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The television series entitled Back Lagoon is centered on the activities and experiences of a team of sea pirates who worked for a company known as the Lagoon Company. The pirates were actively involved in the illegal transportation of goods in and out of their area of operation which was the Sotheast Asia Seas. Their headquarter was based in Roanapur.

During one of the operations of the pirates they kidnapped a wealthy and well known business man who was on mission at sea. The was known as Okajima Rokuro was known for his drinking habits and his involvements with his clients and colleagues.

Okajima had been sent by the company he was working for at the time to take a disc to their comrades somewhere in the seas. he got kidnapped alongside his boat by the team of pirates who had been assigned to kidnap Omajima and seize the disc from him. The disc contained some important secrets of the company and so it was of great worth and interest to many. He was nicknamed Rock by the pirates and to his advantage the only female pirate in the team known as Revy got attracted to him and took him captive. She was hoping however to get a ransom by doing so.

Rock became very good friends with the pirates and to their greatest dismay the disc in question later got them into serious trouble with the authorities.

The title of the series stemmed from the vessel which was used by the pirates in transporting their goods. This vessel was a very large boat known as the Black Lagoon. The pirates worked in collaboration with many other well known companies and also worked for influential clients. Their involvements were often characterized with fights, struggles and battles with their targets as such they were always busy.

However they always found time to relax and take time off from their busy schedules and they usually did so at a bar known as The yellow Flag which was also located around their area of operation in Roanapur.

The twelve episodes series was written by Rei Hiroe who also did the illustrations. It was directed by Sunao Katabuchi.

Black Lagoon is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2006.

Black Lagoon is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Lagoon on demand atHulu, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
April 8, 2006
Cast: Brian Drummond, Hiroaki Hirata, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Houko Kuwashima, Omi Minami
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Black Lagoon Full Episode Guide

  • The body count rises as Rock takes desperate measures to force Yukio into giving up on crime. But with so much blood already spilled, it might be too late for her to return to a peaceful, normal life.

  • Yukio takes action to stop the systematic destruction of the Washimine Group. Later, after Rock confronts Balalaika about her ruthless campaign of violence against Yukio, he suddenly finds himself..

  • Revy and Ginji unleash on Chaka with brutal force, allowing Rock to grab Yukio and escape. The next day, Balalaika begins the next stage of her plan to violently eliminate the Washimine Group.

  • Rock is caught in the middle of the escalating yakuza feud. He hopes to persuade Yukio to give up her new life of crime, but before he can convince her, she is abducted by her enemies.

  • Rock and Revy join Balalaika on a trip to Japan, where she agrees to take sides in a feud between warring yakuza clans.

  • The Black Lagoon arrives at the dock just as the burning building collapses. Luckily, Rock and the gang are able to board the vessel. Unfortunately, so are the killers on Jane's tail!

  • A fugitive counterfeiter named Jane arrives at the Church of Violence, hoping to find shelter. When the bullets start flying, prayer probably won't help - but Revy and Eda might.

  • The twisted tale of Hansel and Gretel comes to an end. With entire criminal organizations closing in, the twins split up. After one meets a violent demise, the other encounters the crew of the Black Lagoon.

  • The strange saga of the twin killers continues - and so does the bloodshed, after Balalaika discovers the horrific truth behind the insanely cruel actions of the young assassins.

  • A string of assassinations has the underground on edge, and the local kingpins are teaming up to deal with the problem. The mystery and carnage multiply when the hunt for the killer (or killers) begins.

  • Rock is interrogated at the terrorist camp, and if he doesn't come clean about the documents, there's a good chance his captors will resort to torture. Revy's putting together a rescue mission - but time is running out.

  • After the crew is hired to deliver documents to the CIA, the terrorist group featured in the intelligence reports unleashes an attack. Revy and Rock try to escape on dry land - but one of them is captured.

  • Roberta's rampage comes to an end, but before she can return Garcia to his family in South America, the maid's still got one mess to clean up: an unfinished fight with Revy.

  • The Lovelace family's maid arrives to rescue Garcia. She's no ordinary housekeeper; she's an experienced warrior, and unfortunately for Rock and the crew, she's cutting down anyone who gets in her way.

  • The Black Lagoon is hired to transport a young hostage whose wealthy family is in trouble with a South American drug cartel. The crew is growing uneasy with the mission - it seems violence is...

  • Dutch sends Revy and Rock into town to run errands - and to make them face the tension that's boiling between them. Unfortunately, Revy's more accustomed to settling her problems one bullet at a time.

  • Under the cover of darkness, Dutch and Revy board the Nazi vessel to reclaim the painting. While he searches the ship, she takes extreme measures against the crew.

  • Just as it seems that the painting is secure, Revy and Rock fall under attack in the sunken U-boat. The Nazis unload with everything they've got - but Dutch is already formulating a plan.

  • The crew is out to retrieve a painting from the wreckage of a sunken Nazi U-boat. As Revy and Rock take to the depths to claim their prize, the Black Lagoon falls under missile attack on the water's surface.

  • Mr. Chin is furious when he learns that Dutch is now working for Balalaika. He then sends Luak and the pirates after the Black Lagoon. Will Balalaika be prepared when she learns about the attack?

  • The E.O. Captain is aboard an assault helicopter, and he has forced the Black Lagoon ship into a river. Rock formulates a plan to get the Black Lagoon out. Meanwhile, Kageyama travels to the seas, seemingly to follow up on the E.O. Squadron, but has undermining intentions.

  • Rokuro Okajima is sent on a mission, carrying with him a disk. He is captured by Dutch and Revy who are members of the ship called Black Lagoon. Problems begin for the crew when a skilled mercenary named Captain pursues them for the disk.