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  • TV-14
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (24,009)

Trigun is a sci-fi anime series that premiered in 1998 in Japan and later aired on Adult Swim in the United States. The show follows the adventures of Vash the Stampede, a man with a notorious reputation for causing destruction wherever he goes, despite his peaceful and carefree nature. Voiced by Jeff Nimoy in the English dub, Vash is on the run from bounty hunters who are after the huge reward on his head.

Vash's reputation as a notorious outlaw is largely undeserved, as he is actually a skilled gunman who always tries to resolve conflict without resorting to violence. He is also deeply philosophical and often ponders over the nature of humanity and the meaning of life. His catchphrase, "Love and Peace," reflects his optimistic nature and desire for a peaceful existence.

Johnny Yong Bosch provides the voice of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a priest who becomes a close ally of Vash's. Despite his religious background, Wolfwood is a skilled fighter and often acts as Vash's backup in dangerous situations. The two have a strong and complex friendship that is one of the core themes of the show.

Other notable characters include Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, insurance agents who are tasked with keeping track of the massive amount of property damage caused by Vash's antics. Hiromi Tsuru and Satsuki Yukino voice Meryl and Milly respectively, who serve as the show's comic relief and often find themselves caught up in Vash's adventures.

Toshihiko Seki and Aya Hisakawa round out the main cast as two of Vash's old acquaintances, Legato Bluesummers and Rem Saverem. Legato is a ruthless and sadistic enforcer who works for one of Vash's enemies, while Rem is a gentle and kind woman who has a profound impact on Vash's worldview. Masaya Onosaka also provides various voices for minor characters throughout the show.

The show's setting is a futuristic wasteland called Gunsmoke, where scarce resources and harsh living conditions have led to the rise of ruthless gangs and mercenary groups. Vash's unique abilities and reputation make him a target for these groups, leading to many epic gun battles and action-packed set pieces throughout the show's 26 episodes.

Although the show initially appears to be a straightforward action series, it delves deeper into philosophical and moral themes as it progresses. Vash's unwavering optimism and desire for peace are contrasted with the brutal violence and corruption of the world around him, leading to some thought-provoking discussions about the nature of humanity and the role of violence in society.

Despite its serious themes, Trigun also features a healthy dose of humor and lighthearted moments that balance out the darker themes. Vash's goofy antics and playful personality are a staple of the show, and the interactions between the various characters are always entertaining.

Overall, Trigun is a classic anime series that has stood the test of time. Its unique blend of action, humor, and philosophy make it a must-watch for fans of the genre, while its memorable characters and epic set pieces will keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

Trigun is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on March 31, 2003.

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Under the Sky So Blue
26. Under the Sky So Blue
May 13, 2003
In the middle of the desert, beneath two blazing suns, sits a lush, green geo plant. In this field is a small table, on top of which sits an ice bucket with a wine bottle inside it. Sitting on a chair next to the table, savouring a bit of wine from a glass, is Millions Knives. Taking a final sip, Knives turns to his left to see that his brother, Vash the Stampede, has arrived.
Live Through
25. Live Through
May 12, 2003
Vash wakes to the sound of soup simmering on a stove. He is bandaged up and very sore, but he cannot remember how he came to be in bed or how he received his wounds. Vash concentrates on trying to remember...and the memories flood into his mind. He has done a terrible thing, and he can never take back what he did.
24. Sin
May 8, 2003
With the death of Wolfwood, Meryl stands watch over Milly as she grieves her loss. Vash has left the town and continued on his journey to find Knives. Before he left, Meryl demanded that Vash tell her the truth about why all these terrible things seem to happen to him. Vash relents and tells her everything about him. Now, for the first time, Meryl understands.
23. Paradise
May 7, 2003
Wolfwood's killing of Zazie the Beast has created a rift between Vash and the preacher. Their friendship at a crossroads, both must see past their philosophical differences in order to continue on the path to love and peace. It won't be easy since Wolfwood's former teacher has shown up to instruct his old pupil once again.
22. Alternative
May 6, 2003
Vash, Wolfwood, Meryl, and Milly arrive at the gates of a walled city. Asking the guards if they may enter, they are told it will cost them $$300,000. The insurance girls and Wolfwood argue with the guard, but Vash simply tells Wolfwood that they are not wanted so they should move on. Leaving the area, they come across a home full of orphaned kids who have been left to fend for themselves.
Out of Time
21. Out of Time
May 5, 2003
The Gung-Ho Guns, led by Leonof the Puppetmaster, have taken over the last remaining airborne ship of Project SEEDS. As the Puppetmaster's minions and his fellow Gung-Ho Guns, Grey the Nine Lives and Hoppered the Gauntlet, mow down every human in their path, Vash and Wolfwood, with the help of the leaders of the ship, try to stop the Gung-Ho Guns before their is no one left to save.
Flying Ship
20. Flying Ship
May 1, 2003
Meryl and Milly have placed Vash under their watch once again. As a typhoon makes its way through the area, the insurance girls find that Vash has slipped away unnoticed. While they try to figure out what to do, Vash the Stampede, knowing that it is time to face his brother, jumps off a cliff and lands on a flying satellite. Moments later, he realises that Wolfwood has joined him. The satellite climbs high into the air, taking Vash to visit his family.
Hang Fire
19. Hang Fire
April 30, 2003
Vash the Stampede and Wolfwood travel to New Oregon to meet one of Vash's friends. Unfortunately, the city lives under a cloud of uncertainty as two rival families have laid claim to the satellite within the town. One of the families, in retribution for a murder of one of their own, has hijacked a sand steamer heading to New Oregon. Their goal is to hold the satellite for ransom and take the leading members of the rival family hostage until their demand for control of the satellite is met.
Goodbye for Now
18. Goodbye for Now
April 29, 2003
Wolfwood has learned that Vash the Stampede is in Kasted City. Entering the town, he finds that he is the only one who exits the bus, but plenty of the townsfolk can't wait to leave town on the bus. A gang of thugs is controlling the entire city, and everyone is on edge. Just as Wolfwood sits down in a saloon, the leader of the gang, claiming to be Vash the Stampede, enters the town centre and fires his cannon into the saloon where a woman who had embarrassed him is currently hold up. Before anyonecan stop him, the woman's friend steps out to confront the gang leader.
Rem Saverem
17. Rem Saverem
April 28, 2003
A colony of spaceships silently marches through the emptiness of space. Onboard the colony's main ship sits the skeleton crew of Project SEEDS, who have taken the people of Earth out into the great unknown in order to resettle the populace in a new, hospitable environment. Aboard with them are two young children with long, blonde hair: Vash the Stampede and his brother named Millions Knives.
Fifth Moon
16. Fifth Moon
April 24, 2003
Vash, claiming that the road ahead is too dangerous, has severed ties with the insurance girls. Meryl and Milly, who still have their job to do, must decide what is more important: their job or their lives. Meanwhile, Vash prepares himself for the inevitable encounters with more of Legato's henchman.
Demons Eye
15. Demons Eye
April 23, 2003
The Roderick gang's battle with Legato is violently interrupted by the fierce Gung-Ho Guns. Just as Vash begins to investigate the incident, he meets Dominique the Cyclops, a lethal beauty with an amazing power.
Little Arcadia
14. Little Arcadia
April 22, 2003
Vash protects two old people from a bandit, but the situation is resolved when Meryl and Milly knock Vash down and take out the bandit themselves. The old couple asks for the insurance girls' help in protecting their property, a lush geo plant set down in the harshness of the desert, from more bandits like the one they had just encountered. Meryl at first refuses since it's against their company's regulations. However, when the couple asks Vash to protect their land, Meryl decides, since keeping Vash out of trouble must take top priority, that Milly and she will take the job.
Vash the Stampede
13. Vash the Stampede
April 21, 2003
Filing her latest report with the Bernardelli Insurance Agency, Meryl Stryfe briefs her employer on all that she knows about Vash the Stampede. However, she has difficulty writing the report. The more that she knows about Vash through contact with him, the less she understands him. For being such a notorious outlaw, Vash sure doesn't act like one.
12. Diablo
April 17, 2003
An intense storm fills the night's sky, raining thunder and lightning down upon those below. Alone in a stone building full of weaponry, an incredibly built man performs a countless number of sit-ups. A lightning strike signals the presence of another in his room, who proceeds to tell the huge man about his target.
Escape from Pain
11. Escape from Pain
April 16, 2003
While playing chess with a member of a caravan that has stopped to allow a natural phenomenon blocking their way to pass, Wolfwood runs into Milly. As they talk, they see a girl who needs some help. They hide her from members of the caravan who are looking for her at the behest of their leader, who needs to find the girl's boyfriend. The leader of the caravan, unable to find the boyfriend, asks for help from the one man who will be able to find him: Vash the Stampede.
Quick Draw
10. Quick Draw
April 15, 2003
Arriving at May City, Vash and the insurance girls part ways with the preacher, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Taking a bit of time off, Vash learns a bit about the town and of one young boy who seems to be a bit on the quiet side. He follows the boy to his mom's restaurant in order to have a bite to eat. Once there, he again meets up with Nicholas D. Wolfwood.
Murder Machine
9. Murder Machine
April 14, 2003
Due to the sand steamer incident, the passengers travelling on the vessel to May City have been given alternate transportation across the desert. Unfortunately, having not been paid for their work on the sand steamer, Meryl and Milly do not have enough money to take the bus that has been provided. Fortunately, they know someone who does. As Vash and the insurance girls travel on the bus, Vash notices a man baking in the desert sun.
And Between the Wasteland and Sky
8. And Between the Wasteland and Sky
April 10, 2003
Brilliant Dynamites Neon has taken over the sand steamer, killed one of the crew, and ordered the captain of the vessel to max out the engines so that the steamer will crash into the canyon that lies ahead, breaking open the giant safe inside. As the steamer heads towards certain doom, Vash the Stampede formulates a plan to stop the train while Meryl and Milly come up with a scheme of their own.
7. B.D.N.
April 9, 2003
Vash the Stampede has now saved Inepril City twice from destruction. A celebration is held in his honour and he is lavished with food and fun. The next day, however, without so much as a farewell, he hops aboard the sand steamer for points unknown. Fortunately, Meryl and Milly are able to make it onboard the vessel by taking on part time jobs. While Vash takes some time out to relax, the sand steamer heads out into the night through valleys of the planet. As it does, a bright glow begins to emerge from the darkness.
Lost July
6. Lost July
April 8, 2003
With the identity of Vash the Stampede now confirmed, much to the consternation of Meryl, the insurance agents can move onto the second part of their job: Keeping the bumbling idiot under 24 hour surveillance. They begin their monitoring of Vash just as a large sand steamer arrives with cargo and passengers that fill the city with sights and sounds, and make keeping up with Vash difficult. The situation becomes tense when a woman aboard the sand steamer, who is there to fix Inepril City's plant, takes a special interest in Vash.
Hard Puncher
5. Hard Puncher
April 7, 2003
Following the rumours that Vash the Stampede had been seen heading towards Inepril City, Milly and Meryl arrive to find part of the town covered in sand due to their plant breaking down. As they survey the scene, they witness the residents of the town conducting a Vash Hunt of their own. The insurance agents attempt to stop the townspeople before their whole town is destroyed.
Love and Peace
4. Love and Peace
April 3, 2003
A heavy sand storm is making its way through the Orleans area, stranding Meryl and Milly in a local saloon. In that same saloon, the daughter of the town's founder is playing cards and winning big...until a gunman and his posse take her and the rest of the patrons hostage. The Sheriff is called in to settle the dispute, and, as they begin to make arrangements for the demands of the bandits, the blonde gunman in the red coat appears and foolishly enters the saloon.
Peace Maker
3. Peace Maker
April 2, 2003
Warrens City is a place where the days slip uneventfully by. The most excitement the town has is a few drunks on the city's streets. The idyllic life of the town is about to be interrupted when a gang plans to rob the town's bank. As the group prepares for their heist, Meryl and Milly, acting on a rumour that Vash the Stampede has been seen near the town, arrive in Warrens to prepare for his arrival. As if by chance, the bumbling idiot in the red coat appears in the same town on the same day that the insurance agents arrive.
Truth of Mistake
2. Truth of Mistake
April 1, 2003
Continuing their search for Vash the Stampede, Milly and Meryl arrive at a bone dry ghost town. The last of the fleeing residence say that Vash the Stampede has been hired by a man named Schezar. Milly and Meryl arrive at the Schezar mansion...only to find the mysterious man in a red coat who had helped them at Felnarl. As it turns out, Cliff Schezar, who is the supplier of water to the town, has had a bit of trouble with an ace gunman with blonde hair. He placed a wanted poster for his own ace gunman, one who can shoot like Vash the Stampede. It was a surprise to him when he saw the genuine article standing at his door asking for the position.
The $$60,000,000,000 Man
1. The $$60,000,000,000 Man
March 1, 2003
A gunman has stormed through Dankin Town, destroying half the buildings and injuring hundreds. The infamous Vash the Stampede has struck again. On his trail are two insurance agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who must find Vash at all costs. Unfortunately, they know little about their target, including what he looks like. The description that they first receive points them to a large man with a mohawk.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 31, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (24,009)