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The Angry Beavers is an animated TV show created by Mitch Schauer. The show made its television debut on April 19, 1997 and ran for 62 episodes. The show is centered around the lives of two beavers named Daggett and Norbert. Daggett and Norbert, who are brothers, left their home to live in the woods of Wayouttatown, Oregon.

Daggett and Norbert are forced out of their home when their parents have more kids. At their new home, the two beavers put up with bizarre issues such as government scientists, a giant fish, a Witch, zombies, a naked Canadian along with many other problems. Aside from these situations, the beaver brothers find ways to get some of their favorite things in life, such as Yoo-hoo and wood. The main characters are also accompanied by many friends who sometimes make everything worse.

An important part of the brother's inner friends circle is Stump. Stump is a self-aware sequoia tree stump that is well liked throughout the woods for his drive to always help others in need. Another one of the brother's generous friends is the deep-voiced Barry Bear. Based on singer Barry White, Barry Bear has a tendency to be easily manipulated by Daggett and Norbert. Despite this, Barry has a close relationship with the beavers. Two other important characters are Stacy and Chelsea, their twin younger sisters. Chelsea is more similar to Daggett with her looks and mannerisms, while Stacy resembles Norbert. Other characters in the show include Bing, Treeflower, and Truckee.

Although the show ended in 2001, DVDs of The Angry Beavers are currently being produced. Seasons one and two were released on August 23rd, 2011 as a 4 disc set with 26 episodes. Season three was split into two DVDs. Part one of season three was released on February 28, 2012 while part two was released on August 14, 2012. Season four will be released sometime in 2013 as a two disc set with 14 episodes.

The Angry Beavers is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (86 episodes). The series first aired on April 18, 1997.

The Angry Beavers is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Angry Beavers on demand atApple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

6 Seasons, 86 Episodes
April 18, 1997
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Richard Steven Horvitz, Nick Bakay, Barry White, Victor Wilson, Wally Wingert
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The Angry Beavers Full Episode Guide

  • One of their bathrooms isn't working and Norb's monopolizing the other. What's a Dag in need of using the toidy to do?Paranoia rears its ugly head when a bogus nature show has the boy believing their buddy Barry Bear has the Beaverlust and won't be satisfied until he devours them.

  • Beaver fact: Beavers use tail slaps on water to warn others when danger threatens. Dag abuses this natural alarm, causing Norb to call in their dad to set things right.Daggett and Norbert are both unaware that the other is at home and go through a series of near-misses and close calls until they both think someone else is in the house.

  • The Beavers' needy tree lizard buddy Bing turns his geekiness into celebrity when he writes a book about the joys of loneliness. Norb jumps on the "Bing-wagon" while Dag still thinks he's just an annoying pest.Much to Norb's annoyance, Dag takes his fascination with soccer too far eventually becoming a full-blown British soccer hooligan.

  • The Beavers are two tough, street-smart detectives in a broad send-up of 70's cop shows.The boys' typical squabbling falls by the wayside for a day of brotherly togetherness. They get caught up in building a huge sand castle and the fantasy world that grows with it.

  • The boys take a voyage to the bottom of the pond in their own Beaver-rigged submarine, the Norbalus.A family of freeloading otters moves in on the boys, turns their lives upside down and threatens to take over their dam.

  • A visit from their country cousin, who looks and acts like a real beaver, annoys Dag but prompts Norb to go back to nature.A home movie seems to confirm Norb's lifelong suspicion that Dag can't possibly be his real brother. His computer search is pre-empted when super smart, super smug Norb-like Byron shows up with his hulking, Dag-like dullard brother Randy in tow.

  • During a backyard campout Norb tries to scare Dag with a story about a maniac with a hook and winds up scaring himself even worse.

  • When the dam accidentally falls on Norb's head he develops "damnesia" and forgets who he is. Trying to restore his memory, Dag shows him old home videos.

  • Dag takes Norb's admonition to grow up to the extreme. Acting like his goofy version of a grownup, he drives Norb to distraction and makes him see growing up ain't all it's cracked up to be.

  • The Beavers become characters in a Mexican wrestling film, starring their wrestling hero, El Grapadura.The boys battle with a congested bird of prey who moves into the forest and bombards them with loogies.

  • A Russian space craft crashes into the dam and Daggett and Norbert argue over who will fix the dam and clean up the mess. Dag inadvertently becomes the leader of a biker gang, who really bug Norb when they take over the dam. The brotherly confrontation ends on a thumb wrestling match.

  • The entire forest gang gets into the super hero act when Dag's super alter ego, Muscular Beaver, has his greatest super battle yet-- a titanic struggle with Toe-Bot, the little toy thimble robot that fits on his big toe.

  • One of their bathrooms isn't working and Norb's monopolizing the other. What's a Dag in need of using the toidy to do?When the Beaver instinct to move on and build a new dam suddenly strikes Norb, Dag can't bear to leave their dam and tries everything he can to stop his instinct-driven brother.

  • The great El Grapadura is wrestling and Norbert and Daggett can't wait to go. They are delayed when Bing shows up, kicked out by his girlfriend, Wanda. Norbert consoles Bing while Daggett attempts to find Wanda and bring her back around. When Dag and Norb receive an unexpected visit from their dad, the Beavers' dam and lives are turned upside down.