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Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers is a cartoon comedy that follows the exploits of two adventuring chipmunks, brothers Chip and Dale. Living in a tree in the forest, the brothers start a detective agency to help animal friends and solve crimes overlooked by the human police force. Joining the Rescue Rangers are Gadget Hackwrench, handy with tools and inventions, Monterey Jack, the group's muscle and resident explorer, and Monterey's sidekick Zipper, a green fly that talks in an unintelligible buzz.

Due to the size of the heroes their missions often involve found objects recognizable to humans, such as a car with wheels made out of toothpaste tube caps. Through the series we see a host of different animal villains, but their arch-nemesis is a tabby cat mafioso named Fat Cat. He leads a coalition of evil felines, and the pint-sized heroes are often found foiling their plans. Also seen often is mad scientist named Dr. Norton Nimnul, one of the very few humans aware of The Rescue Rangers.

Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers is a series that is currently running and has 104 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1989.

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104 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 18, 1989
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Tress MacNeille, Corey Burton, Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings
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Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers Full Episode Guide

  • The Rangers are awakened one night by the sound of uncontrollable sobbing across the street. It turns out to be KUKU, a gorilla under research by Professor Beekerbottom. The gorilla is sad because her friend Bootes the kitten is missing. The Rangers discover Fat Cat and his hoods have kidnapped Bootes for a healthy ransom. The Rangers save Bootes, but Dale and Kuku are kidnapped in the process. Dale is set to be dipped in hot chocolate unless Kuku steals jewelry for Fat Cat. She reluctantly agrees and heads off to snatch the coveted Clutchcoin Hopelessly Big Diamond. The Rangers face the challenge of saving Dale and stopping Kuku before she is caught by the police.

  • Unable to decide among themselves which of two strange cases to investigate, the Rangers split up! Monty and Zipper go off to explore the strange ship sinkings by icebergs while Chip, Dale, and Gadget go to find the stolen tap shoes of Canina LaFur, the world's only tap-dancing poodle who was just about to make her big comeback in "Hello Doggy". These two different cases are actually part of the same crime, and the Rangers find themselves working together again to stop nutty Professor Nimnul, who is using tap shoes on a chorus line of penguins to set free icebergs into a shipping lane and salvage the wrecked cargo ships.

  • When Zipper, who has been feeling left out of the action tries to single-handedly battle Nimnul, he gets sucked into the Nimnul's latest invention, the "modumizer," which causes him and Nimnul to exchange heads! Soon after, Zipper is caught by soldiers who think he is a space creature, forcing Nimnul-the-fly to join forces with the Rangers to get Zipper back. In the course of the rescue the modumizer switches all the Rangers' heads, adding confusion to chaos. Through solid team work, however, Zipper is rescued, the Rangers and Nimnul are brought back to normal, and Zipper cleverly defeats Nimnul single-handedly, just as he set out to do.

  • Monty has to face his biggest fear when the Rescue Rangers go to Hong Kong's famous Cat Street to save the case of the missing cereal box toy premiums. Monty and the Rangers have to overcome the street full of cats to get to the Chow Chow Export Company, where the nefarious owner of the company, Chow Mein, is using a dehydrating molecular collapser to shrink cars to toy size and smuggle them into other countries via cereal boxes.

  • After a fight with Monterey Jack, Zipper leaves the Rangers during a torrential rainstorm. At the same time, a tribe of Beetles is searching for a fly to satisfy The Great Green One. The beetles find Zipper in a bar and take him to their underground village to fatten him up. Monty decides to search for Zipper and finds him in the sewer with the beetle tribe. Monty pleads with Zipper to come home, but as a joke, Zipper refuses. Monty returns to the Rangers and tells them what has happened. Chip, Dale, and Gadget go to the beetle village to talk to Zipper but are captured. It's up to Monty now to save his little buddy from being sacrificed and the other Rangers from the rising flood waters.

  • Toy boats are disappearing from the city at the same time jewelry stores are being mysteriously robbed. While testing one of Gadget's inventions, the Rangers stumble onto the connection: Rat Capone is using the boats to sail through the sewers and do the jewelry heists from the inside. Chip is captured by Capone's hoods, and when the others try to resue him, they too are taken prisoner. At last only Dale is left, who looks to his cartoon hero the Red Badger Of Courage for advice. With help from the Red Badger and his own "imaginative", Dale foils Rat Capone's scheme and is looked upon as a hero by the other Rangers.

  • Monty's mother, Camenbert Kate, arrives for a visit, and it's none too pleasant for the Aussie Ranger. No one pushes Monterey Jack around except his mother, and she pushes at the wrong time -- just when the Rangers are trying to stop Fat Cat form pulling his biggest crime yet. Fat Cat, determined to rid the city of dogs and humans, is using an army of moles to undermine buildings. It's mass evacuation as the entire city begins to look like it's filled with Leaning Towers of Pisa. Monty has to prove to his mother he's a man, err mouse, in his attempt to stop Fat Cat.

  • As the Rangers prepare a big birthday party for Monty, Professor Nimnul is downtown at the convention center attempting to go straight. He unveils his latest device, the "fast oldness generating instrument experimental ray" (Fogie), a gun that will instantly age milk into cheddar cheese. During his presentation the gun runs out of prunes, its power source, which causes Nimnul to go into a rage. He raids a nearby grocery store for more prunes and gets most of the place with his recharged gun, including Monty who was there for some cheese. Nimnul then heads for a prune factory for endless supply of the dried fruit to power the Fogie.

  • A distress signal from a sinking ship sends the Rangers out to sea to save the rodent passengers. Along the way the Rangers themselves are stranded on an island when their boat crashes against an uncharted coral reef. Monty takes the heat for having marooned them for it was he who lead them into the treacherous waters using the stars to navigate. The Rangers soon discover, however, that the real blame lies with Fat Cat and his gang, who are using fireflies to alter the stars in the sky in hope of crashing the Raging Prawn, the ship carrying the legendary Moby Carp -- a fish Fat Cat feels only is worthy to eat.

  • Poodles are fleeing Paris due to an irritating sound ray. The Rangers go to investigate and cross paths with Maltese De Sade, Fat Cat's French cousin. Maltese is using a sound ray that only dogs can hear to rid his beloved Paris of his many enemies. In the Ranger's attempt to stop Maltese, Dale gets conked on the head and gets amnesia. Maltese turns the tables on the Rangers by convincing Dale that he is Ramdale, a member of his gang. The Rangers find themselves on the run from this fierce new Dale.

  • Chip is itching to take on a really big case when a little lost swallow arrives at the Rescue Ranger tree house. It seems the swallow lost her way to Capistrano and needs the Rescue Rangers' help. Chip puts his foot down, insisting they aren't a delivery service, but wiser heads prevail and Capistrano it is. For some odd reason Gadget's new navigational device in the Rangerwing goes haywire and the Rangers end up in Death Valley, near the Mrs. Sweeny Pot Pie factory. There Chip gets the really big case he was hoping for when they have to thwart Mrs. Sweeney's evil plan to use wild birds for her chicken pot pies.

  • At the drive-in movies the Rescue Rangers observe Bud (a boa constrictor) and Lou(a hairy spider) catch lightning bugs - one of the ingredients they have been collecting for Winifred, an apprentice witch. The ingredients are for a magic spell which will make Winifred into a real witch. While investigating, the Rangers find the list of ingredients which accidentally gets left behind. Foxglove, a female bat who also works for Winifred, rescues Dale from jeopardy and becomes love-sick over him. While Dale tries to deflect her amorous advances, the Rangers stake out places where Winifred may be looking for the next ingredients.

  • Gadget decides the Rangers' method of crime solving involves too much violence, so she adopts a kinder, gentler way for getting things done.

  • While investigating the disappearance of a park statue, Chip and Dale are kidnapped by Moose and Rocco, two goons of Ratso Ratskiwatski, the infamous gangster. Ratso's daughter, Buffy, a mean looking eight year old girl, wants two squirrels as pets to play with, and terrorizes Chip and Dale in her doll house, sports car and electric train. Meanwhile, after the disappearance of the Art Museum, Gadget, Monty and Zipper follow the clues to Ratso's mansion, where they discover Ratso has stolen Professor Nimnul and his giganto gun, using it in reverse to shrink the statue and museum.

  • Monterey Jack's uncontrollable desire for cheese endangers Gadget's life, so he swears off cheese for good. His new diet isn't made any easier when the Rescue Rangers take on a new case -- investigating the sudden shortage of cheese. The Rangers discover that the villainous Rat Capone and his henchmen, Sugar Ray Lizard and Arnold Mousenegger, are hoarding cheese from the local dairy and dispensing it to the city's mice -- for the price of all the gold they can steal. It's Monty's ability to find his precious cheese that helps the Rangers find the culprits and defeat them.

  • When Monty has trouble making his famous Cheddarhead Charlie's Cheese Chowder, he and Zipper sneak into Ma's Diner to use her pressure cooker. At Ma's Diner, Fry (a bank robber) and Spud (Fry's assistant) con Ma into believing she won a trip to Miami in order to get her out of the diner so they can tunnel into the bank next door. Their plan backfires when the diner customers (mostly policemen from the police station next door) are served Monty's chowder and keep coming back for more, preventing Spud and Fry form digging their tunnel. Meanwhile, to keep Ma's business from going downhill, the Rangers make the cheese chowder every night till Ma gets back.

  • A highly radioactive meteorite enters Earth's atmosphere and breaks into two pieces: one falls near Dale and the other smashes through Seymour's Travel Agency. Dale discovers the meteorite gives him incredible powers so he transforms himself into the greatest superhero rodent of all: Rubber Bando! In his new incarnation Dale thwarts numerous crimes and becomes a city wide celebrity, much to the chagrin of the other Rangers. Dale decides he is too good for the Rangers and goes off on his own to fight crime. Meanwhile, Seymour, a sleazy sort of fellow, discovers the meteorite's powers as well, and uses them to steal the monuments of the world.

  • Dale gets hooked on a TV Spy Show and tries to emulate Dirk Suave, the cool TV super spy, but when Dale's gimmicks don't work as well, he gets discouraged. Trying to cheer him up, Gadget and the others secretly plan a spy game for him. But it goes awry when Dale's fake microfilm gets mixed up with Bela Nogudnicks micro film of the plans of Professor Whitebread's invention -- a mentally controlled Jet-Tank. When Bela's rat minions realize they've got the wrong film (the Rangers' vacation pictures), they bound and gag Gadget, Monty and Chip. Dale by this time has found out that this spy adventure has all been a game.

  • During a test flight of the Ranger Wing plane, the Rescue Rangers get caught in the jet stream which carries them to a hidden, oriental valley in the Himalayas. They meet Chirp-Sing, a nightingale and former pet of Emperor Dim-Sum, who has been banished by Su-Lin, the Emperor's sister. She claims the bird is a demon who is driving her brother crazy with nightmarish visions. Actually, it is Su-Lin, using a hallucinatory gas and mechanical figures, who is trying to dethrone the Emperor. She plans to sell out the valley and fill it with condominiums. So the Rangers decide to give Su-Lin a taste of her own medicine to get her to confess. Their plan works and Su-Lin's scheme is exposed.

  • Monterey Jack's sultry lost love, Desiree Delure, shows up at the Ranger Headquarters and confesses she had chosen the life of crime, but now wants to go straight. Chip's suspicions of Desiree anger Monty so much that he quits the RESCUE RANGERS! But Monty eventually discovers that Desiree is really the head of a gang of crooks and has set him up to help her commit more crimes.

  • After Chip nearly organizes all the enjoyment out of the Rangers' holiday at the beach, Dale decides he wants to be in charge of the fun for once. Chip reluctantly agrees. The fun and games end when the Rangers agree to help several hermit crabs recover their missing shells. However, Dale insists that he should lead the Rangers' investigation. Fat Cat and his gang are behind the shell-thefts: Fat Cat uses the stolen shells to recreate the ocean's roar, thus tricking all the fish into jumping into his cannery holding tank. Dale's leadership skills manage to get the Rangers captured by the evil feline, who tries to drown them in a leaky boot.

  • The Rangers prevent Fat Cat from stealing the world's largest pearl by replacing it with a painted bowling ball. Chip and Dale then try to have some fun with a battle of the wits to see who can get the last laugh. Chip, pretending to be Ramma-Lamma-Ding-Dong, convinces Dale he has mystical powers and that he is invisible. Dale decides to flaunt his newly acquired talents by taking a walk in the park. Meanwhile, Fat Cat has discovered the pearl is a fake and sends his gang out to capture a Ranger to use as bait. The hoods come across Dale, and Fat Cat takes him back to the scene of the crime to feed the hungry guard shark.

  • The Rangers crash-land the Ranger Plane in Ireland where they meet Darby Spree, the last remaining leprechaun. He is lonely and tricks the Rangers with promises of his pot of gold and traps them with his magic powers. All the other leprechauns have been captured for slaves by Druella OMidas, the Queen of the Banshees, who steal Darby's pot of gold, causing Darby to lose his magic powers. The Rangers help Darby rescue Dale and the leprechauns from the banshee and get the pot of gold back to its hiding place in the forest.

  • While on vacation in a South American jungle, the Rangers discover that the chocolate producing Cacao trees are mysteriously disappearing. That night, while everyone is asleep, Dale sneaks out of camp to indulge in a candy binge, a habit he had promised to break. While he is away, a swarm of Mosquitoes sting all the people and animals -- including the Rescue Rangers-- and turn them into zombies. Dale watches as they uproot the trees and transport them upstream. The next morning, the Rangers don't believe him, thinking he's just making up stories to cover his snacking. By following the trail, they discover a Mayan Pyramid that is the chocolate factory of Heinrich Von Sugarbottom, a Swiss chocolate chef.

  • The Rangers travel to the Spanish town of Tramplonia for the running of the bulls. Monterey Jack had received a letter for help from an old friend, Don Keyhole, saying the festival was in trouble. When the Rangers arrive, Monty is greeted enthusiastically by the townsfolk as "El Monty Grande." Don Keyhole relates the tale of how Monty stopped the nasty bull El Emenopio from ruining the bull run many years before, but now that steer has returned and stolen the local oxen as revenge. Dale is determined to stop El Emenopio, but Monty hesitates. After the Ranger are attacked by the evil heifer, Monty tells them what really happened.

  • When the Rescue Rangers get shipwrecked on a deserted island, Monty and Dale find a chest full of treasure and decide to keep it for themselves. Even though a hurricane is approaching the island, they sabotage the Ranger's plan to return home to have more time to transport the treasure. To make matters worse, Jolly Rogers PI-rat ship lands on the beach looking for the buried treasure. Monty and Dale's greed lead to the capture of Gadget, Chip, and Zipper by the rodent buccaneers. In the end, Monty and Dale forget the gold and manage to save the Rangers and the Pi-rats from the hurricane.

  • While at the Carnival, the Rescue Rangers visit Cassandra, a fortune-telling Gypsy moth. She makes a series of fanciful predictions for the Rangers ending up with a shocker: Chip will be smashed by an elephant's trunk. Chip is a complete skeptic, but when the predictions for other Rangers start to come true, everyone becomes worried about his safety. Meanwhile, they discover that Quigley, a carnival barker and Abba-Dabba, his trained monkey, are responsible for a series of robberies. As more of the predictions come true, Chip's confidence is undermined. The climax occurs in a Funhouse where Chip put his fears aside to help his friends.

  • The Rescue Rangers discover that Normie, Professor Nimnul's obnoxious nephew, has entered a Molecular Audio Empathizer as his project for the local school science fair. The empathizer makes objects emulate whatever sound is played into it and causes chaos in the school gym when Normie replaces the regular record with a sound effects album. A volcano chugs and erupts to the sound of locomotive whistle and a model of a car engine takes off and flies to the sound of an airplane. The Rescue Rangers use the same record to destroy Professor Nimnul's lab when he attempts to use the empathizer enslave the city.

  • When the Rangers investigate a series of bizarre attacks on seafood restaurants and trucks, they learn that Captain Finn, an anchovy bent on revenge, has taken over command of Captain Nemo's famous submarine, the Nautilus. His crew of squid, octopi, and other sea creatures is trying to liberate the sea community from the slavery of the landwalkers. Finn tries to release Nemo, a killer whale, from Sealand, but is foiled by the RESCUE RANGERS. Furious, the anchovy decides to give the landwalkers a fish-eye view of life by ramming the County Dam to put the entire city under water!

  • In a subway cavern the Rangers find Klordane and his glacier ice. They discover Klordane's plan is to steal the "Global Gold Reserve" by creating an earth quake, using the vibration of a 10 storey high Jello mold made with the ice. The earthquake cracks the Reserve foundation's, underground train. In order to alert the police to the hidden theft the Rangers start an even bigger earthquake which brings the entire Gold Reserve building crashing down onto the mountain of gelatin. Klordane uses the chaos to escape with his trainload of gold. But the Rangers catch up to Klordane, trash him good, then drive his train up a subway entrance and down a city street.

  • The Rangers take the ruby from the laser cannon in order to clear Drake. But back at the police station, Drake has been kidnapped by Klordane whose plan is to frame Drake for his devious crime. Meanwhile, Nimnul, dressed in disguise as a bag lady, sneaks into the police station and has Fat Cat cause a diversion so he can snatch the ruby back. Fat Cat involves Plato who gets taken to the pound. At the pound, the Rangers meet FRENCHY, a French poodle and his sidekick, K-Sera. Frenchy is the captain of the Pound Underground dedicated to liberating canines. With their help, they spring Plato and are off again in search for Drake.

  • Fat Cat rushes to the airport to replace the ruby in Klordane's jewelry case before his master takes off for Glacier Bay. Chip, Dale, Monterey and Zipper need transportation to follow Klordane. Monterey suggests they find Geegaw's daughter, Gadget, who is a quirky and perky young inventor. In her father's absence (he's dead), she offers to fly them to Glacier Bay. After a frantic take off and flight, the plane is damaged when they land at Glacier Bay. Gadget feels bad and offers to fix the plane and get them home. Meanwhile, Chip, Dale, Monterey and Zipper discover that Kiordane is in cahoots with Professor Nimnul, a wacky inventor who uses the ruby to make a powerful laser-cannon.

  • At a Chinatown laundry, Fat Cat buys Juice-Lee, the #1 Siamese fighting fish, from two Siamese cat twins to use in his devious plan of stealing all the fishermen's catch and thus controlling every cat in the city. While pursuing Fat Cat to the docks, Chip and Dale meet Monterey Jack and his insect buddy Zipper. After Fat Cat dumps Monterey's steamer trunk "home" overboard, Monty decides to join Chip 'N Dale's fight against Fat Cat. They foil Fat Cat's plan, when all the fish get knocked out of the cargo ship.

  • Chip and Dale are big fans of the police department. So they follow their friend, Plato, an English bulldog, and his master Detective Donald Drake in pursuit of Percy, a crook who had just stolen the Klutchcoin ruby. They retrieve the ruby, but Percy gets away. Back at police headquarters, Drake reveals that the robbery had all the earmarks of a Klordane job, buy supposedly Klordane drowned in the river a year ago. Meanwhile, Klordane (who's very much alive) sends his cat, Fat Cat, into the police station to steal back the ruby and plant evidence (gambling chits and an airline ticket) in Drake's overcoat. The police officers are shocked, so they lock up Drake and Plato.

  • Chip and Dale are jealous of Gadget's attentions for Sparky, a spaced-out lab rat. Sparky and Buzz, a guinea pig, have been programmed to perform actions, such as running a maze without thinking, when triggered by specific sounds. Professor Nimnul is using them to rob banks. Buzz becomes the brain of a giant robot guinea pig, which runs to the bank through the city's sewers -- just like Buzz ran the laboratory maze. Chip and Dale deprogram Sparky and foil Nimnul's plans. Gadget assures them that their jealousy was groundless, they're the best at being Rescue Rangers.

  • At a junkman's workshop, Gadget repairs Dale's video game. The Rangers overhear the junkman inventing the ultimate mouse trap, a robot cat named Tom. When the robot fails to work properly and is thrown out into the street, Gadget reprograms him with Dale'~ video game cartridge, changing him into a nice cat. Meanwhile, Fat Cat and his minions are trying to steal a rare pet fish from a rich family. The boy, Freddy, would rather have a cat for a pet, but his father is allergic to cats. Butch, the guard dog, chases off Fat Cat's minions.

  • The police are investigating a series of robberies committed by what seems to be some sort of beast. Dale's comic book reading convinces him that it's the work of a werewolf. But the Rescue Rangers discover that Harry, a wolf from the local zoo, has become a "wolfwere" -- turning human, and wearing flashy clothes eating in fine restaurants. Professor Nimnul is using a metamorphizer to change an animal and man into each other, when both are wearing the gizmo. Hence, Nimnul is changing himself into a wolf to commit the robberies (as Harry becomes human) and the back to human form to lose the police.

  • A greedy assistant archaeologist, Dr. Denton Wexler, ignores an ancient curse when he steals a jeweled ring from an Egyptian Tomb, thereby bringing the Guardian Mummy to life. By accident, the ring gets stuck on Dale which sets the mummy after the Rescue Rangers. The archaeologist manages to recover the jewel, and hops aboard the train to Cairo, leaving the mummy and the. Rangers in the dust. That's when the mummy (a sympathetic Herman Munster-type) hires our heroes to help him recover the ring. A shortcut via camel enables the mummy and the Rangers to board the train enroute so they can search for Dr. Wexler. Wexler thinks the ring will lead him to the Pharaoh's treasure hidden under the Sphinx.

  • While testing Gadget's new Rangermobile, the Rescue Rangers accidentally crash into the Koo-Koo Cola Factory and find themselves surrounded by members of the Cola Cult. Poptop, their leader, performs a ritual for the mice where their worldly goods are "fizzed" away. Meanwhile, Gadget is frustrated when her inventions aren't working and when her Gyromobile almost causes the Rangers permanent harm, she decides to leave the Rescue Rangers. The other Rangers discover that Bubbles, the musclemouse cult member, has been fooling Poptop and other members into believing their possessions have been fizzed, when actually he has been stealing them.

  • Dale is disappointed when he drags the other Rangers to a theater for a movie, and it turns out to be an opera house. But things get exciting when they witness the attempted murder of the opera's star, Clarence Dudley. They follow two mysterious figures into the sewers beneath the Opera House, who turn out to be the hand puppets of a crazy alligator, Sewernose De Bergerac, who was flushed as a baby. Sewernose captures the Rangers to use as marionettes in his private puppet "dinner show" (the Rangers being both dinner and the show). Sewernose returns to the opera house and manages to replace Dudley on stage.

  • Investigating a little boy's lost toy train, the "tracks" literally lead to a pet store, where Fat Cat and his gang are plotting to rob the bank next door, by replacing real gold bars with gold painted bricks transported by the stolen model train. Dale complicates the case by sleepwalking, after staying up the night before to watch the Late, Late, Late Show. He is left behind by the other Rangers who are captured when they sneak in to investigate. Dale wakes up and with the help of Zipper, frees the other Rangers using a scheme he saw on the television program.

  • Zipper's feelings are hurt when the other Rangers tell him he's too small and weak to help them do a lot of things. But when Zipper is accidentally zapped by Professor Nimnul's "gigantico ray" gun, he starts growing larger, until he can carry the other Rangers on his back. Nimnul uses the gun to enlarge pill bugs into human-sized creatures as part of a scheme to make the population think they are being invaded by aliens from outer space, and extort the city's gold supply. Zipper, now giant-sized, forces Nimnul to return him to normal, and the scheme is foiled.

  • The Rescue Rangers are visiting their friend Elliott, a cute baby elephant at the local zoo, when they learn that somebody is stealing the peanut supplies. When the Rangers investigate, Chip and Dale get accused of the crime. The Rangers find an underground tunnel and discover that the real culprits are a pair of homesick Pandas, Ming-Ting and Ting-a-Ling, who hope to tunnel back to China in their homemade digging machine powered by peanut oil.

  • The Rescue Rangers follow Fat Cat and his minions to the Tower of London, where Fat Cat plans to steal the Crown Jewels. In the tower, the Rangers run into a cowardly mouse, Sir Colby, and ancestor of Monterey, who has been cursed to haunt the tower until a descendent does a brave deed in Sir Colby's name. But when a ghost cat appears, so does Monterey's cowardly side, and he ultimately runs and hides, letting his friends down. The Ghost Cat turns out to be none other than Meps, Wart, and Mole in costume. Fat Cat captures the Rangers, except for Monty, who gets his confidence back and saves his friends. Sir Colby saves the Crown Jewels and is released from his curse.

  • At Police Headquarters, the Rescue Rangers learn about mysterious mid-air robberies of an armored helicopter, in which fruit peels are left behind. Meanwhile, Monterey gets teased about being out of shape and decides to put all the Rescue Rangers on a strict regimen of diet and exercise. On one of their jogging outings, Chip and Dale stop to feast on some fruit being unloaded, and are knocked inside one of the crates. They discover that Fat Cat is behind the robberies, using Jamaican fruit bars to steal the fuel shipments in exchange for a variety of fruits. With the help of Gadget, the police recover the jewels and defeat Fat Cat's bats.

  • Clyde Cosgrove, an extremely insecure and superstitious kitchen appliance inventor, accidentally scoops Gadget into his briefcase after almost losing it while performing a silly good luck ritual. Gadget tries to help Cosgrove by secretly fixing a few of his inventions, but her good deeds backfire when he decides she's his new good luck charm and locks her in a cage. Kismet, Cosgrove's former "lucky" Persian cat, vows to get revenge on her replacement. Gadget escapes but decides to help Cosgrove regain his confidence. She discovers Kismet is behind Cosgrove's misfortune, breaking his intentions so he would need her "good luck".

  • A flying doghouse puts the Rescue Rangers on the trail of Ali Bimbo, also known as Professor Nimnul, who is using flying carpets to burglarize houses. Monty, thinks it's magic, but Gadget believes it's scientific. The Rangers guide a flying mansion in chase through the city streets to capture Nimnul.

  • While on vacation in the mountains, a cute, little, two-year-old camper, Jeremy, accidentally ends up on a log going downstream and is saved by Humphrey the bear, a classic Disney character. Wrongly assuming Humphrey is a dangerous animal, Dale and the Rescue Rangers try to save Jeremy from the bear, but find Humphrey loves the little toddler. Humphrey agrees to return Jeremy to his parents, but the adults just want to shoot the bear. With the Ranger's help, Humphrey rescues Jeremy from an RV tottering on a cliff edge, and Jeremy's parents realize just how lovable Humphrey is.

  • When Fat Cat is smuggling a magic lamp into the country, Monterey and Zipper intercept it. Monterey rubs the lamp and a genie appears to grant Monterey three wishes. He inadvertently wastes the first wish, but uses the second to fill the Rangers HQ with cheese. For the third wish, the Genie convinces Monterey into wishing the genie a day off. In return he promises the mouse all the wishes he wants. But it's a trick! The genie gets out but Monty has to take his place in the lamp! To make matters worse, Fat Cat's henchmen find the lamp which starts the crooked cat on a wishing spree.

  • Deep in the jungle, a tribe of wingless kiwi birds have stolen the Ranger Plane to worship as a god. When the Rescue Rangers steal the plane back, Dale injures his toe. He plays up his small injury for Gadget's attention, which upsets Chip who knows Dale's just faking. When the Ranger plane crashes in the middle of the jungle, the Rangers must carry it back to civilization. Gadget converts it into a boat and they float down the river, narrowly avoiding the open jaws of a crocodile. When Chip takes the other Rangers into the jungle to prove that Dale is faking his injury, they are kidnapped by the Kiwis. Trying to save his friends, Dale gets his bandages tangled in the trees and appears to flying.

  • While on a shopping spree, the Rescue Rangers meet a rare booby bird. They learn that the mama booby is searching for her baby booby who has been kidnapped by Humbert Dumpy, a fanatical egg collector. In search for Baby Booby, Mama Booby is captured. In the meantime, the Rangers care for the Baby Booby egg as if it were a real baby. Gadget gets an idea of how to free Mamma Booby, using a super tank disguised as an Easter basket. After the rescue, the Rangers turn up the thermostat in Dumpty's house which hatches all the eggs, thereby ruining his rare egg collection.

  • In helping a little girl find her lost kitten, the Rescue Rangers find it has been kidnapped along with thousands of other cats. Professor Nimnul, a mad scientist-type, is capturing the cats, by using giant robot bulldogs, for use in making a giant static electricity generator. In hopes of terrifying the world, he holds the city ransom with lightning bolts. The Rescue Rangers save the day, rescuing all the cats and bringing Mandy's kitten home safely.

  • At the end of their vacation, three shape-changing aliens, Bric, Brac and Dtz, have to leave Earth but Dtz sneaks off and stays behind. When science fiction fan Dale meets Dtz, he convinces the alien to take his shape. Soon Dale has Dtz doing all his chores, and the rest of Rangers are shocked at sloppy Dale's new behavior. Bric and Brac demand that Dtz return home, but Dtz sends Dale in his place. Bric and Brac, worried that Dtz (actually Dale) is becoming too Earthlike, decide to freeze him and take him home to Reeblebrox for treatment. Dale escapes only to find he has to prove he's the real Dale.

  • The Rescue Rangers visit the Space Center to watch a launch. After trying out the test equipment in the Astronaut Training Center, Chip and Dale are trapped in a spacesuit and taken aboard the spaceplane which is launched into space. When the astronauts release a satellite into space, the spacesuit is accidentally released also. Gadget designs a rocket fueled with TNT and -- along with Monterey, and Zipper -- flies out into space to save Chip and Dale and hitch a ride home on the Spaceplane. But a meteor hits the Spaceplane and knocks the astronauts unconscious. Chip and Dale, using their astronaut training, manage to land the Spaceplane safely... although the astronauts get the credit.

  • Irweena Allen, a lab scientist who wants to be a rock star, has turned a swarm of bees into "Zombees" with a specially designed synthesizer. She then uses the bees to steal musical instruments and take over a rock concert that will launch her to stardom. Zipper falls for the beautiful but spoiled Queen Bee and takes her to the RESCUE RANGERS to help her get her swarm back. Unfortunately, the Queen barely acknowledges Zipper's existence until he saves the day, proving he's worthy of respect even if unsophisticated.

  • When the Ranger Plane crashes into the Baskerville Mansion one rainy night, the Rescue Rangers get caught up in a detective adventure in the style of Chip's fictional hero, Sure-Luck Jones. Roger Baskerville and his sheepdog McDuff are in search for the will that left the mansion to Roger rather than his nasty brother Lord Howie T. Baskerville. Lord Howie treats Roger like a servant and has plans to get rid of McDuff. The Rangers, with the help of McDuff, try to scare Lord Howie out of the mansion so they can search for the will. They find trap doors and secret passages, and eventually find the will, which turns out to have been written by the author of the Sure-Luck Jones' stories.

  • While chasing Fat Cat, who has stolen the famous Maltese Mouse, the Rescue Rangers wreck the tree house home of a squirrel family. Feeling responsible, Gadget suggests that they baby-sit her girls, Tammy and Bink, so Mrs. Squirrel can get her home cleaned up. Tammy develops a major crush on Chip and becomes jealous of Gadget. Chip gets irritated with Tammy and hurts her feelings, calling her "just a kid". To prove herself to him, she and her little sister go to Fat Cat's to retrieve the Maltese Mouse. The Rangers sneak into Fat Cat's to rescue the kids; Chip and Dale dress as SHOWGIRLS to divert attention with a song, "The Fat Cat Stomp" while the others search for the kids.

  • After the others criticize Dale's sloppiness, he accidentally falls into a city garbage truck while cleaning up. In the rescuing of Dale, all the Rangers end up on a garbage barge heading out to sea. Chip and Dale get captured by P1-rats who live under the sea in an upside down 17th Century galleon. Monty poses as "Long Lost LaFitte" (the captain of the ship's rats) in order to rescue Chip and Dale. A menacing octopus (Billy the Squid), provided additional jeopardy as they release the ship's treasures causing the galleon to finally rise to the surface.