrea adopts a new cat named Delilah. His jealousy turns to shock when he discovers that Delilah works for Mechanikat.

  • How Streaky gained his powers and became "Supercat".

  • A flea from Krypton besieges Krypto when it chews his hide. Krypto helps save a caterpillar after hungry Ignatius enlarges the bug with a growth ray.

  • Krypto tells the story about how he arrived on Earth and met Kevin. Krypto continues his story, explaining how he became known as Superdog.