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  • TV-MA
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (655)

Cat Planet Cuties, a fun and lively anime series from FUNimation, follows the adventures of Kio Kakazu, a high school student who lives in Okinawa, Japan. One day, he is visited by a beautiful cat-like girl named Eris, who says that she's an alien from a planet of cat people. As the leader of the Catian people, Eris has come to Earth to learn about humans, and she chooses Kio to be her guide.

At first, Kio is skeptical of Eris's story, but he quickly realizes that she's telling the truth when he meets her friends and fellow aliens. Soon, Kio is caught up in a wild adventure that involves battling intergalactic enemies, hiding Eris and her friends from the government, and dealing with romantic advances from not only Eris, but also other female visitors from the stars.

One of the standout features of Cat Planet Cuties is its cast of fantastic voice actors. Kikuko Inoue stars as Eris, and her commanding yet playful voice perfectly captures the character's royal status as well as her curious and mischievous nature. Iori Nomizu brings a fun energy to the role of the spunky Aoi Futaba, another Catian who joins Eris on her Earth mission. Aki Toyosaki provides a sweet and optimistic voice for Manami Kinjou, Kio's childhood friend who becomes involved in the alien's activities.

Kana Hanazawa brings a sultry and mysterious tone to the character of Durel, an alien who works as a government agent and is involved in the search for Eris and her friends. Haruka Tomatsu, on the other hand, plays Melwin, a strong and independent Catian who has romantic feelings for Kio. Ayahi Takagaki plays Chaika, an alien who becomes Kio's classmate and is also interested in him romantically. Finally, Mutsumi Tamura brings a cheerful and innocent voice to Ichika, a young Catian who serves as Eris's loyal companion.

Throughout the show's 12 episodes, viewers are treated to comedic and action-packed scenes that keep the story moving at a brisk pace. The animation is well-done, with bright colors and smooth movement, and the character designs are appealing and distinct. While there are some serious moments in Cat Planet Cuties, the overall tone of the show is playful and fun, and it's clear that the creators had a good time putting together this sci-fi adventure.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show is the way it blends together various genres and themes. There's plenty of sci-fi action, with battles between spaceships and heroic feats of strength by the Catian characters. However, there are also romantic elements, as Kio must navigate the affections of multiple women who are interested in him. The show also has a healthy dose of comedy, with many scenes that are sure to make viewers laugh out loud.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Cat Planet Cuties is the way it explores the concept of first contact between humans and aliens. While other sci-fi media often portrays this as a serious and potentially dangerous situation, Cat Planet Cuties takes a lighthearted approach, showing the aliens as playful and friendly creatures who are genuinely interested in learning about Earth and its inhabitants. This is certainly a refreshing take on the alien invasion trope, and it adds to the show's overall sense of fun.

Overall, Cat Planet Cuties is an enjoyable and entertaining anime series that is sure to appeal to fans of sci-fi, comedy, and romance. With its strong voice acting, colorful animation, and engaging story, it's a show that will keep viewers engaged throughout its 12-episode run. Whether you're a longtime anime fan or a newcomer to the genre, Cat Planet Cuties is definitely worth checking out.

Cat Planet Cuties is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 10, 2010.

Cat Planet Cuties
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Come Drop By
13. Come Drop By
May 15, 2012
Eris is interested in learning more about the games enjoyed on Earth, so the gang spends the day playing several different kinds. Manami raises the stakes by suggesting some serious prizes, some of which prove to be quite incriminating!
I Came to Find You
12. I Came to Find You
May 15, 2012
The gang rockets into orbit to prevent catastrophe! As a battle rages above Earth, Kio tries to shut down the plummeting mothership's computer. When he learns that only a Catian can issue the order, he makes a surprising move!
I Came Looking for You
11. I Came Looking for You
May 15, 2012
The Catian mothership is plummeting toward Earth! With Captain Kune's bell in his possession, Kio takes command of the feline forces, and the gang races off to Russia to build a rocket and avert disaster!
We Came After You
10. We Came After You
May 15, 2012
The Christmas season is here and the Catians get caught up in the spirit of giving. Captain Kune arrives on Earth with a gift for Kio, but the festivities grind to a halt thanks to a well-executed Dogishuan attack!
The Grand First Assistroid?
9. The Grand First Assistroid?
May 15, 2012
After traveling through space for many years, Lawry, the first Assistroid ever created, visits Earth. Kio is taken back by her human-like appearance, and Eris explains the surprising history shared by the Catians and the Assistroids.
We Had a Duel
8. We Had a Duel
May 15, 2012
Aoi challenges Manami to step up her training, so the girls head into the woods for a one-on-one war game. Little do they know, as each stalks the other through the forest, a hidden threat is taking aim at them both.
We've Come to Swim
7. We've Come to Swim
May 15, 2012
Summer's over, class is back in session, and Kio is surprised to see that Eris and Antonia have enrolled at his school. When the gang goes on a field trip to the beach, they soon find their fun interrupted by an enemy attack!
I've Practiced
6. I've Practiced
May 15, 2012
Aoi's frustrated by her lack of cooking ability and Manami wants to get better at handling guns. They get a chance to hone their skills in a virtual reality room on the Catian mothership - and both get to spend time with a virtual Kio.
We've Come to Rescue You
5. We've Come to Rescue You
May 15, 2012
Aoi and Manami undertake a high seas raid to free Kio and Eris from Antonia's lavish - and heavily armed - yacht. The battle is intense, and Aoi is left unconscious in the belly of the ship. Can Kio get to her before the vessel sinks?
We've Come to Kidnap You
4. We've Come to Kidnap You
May 15, 2012
Kio and the girls head to Tokyo for a day of shopping. Unfortunately, their trip is derailed when a kitty-loving cult attacks their train. With Kio and Eris in danger, Manami, Aoi, and the Assistroids begin planning a rescue.
We've Come to Stay
3. We've Come to Stay
May 15, 2012
Labeled traitors by their former organizations, Manami and Aoi take refuge in the new embassy of Catia - Kio's house! The girls discover they aren't out of hot water just yet, though, when an intruder attempts a bath time raid!
I Dropped By
2. I Dropped By
July 17, 2010
When Eris is taken captive by one of the many secret organizations on her tail, Kio springs into action and organizes a rescue attempt. Of course, with alien technology at her disposal, Eris might just be able to take care of herself.
The Cat Who Fell to Earth
1. The Cat Who Fell to Earth
July 10, 2010
Nice guy Kio's life gets turned upside down when he meets a friendly, sexy cat-alien named Eris! She's on a peaceful mission - but things could get dangerous, thanks to all of the secret agencies trying to get close to her.
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Cat Planet Cuties is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cat Planet Cuties on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    July 10, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (655)