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Loiter Squad is a brand new to the Adult Swim lineup on Cartoon Network, which is a late night comedy block featuring shows not able to be shown during regular rotation due to content or themes. The show is presented in the form of sketch and shock comedy similar to that of Jackass and other shows before it. Currently, there are four main members of the cast: Tyler the Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Taco, and L-Boy.

The show itself features a 15 minute run time, a format common on the Adult Swim block, and is a series of sketches showing the cast in a variety of humorous, often absurd and outlandish, situations. They also mimic other original programming.

Sometimes, these situations are scripted, but most often the cast is shown interacting with unsuspecting strangers in an effort to get a candid reaction. For example, one sketch in an earlier episode shows the team dressed as job seekers randomly giving their resumes to strangers in a bad neighborhood. They also do parodies of popular current and former television shows, including Miami Vice and other 80's programming.

The show's rating is currently TV-MA and contains frequent profanity, partial nudity and other adult themes including the mention and use of illegal substances. Though some of the mature content is blurred or obscured from view, much of the language is prevalent in the show.

Loiter Squad debuted in March 2012 and is currently in its first season airing on Sundays at 12:30am on Adult Swim.

Sunday 11:30 PM et/pt on Adult Swim
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
September 24, 2012
Cast: Tyler the Creator, Davon Wilson, Lionel Boyce, Travis Bennett
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Loiter Squad Full Episode Guide

  • Lionel gets a new sweat suit while Tyler encounters an older woman.

  • Taco becomes the smartest man in the world thanks to Syd; The guys put on the greatest show of their lives.

  • Tatiana's sleepover goes awry. Taco learns a valuable lesson.

  • The guys audition for roles in a movie; Left Brain questions strangers on the streets.

  • Lionel and Jasper wrestle Tigers; Maurice helps Mac Miller battle his phobias.

  • The return of Catchphrase Jones; Family and friends hold a funeral for Carl.

  • Young N**** holds a press conference and premieres his new video.

  • Earl searches for a new roommate; Lionel offers exciting insight.

  • The guys examine the dangers of drug use in a workplace; Tyler offers valuable advice to Seth Rogen.

  • Emo Patrick makes a phone call; the guys participate in eating challenges; and Taco shares his wisdom.

  • The cast attempts an intervention; Jasper and Tyler face moral dilemmas. Taco changes the game.

  • Tyler disagrees with his stepfather; Taco cruises around in a bathtub; and the guys receive dolls with unusual powers.

  • The guys search for treasure, Jasper attempts a bike jump with the help of Andy Bell, and Earl complains about his roommate.

  • The guys go to jail, get adopted, and meet new Finnish friends The Dudesons.

  • The Shady Bunch head to Hawaii; Mars and Sabrina get pedicures; and Jasper offers wisdom.

  • The guys welcome back an old friend, Jasper and Taco audition for a fake commercial, and Lionel stars in the Blindside 2.

  • The Po-Po need help solving a big case, Blake Andersen is back, and a new music video debuts.

  • The guys do their own spin on the Real Housewives reunion and skate with Tony Hawk. Lionel wakes up a friend.

  • The second season opens with Lionel testing catchphrases. Meanwhile, Tyler trains a rookie.

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E.T. in Jail Clip (00:34) Brushing Clip (00:34) Po Po Clip (00:34) Sagan Clip (00:33) Dos Cubanos Clip (00:34) The Yummies Clip (00:42) Gas Clip (00:39) Aztec vs. Blood Clip (00:35)