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Nick Arcade is a live action game show that revolved around video games. Three pairs of kids would compete for the most points through trivia questions and their performance in then-current video games on the SNES, Genesis, and Turbo Grafix-16 consoles. At the end of two rounds of play, the pair with the highest score won the right to participate in a three-round event that placed one kid within a green screen set of video game, while the other child would call out directions and advice. If that team cleared all three rounds, they would win a variety of prizes.

Nick Arcade is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 1997.

Where do I stream Nick Arcade online? Nick Arcade is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nick Arcade on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
February 1, 1997
Kids & Family, Game Show
Cast: Phil Moore
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Nick Arcade Full Episode Guide

  • Phil's in the t-shirt again, guys. Ordinarily this would be a disappointment. But Joey Fatone is a contestant on this episode. Our prayers have been answered. We just didn't know what we truly wanted.

  • He's got a t-shirt on now. Pink and baggy, with turquoise on the sleeves, and it's tucked in. He's sending mixed messages with the formality of these outfits. He's playing games with our heads and with our hearts.

  • It's the shiny golden shirt again. Loose and un-tucked, buttoned all the way up. It looks like you're trying to drown yourself in mustard, Phil. Please bring back the tropical look. It is what the world needs.

  • Phil? Phil, what happened? The Hawaiian shirt is gone. You've got on this shiny gold number that isn't even tucked in, like you just rolled off your waterbed and onto the Nick Arcade set. Was it something we did? Please bring back the Hawaiian shirt.

  • Phil Moore has on the exact same Hawaiian shirt in this episode as he did in the previous one because he knows better than to mess with perfection. He's going to wear it forever.

  • Chris, Jennifer, Jeremy, and Tasha throw down in the Video Zone today with bloodthirsty--wait, forget them. Phil Moore is sporting a Hawaiian shirt in this episode. When Phil gets tropical, that's our queue to zip it and listen.

  • Tiffani has to survive a virtual food fight's digital pizzas, binary pudding, and electronic tomatoes for her chance to win a VCR. Host Phil Moore rocks jeans so fresh he's probably still wearing the same pair right now.

  • Host Phil Moore wears a shirt so baggy that a sharp gust would send him sailing into the sky. The contestants go inside a video game, where they are required to put on helmets and kneepads so they can safely steal digital bananas from virtual monkeys.

  • Today we're jamming on games like Star Defenders, Stinky Sphinx, and everyone's favorite, Guess If These Contestants Currently Have Any Recollection Of Actually Appearing On This Show.

  • Which Game Wizard will these kids face in the Video Zone today? Merlock? Scorchia? Mongo? Or perhaps the underappreciated Wizard of Soul responsible for this program's synthesizer soundtrack?

  • Joshua and Barbara are on the Yellow Team today and they plan on playing as dirty as it takes to win that foosball table. Joshua knows it's wrong to bite people, but that hasn't stopped him before.

  • Contestants Tavis, Michelle, Megan, and Kris mumble their way through some radical smalltalk with Phil Moore before facing off in the Video Zone. Kris chokes on Alpha Mission 2 and Megan still hasn't forgiven him.

  • A contestant named Nicole goes inside of a video game and has to jump over virtual rats in an attempt to win a set of encyclopedias. Host Phil Moore makes no attempt to convince her that it isn't worth the trouble.