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Hero: 108 is a cartoon animated series produced for Cartoon Network and aired in Europe and America. The show is loosely based on a popular version of a Chinese novel, Water Margin. The storyline is based on inhabitants of Hidden Kingdom where humans and animals live together in harmony. However, peace is disrupted by HighRoller who convinces animals that humans are their mortal enemies. To restore peace, a team called Big Green is formed by Commander ApeTrully, fighting HighRoller and the Zebra Brothers to bring peace to the Hidden Kingdom. In his quest to bring justice, HighRoller successfully inducts various animals who believe in his mission.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 104 Episodes
March 1, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Ian James Corlett, Brian Drummond, Andrew Francis, Joon Park
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Hero: 108 Full Episode Guide

  • Among the ruins of Big Green, we find First Squad with a handful of animal Kings left at their sides. Lin Chung finds a design he had made of a Bronze Giant - the power points of which include all 107 heroes of Big Green.

  • The Dog Pack, loyal members of Big Green, are attacking human villages. Wu Sung, the Dental Warrior, knows that his brother, the Dog King, has had difficulty leading a domesticated life and vows to stop him from causing more destruction.

  • Lin Chung is on high alert. He senses chaos is poised to destroy Hidden Kingdom. This insight could only mean one thing: TwinMasters is preparing for an ultimate attack on Big Green. TwinMasters arrives invincible and destroys Big Green's headquarters.

  • HighRoller touches Lin Chung with a "Transference Scepter" - transferring their personalities into each other's bodies. HighRoller has total access to Big Green, but Lin Chung is able to learn the weaknesses of East Citadel and what TwinMasters fears.

  • Lin Chung is sent back in time to meet a young Prince named Yang Tu with a heart that's growing evil. Lin Chung tries unsuccessfully to show the boy the error of his ways. Back in present day, Lin Chung has the knowledge that he met the young TwinMasters.

  • The Blowfish align themselves with HighRoller and attack Big Green with a vicious "Spine Barrage." After a hair-raising battle, First Squad holds back the Blowfish Warriors, while Sammo "torpedos" Lin Chung toward a one-on-one fight with the Blowfish King

  • Mr. No Hands is fed up with Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia's inability to work together and decides it's time they learned a real lesson about teamwork. He sends them off together to a far away canyon to retrieve the juice of the Grakka plant.

  • HighRoller steals a magical amulet that turns him into a monstrous, four-headed hydra. Capable of fighting with ice, air, fire and water - HighRoller attacks Big Green. To save their headquarters, First Squad draws HighRoller Hydra away - to TwinMasters.

  • HighRoller teams up with an evil inventor named Infinitum at doing First Squad in once and for all. Infinitum is an old school mate and nemesis of Woo the Wise who wants revenge on the guy who got him kicked out of school for cheating.

  • After an attack by Roto-Wolves (flying helicopter-like creatures that shoot boomerangs), Lin Chung finds himself injured and lost in the Barbed Iron Forest. First Squad comes to his rescue, but they fall into a Roto-Wolf trap that includes Lin Chung.

  • After a crushing defeat from TwinMasters, First Squad returns to Big Green to regroup, and Lin Chung heads to the forest to find his balance. While Lin Chung seeks the advice of Tien Khuan, his former master, TwinMasters plans the demise of First Squad.

  • When Jumpy takes a heavy dose of Chaotic Energy during a battle with TwinMasters, his imagination literally comes to life. Whenever Jumpy sleeps, the monsters he dreams up come alive. Woo must come up with a solution before the creatures do real harm.

  • TwinMasters' powers are in full gear and as a wayward asteroid passes by, he changes its course - guiding it directly toward Hidden Kingdom. Fortunately, Woo the Wise has a contraption that will get First Squad up to the rock to redirect its trajectory.

  • When TwinMasters forces the Oyster-Ranha King to unleash chaos in the ocean's "Trench of Lost Souls," it creates a giant wave endangering a nearby island. Big Green sends Sammo and the Air Force to the rescue.

  • TwinMasters has turned the Commander into a zombie version of himself. Following Jumpy's advice the First Squad humans tap into their animal selves to become instinctively powerful fighters. The Commander is saved and returned back to his old self.

  • When ApeTrully is kidnapped by HighRoller's minions, First Squad must sneak into the heavily guarded Palace to save him. The human members of the team enter the

  • After the Sea Horse King and his clan help save First Squad from a Flying Fish attack, they're invited to join Big Green. The Sea Horses fit in their hands so perfectly and wrap their tails around their wrists in order to become shooting weapons.

  • HighRoller is kidnapping random animals. When First and Second Squads deploy, they quickly learn HighRoller has stolen the magical amulets of QiGong, which allow bodies to combine to form a united and ultimately, more formidable foe.

  • When the Lion King unwittingly brings a "virus" into Big Green, it quickly spreads. It's a particularly creepy bug - it's literally leeches. The slimy creatures can take on the form of whomever they touch creating a clone that's under their control.

  • When TwinMasters uses Yan Ching as a pawn, the Jelly Fish King unwittingly delivers First Squad and Big Green into a trap. Lured to the island hiding place of TwinMasters' Demon Heart, Big Green is attacked by Sea Elephants armed with squid bombs.

  • The Rabbit King, a.k.a. Jumpy GhostFace, always had a way with insects. He's now even managed to befriend Big Green's testy Beetle King. It's a good thing too, as a bunny sentry arrives to explain that Rabbit Castle is under attack by an army of Mantis.

  • When ApeTrully and the Calabash Tanks are attacked in the desert and driven back to Big Green by dangerous Arachno Tanks, First Squad is sent to investigate. They are soon outmaneuvered by the agile Spider Tanks and their crafty leader, the Fox King.

  • While performing routine sea maintenance, First Squad is attacked by jellyfish. These jellyfish stings pack an extra mini-punch, shrinking First Squad to miniature versions of their former selves and are quickly scooped up by the Zebra Brothers.

  • The Commander of Darkness is at it again! He's brewed a new potion and can now control dragons! During an airborne assault on Big Green, he kidnaps Mystique Sonia and takes her to his lair in the strange rock formations known as the Caves of Teipeto.

  • ApeTrully and First Squad are paying a visit to Koala Castle in hopes that the peaceful King and his tribe will join Big Green and its fight for peace. Unexpectedly, they are met with an extremely aggressive response.

  • Evidenced by a terrible disturbance brewing over its tomb, the ancient Sword of Dark Fire has been unearthed. With the power to destroy entire animal castles or even Big Green, First Squad must destroy the sword before it falls into the wrong hands.

  • ApeTrully must lead Mighty Ray and First Squad deep into the Monkey King's temple, reveal the true source of Mighty Ray's fantastic orbs and seek assistance. The Monkey King shows Mighty Ray how to "see" out of his eyes when they are used by TwinMasters.

  • When HighRoller and his Flying Fish minions steal Mighty Ray's magic eyeballs during an attack, Hidden Kingdom is in grave danger. TwinMasters uses their powers to create a storm of unequalled chaotic energy.

  • When ApeTrully and the Calabash Army disappear in the Dark Forest, First Squad deploys. Surprisingly, they find their friends suspended in goo-like holiday ornaments hanging from tree branches. Turns out they are all the collection of the Slug King.

  • Using the Zebra Bros. magic, HighRoller summons a Shadow Monster and lures First Squad to its home in the forest. During combat, the Monster steals each of the Squad members' powers and brings them back to the East Citadel for HighRoller's evil use.

  • ApeTrully gets word that a human village is under attack by pterodactyls! While Lin Chung works with the Air Force to fight off the strange beasts, the rest of First Squad and the Army find an old friend. The Fruiter is back and mad.

  • When the Zebra Brothers convince Hamster King that Big Green is mistreating children, the family-oriented rodent heads out to seek revenge, leaving the Zebras to babysit the babies. Meanwhile, ApeTrully asks Mighty Ray to babysit the baby turtles.

  • When First Squad, ApeTrully and Crocodile King travel North to investigate reports of animals and humans fleeing for their lives, they come across the work of TwinMasters. The villain has resurrected a T-Rex and, along with him, a Primitive Man.

  • While answering a report of trouble at Yak Castle, Second Squad finds TwinMasters waiting for them. When he hits the team with chaotic energy and turns them into his puppets, they return to Big Green and capture First Squad and bring them to Yak Castle.

  • While HighRoller convinces the Caterpillar King and tribe to serve as his minions and supply him with silk to make a liquid alloy that encases anything it hits in metal, Woo the Wise is back at Big Green showing off his new invention.

  • While First Squad searches for the turtles, Mighty Ray trips and swallows a turtle egg, turning him into a turtle. When First Squad is forced to battle their own turtles, Mighty Ray is able to speak their language and bring them back from the brink.

  • The Zebra Brothers have stolen a magical amulet from the Owl tribe. First Squad chases them down, but just as they're in reach, their turtle mounts tire out and Mighty Ray hurts their feelings. Feeling unloved the turtles fall into HighRoller's hands.

  • When Mystique Sonia is struck by a poison dart, she begins to grow hair all over her body. The only cure is sap from the legendary Humbata trees. First Squad goes in search of these mysterious roving plants and their paranoid shepherd, The Fruiter.

  • After First Squad defeats the Lizards in battle, Lizard King offers to join Big Green and learn more about human behavior. Back at the base, Lin Chung quickly grows suspicious of the King's true intentions. Turns out Lin Chung is right.

  • There's a thief in Big Green. The villain turns out to be a baby raccoon that Mystique Sonia has secretly adopted. Meanwhile, ApeTrully has been captured by Pangolin Queen and turned into her special pet. Now First Squad must fight the Pangolin warriors.

  • When the Zebra Brothers dump trash in Big Green's lake, the Stingray King mistakenly blames First Squad. Woo the Wise retrofits the Big Green recycling machine to clean up the mess, but nearly shreds the Stingrays instead of the trash.

  • After an attack against Big Green, Seagull King and his son decide to join the rebel cause. Once inside the turtle shell base, the Seagull King puts everyone down, including his princely offspring. Lin Chung takes the young one and teaches him to fight.

  • ApeTrully and First Squad investigate a call from villagers being swallowed up by the ground itself. Our heroes soon find themselves in an amazing underground cavern, at the castle of the Star-Nosed Moles. They are quickly captured by the creatures.

  • The Zebra Brothers kidnap Mystique Sonia and use her as bait to lure First Squad to the Eastern Citadel. First Squad arrives to find HighRoller has a couple of new warriors; Kangaroo and Gorilla King combine to form the outrageous fighter Gorillaroo.

  • Lin Chung's Harmonic Energy comes in handy when he's pitted against Hidden Kingdom's most powerful enemy. TwinMasters, a terrifying force of chaos incarnate, is a foe bent on bringing First Squad to its knees and ultimately destroying Big Green.

  • During a time of doubt, Lin Chung is reunited with his martial arts master. Now in spectral form, he gives Lin Chung three fighting tasks. As he battles Firefly King, Rhino King and Shark King - the forces of air, earth and water - he learns a new power.

  • HighRoller and his minions attack Big Green, led by an enormous Black Dragon, but First Squad uses Woo's new machine to create their own dragon who manages to fend off the attack. Unfortunately, High Roller manages to get his hands on Woo's machine.

  • ApeTrully goes in search of vegetables for Big Green but stumbles upon the Groundhogs' underground castle and is taken prisoner. First Squad comes to rescue him, but they must first win the challenge of entering a maze and finding vegetables quicker.

  • First Squad heads to Porcupine Castle to rescue the Big Green Air Force, but their hot air balloons are easily shot down by the Porcupines. Once on the ground, First Squad is challenged to a dart-throwing competition by HighRoller and the Porcupine King.

  • HighRoller and the Zebra Brothers convince the Skunk and Pig armies to attack Big Green in separate operations, forcing First Squad to split up into two groups. The Skunks' stink attack and the Pigs' powerful nose vacuum force the squad into retreat.

  • HighRoller issues a challenge to First Squad to compete in a giant Table Soccer match. As usual, HighRoller is up to his old cheating tricks, but this time the Squad is ready and the competition is ultimately decided by a kissing match.

  • ApeTrully fails in his attempt to bring the Penguin Castle into Big Green and is taken prisoner. First Squad arrives to battle the Penguins, but end up in a bowling match which will decide their fate. Unfortunately, Mighty Ray sends a ball through a wall.

  • Aliens invade Cheetah Castle and take them prisoner because of their badminton skills. First Squad comes to the rescue, but soon HighRoller joins the fight, and the aliens take over their bodies. It's up to Lin Chung and the Cheetah King to save them.

  • First Squad must rescue ApeTrully after he's been taken prisoner by the Deer King. Unfortunately, the deers' vibrating antlers are too powerful for our heroes. Mystique Sonia discovers a flower with seeds that can grow buns which turn solid things soft.

  • The Sheep Queen and her army take ApeTrully captive, but First Squad's rescue fails because they are tricked into wearing wool sweaters which are really traps. Baboon King and Yaksha come to the rescue.

  • The Ostriches form a secret alliance with the Zebra Brothers, who in turn convince ApeTrully that they want to be part of Big Green. Once accepted into Big Green, the Zebras begin spying and set up a plan to have ApeTrully taken captive.

  • First Squad discovers that the Frogs are abusing humans at Frog Castle, but when they take action, the Frog Army's sticky tongues are too much for them. Fortunately, Mystique Sonia's powerful tongue can help save everyone, with help from the Rattle Diva.

  • Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy GhostFace fight the Tiger Kings while Lin Chung uses the Crab King to help stop the Tigers' train. Unfortunately, the train takes everyone forward in time until they are old and everyone must work together to get back.

  • Wu Sung and Parrot King set out to find strong herbs and avoid an outbreak of dental problems at Big Green. They come across the Great Wall Train of the Tiger Tribe and must act quickly to rescue the humans being taken captive and forced to run the train.

  • ApeTrully leads the Tank Army to Duckbill Castle to negotiate a peace treaty, but the ducks refuse and take him prisoner. As his distress signal reaches First Squad, Lin Chung happens to be nearby with Cheetah King and Queen and they battle the Duckbills.

  • ApeTrully becomes a captive of the Scorpions after offending them during a New Year's Celebration. First Squad comes to the rescue, but they must face both the Scorpions as well as the Zebra Brothers who have the power of their magical lanterns.

  • Second Squad and Chameleon Queen join forces to compete against First Squad in a Turtle Cannon Competition. But when an avalanche threatens ApeTrully's life, First Squad must attempt to save him, even though it could mean losing the competition.

  • ApeTrully is taken captive by The Eagles who are taunting the Air Force to try and defeat them. Although the Eagles prove too much for the Air Force, Lin Chung and RoseFinch discover a way to defeat The Eagles' powerful photosphere attack.

  • A group of octopus steal the green color from Big Green's headquarters shell and the only way to get the color back is to defeat the octopus in a bamboo dance competition.

  • HighRoller challenges First Squad to a fireworks designing competition in order to rescue the humans he has captured. Just when it seems that Mighty Ray will win, the Zebra Brothers accidentally blow themselves up, leading to the best fireworks display.

  • HighRoller takes ApeTrully captive during a peace mission to Chameleon Castle. Unfortunately, First Squad can't get into the castle because of land mines and intense fog. Mystique Sonia comes up with a solution so ApeTrully can be saved.

  • First Squad must battle The Snakes in order to save ApeTrully, but Mystique Sonia is terrified of snakes. Once her comrades are taken hostage, she must find a way to overcome her fears and rescue them all.

  • HighRoller decides to rid the kingdom of all books, so he challenges First Squad to a Folk Game Competition to distract them while the Zebra Brothers zip around the kingdom stealing books. Lin Chung discovers HighRoller's plan and comes up with a plan.

  • ApeTrully is taken captive by the Egret and Ox tribes after attempting to negotiate a peace treaty. First Squad is called in to rescue him, but after an epic battle, a swarm of locusts begin eating the tribes' rice paddies.

  • Jumpy Ghostface and Parrot King pay a visit to Parrot Castle, only to discover the Parrots have been overrun by The Dark Legion. Once they too are taken captive by the Dark Legion, an army of Jumpy Ghostface clones suddenly appear to save the day.

  • When the Crocodiles set up a casino, ApeTrully arrives to bring peace but ends up spending all of his gold on the slot machines. When Mighty Ray comes to deliver more gold, he discovers the Zebra Brothers have rigged the machines.

  • ApeTrully proposes a shuttlecock competition with the Cheetahs in order to earn their trust. However, when a group of Cocky Aliens appear and try to capture Cheetahs, the animals join forces with First Squad to defeat the aliens.

  • ApeTrully becomes excited when he sees the Cat King has the Zebra Brothers in captivity. However, his laughter about the situation upsets the Cats and they take him prisoner as well. It's up to First Squad to rescue him.

  • The Rhino King takes ApeTrully captive and offers him as a present to Highroller. First Squad is sent to rescue ApeTrully, but first Mighty Ray must deal with some upset turtles who aren't happy about the way they're being treated.

  • A giant island-devouring Soil Monster is terrorizing the ocean, but First Squad must defeat Highroller in a high-stakes volleyball match at sea before they can deal with the monster. Unfortunately, Sammo the submarine whale has a stopped-up blowhole.

  • After a meteorite lands in the ocean and transforms into a giant island-devouring Soil Monster, First Squad uses Sammo the submarine whale to reach the monster. However, Highroller learns of the Soil Monster and is determined to make it one of his minons.

  • Mystique Sonia tries to help the Elephant King find some fun while supplying cool air for Big Green. Unfortunately, the Zebra Brothers convince the Elephant King to turn against Big Green, leading to a hot and very muddy battle!

  • Big Green's First and Second Squads compete against each other in a Turtle Cannon Competition, to win the Golden Cup of the Turtle. Despite the intense competition, the winner is ultimately determined by the team that best follows orders.

  • The Camel King defeats Lin Chung in a painting competition and decides he's no longer inspired by Big Green. He convinces the Camels to take back their kingdom, until Lin Chung creates a masterpiece that impresses Camel King enough to come back.

  • First Squad is called into action to rescue ApeTrully from the Dog King, but the only way to earn the trust of the Dog Kingdom is to defeat them in a dog sled race. Meanwhile, Mighty Ray goes on a mission to locate his dentist's long-lost twin brother.

  • First Squad attempts to rescue ApeTrully after he's taken captive by the Lion King. Although they are defeated with help from Redfaced Kwan and his infantry, the Lions will only surrender if someone from Big Green can beat them in a hoops competition.

  • Big Green and Highroller's Chameleon forces continue to battle over a magical treasure. When it's captured and swallowed by Chameleon Queen for safe keeping, First Squad is forced to enter the Queen's mouth and do battle with Highroller throughout.

  • Lin Chung, Parrot King and Camel King discover the whereabouts of a magical treasure which has the power to turn humans into animals. Unfortunately, so as Highroller, who enlists the help of the Chameleon Queen in a full-scale battle against Big Green.

  • The evil Highroller challenges Big Green to a high-stakes Folk Game competition. Although he doesn't play fair, Highroller wins and becomes ruler of Big Green " that is, until Woo the Wise comes up with a plan to win back control of Big Green.

  • First Squad attempts to help the Baboons of Baboon Castle overcome their infestation of mind-controlling fleas, but they must defeat the baboons in a competition. Mighty Ray discovers the mythical Chinese Soap Berries can eliminate the fleas forever.

  • First Squad is called in to rescue ApeTrully after the Big Green Air Force is forced into retreat by the Eagle Kingdom's superiority in the skies. Fortunately, Lin Chung comes up with an unusual plan which begins knocking the Eagles down from the sky.

  • First Squad attends a concert by the beautiful Rattle Diva, but Mystique Sonia and Mighty Ray's rowdy behavior at the performance causes a ruckus between Big Green and the Pandaffe (Panda and Giraffe) Castle.

  • Big Green's First and Second Squads square off in the first-ever Turtle Cannon Competition. With the final round approaching, both squads are in a virtual tie and must find a way to slide down a monstrously high ramp covered in ice...and do it slowly!

  • ApeTrully is surprised when he visits Liger Castle and they eagerly agree to peace with Big Green. But when he discovers the Ligers are actually Highroller's minions, First Squad must come to the rescue and defeat the Ligers in a ring toss competition

  • ApeTrully tries to negotiate peace between the rabbits and humans, but instead becomes a captive of the rabbits. First Squad must now battle them in a jump-roping competition, with ApeTrully's life and the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

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