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This show is reminiscent of days gone by. Violence is low to non-existent. Characters are those which have been seen and known for many years. Plot line is light and funny keeping things down to earth without becoming too serious. A definite laugh for those who are seeking one. Satirical comedy cartoon that will appeal to both adults and children alike. This is not your typical Saturday morning view, but it will prove entertaining from the get go.

Easy to relate to characters keep the children watching longer, while some adult level situations will appeal to parents and kids at heart. This is not targeted to be a learning based show, but dealing with real world situations that help children view right and wrong ways of dealing with them is a definite plus to Wabbit.

Overall, this is a fun to watch cartoon show that will have everyone snickering. Fun to watch and easy to relate to, Wabbit is the type of show that parents will appreciate and others will simply enjoy. This is a show that all ages will love and want to watch again and again.

Weekdays 5:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
1 Season, 151 Episodes
September 21, 2015
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Jeff Bergman, Joshua Funk, Dee Bradley Baker
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Wabbit Full Episode Guide

  • Bugs Bunny and Cecil the Turtle battle it out in a sailboat race./Shameless O'Scanty is out of luck. He discovers that in Germany Pigs are considered lucky. And, lucky for Shameless, Porky Pig happens to be vacationing in Ireland.

  • TV Scientist Viktor is filming his science show in the woods. When he uses Bugs as his guinea pig, the rascally rabbit turns the tables on him./Dorlock Holmes and Watkins are passengers on The Orient Express.

  • Porky falls in love with Petunia, queen of the land. His "Fairy Duckmother" Daffy gives him a makeover so he can go to the ball.

  • Elmer takes a Tony Robbins-type self confidence course from Daffy Duck./When the evil hamsters take over a high rise, it's up to Pepe and Claudette to stop them.

  • Bugs and Squeaks go to Rhoda Roundhouse's Roadside Road House Restaurant but are kicked out./Phoebe and Justin are forced to go to sleep by their Mom, but their dreams are full of memories of their play date with Daffy Duck.

  • A take on the movie Point Break. Elliot assigns Police Officers Porky and Horace to go undercover as surfers to catch extreme surfer Daffy Duck./Cal the Viking attempts to conquer Bugs' Bunny's Home.

  • Daffy Duck takes a driving test from Elmer Fudd./Leslie wants to be the 2nd chair violinist in the symphony but he has to beat out Bugs Bunny for the spot, so he resorts to cheating, but still loses.

  • Bugs must take on the Yosemite Samson./Sylvester, Claude, and Pete Puma attempt to steal food from Granny's house.

  • The Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock and decide to celebrate by having a thanksgiving feast with rabbit as the main course./Darkbat aka Sniffles helps a gang of mice who have been forced out of their homes.

  • Daffy saves the earth and frees everyone from control of the robots./Claudette and Pepe Le Pew compete to see who can stop Elmer Blofudd.

  • Bugs finds out that Tad is going to cook a bunch of rabbits, so he ruins Tad's TV show and his mansion./At a Sci-Fi convention, Daffy Duck mistakes Marvin the Martian's flying saucer for one of the Convention's exhibits.

  • The snowy Arctic (background from Canadian Bacon and some from Bugs the Sherpa)./Sam insists he's turned over a new leaf, but he's just pretending to be nice to swindle the animals out of their land.

  • When Bugs finds the magical Genie of the Lamp, he and Sam end up fighting for control of the Genie's power./When Elmer comes to town for a hunting trip, Bugs teaches him a lesson.

  • When Squeaks accidentally ties his hot dog to his balloon, Bugs is left to fetch it./When Bugs Bunny gets overtaxed on his carrot infused, he heads to Elmer's ship to start the American Revolution.

  • Sir Littlechin is trying to find, and capture, the rarely seen Giant./Daffy is determined to be the first creature to fly an airplane.

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