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This television show is a Japanese multimedia project that was co-developed by the Lantis music label, ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine, and Sunrise Studio which specializes in animation. When Otonokizaka Academy is scheduled for closing due to a lack of applicants, student Honoka K?saka hatches a plan. She knows that school idols are popular and that more children will want to apply to a school that has a resident idol, so she and her friends set to work creating a band. Her plot is a success and their band called ?'s (pronounced Muse) becomes popular and draws enough student applicants to keep the Otonokizaka Academy open.

Having enjoyed such great success with the band in keeping the school open, Honoka K?saka decides to take the ?'s a step further. She and the band begin preparing for Love Live, the most popular school idol competition featuring some of the best and most innovative bands in the country, but can the ?'s be ready in time?

Love Live! School Idol Project is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 2013.

Where do I stream Love Live! School Idol Project online? Love Live! School Idol Project is available for streaming on NIS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Love Live! School Idol Project on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 6, 2013
Cast: Emi Nitta, Sora Tokui, Pile, Aya Uchida
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Love Live! School Idol Project Full Episode Guide

  • It is Graduation Day. Honoka has a special song for the third years as her commemorative speech. After the ceremony, Nico assigns Hanayo as the new club president, and Maki is new vice-president. The girls take one last chance to say goodbye.

  • After a random draw, �'s is the last group to perform at Love Live. The girls have their final practice together and have a sleepover. The next day they arrive for Love Live for their final performance.

  • When Alisa and Yukiho pass entrance exams for Otonokizaka High, the girls begin to wonder what will happen to �'s after Eli, Nozomi, and Nico graduate. The older girls leave that decision to the younger members if �'s should add new members or disband.

  • With �'s needing to make an impression during Love Live, Hanayo suggests they create a group catchphrase for the official website which best represents them. Upon seeing people's emas in support of �'s at the shrine, Honoka decides on their catchphrase.

  • When �'s has trouble agreeing on a song for the final preliminaries, Nozomi suggests writing a love song. The members are shaken by the idea of performing an unfamiliar genre, but Eli is suprisingly supportive.

  • A physical exam reveals Honoka and Hanayo have gained weight. Meanwhile, Umi and Kotori take over Honoka's student council duties as she goes on a diet and causes a budget blunder.

  • A-RISE and �'s are invited to appear in a Halloween event. The girls try new looks to improve their impact. However, Honoka decides they shouldn't change, as they have variety in members. Meanwhile, Yukiho finds something shocking in Honoka's room.

  • Rin is selected to be temporary leader while the second years are on a school trip. However, Rin seems unenthusiastic and bewildered. When the group asks for her decision over a trivial disagreement, she is unable to handle the situation.

  • �'s makes it through regional preliminaries. The girls become extra motivated when rival group A-RISE has also made it through. Meanwhile, Nico begins to skip practice. The group follows her out of suspicion, and find she is grocery shopping.

  • Once again, �'s pursues the Love Live tournament. A new rule is announced that only previously unperformed songs can be sung at regional preliminaries. The girls head to Maki's cabin in the mountains to write a new song.

  • Having avoided the closure of Otonokizaka High, the members of �'s return to their everyday lives. News of a second Love Live reaches the girls. This time teams that win their regional preliminaries move onto the finals.

  • With trouble between group members, Eri is forced to put Muse on hiatus until problems can be worked out.

  • After Honoka collapses, ?'s cancels its school festival concert. A few days later as she is recovering, Honoka learns from Eli that ?'s has revoked its entry into the Love Live.Honoka returns to school, but with her goal of working toward the Love Live lost, she is out of sorts.

  • Muse has managed to rise in the ranks making them eligible to apply for the Love Live! Tournament. However, roadblocks line their way to success and pressure is starting to mount.

  • Muse finally becomes 9 members with the addition of Eli and Nozomi. They all go down to Akiba to check out the School Idol scene there and find out a secret that Kotori's been hiding in the process...

  • The school is going to be closed?! But depending on the results of the open campus event in two weeks. In order to protect Otonokizaka High, her own grandmother's high school, Eli searches for ways to make the open campus a success.

  • When the girls learn the idol festival "Love Live!" is going to be held, they immediately set their sights on performing. The girls force their way into a meeting with the director to receive permission to enter, who agrees to grant them permission if none of them fail their final exams.

  • With the addition of Yazaka Nico, ?'s begins operating as a proper club. The members of ?'s sing and dance to determine a new leader.

  • Someone has uploaded the debut concert of µ's to the internet and their popularity begins to increase. Later on, Hanayo, who's toiling over her own decision to join the group, tries to convince Maki that she should join.

  • "?'s" (Muse) is chosen as the group's name, and Honoka and her friends complete their debut song. Their recognition grows at school, and when their hard work is rewarded by a slight increase in their idol ranking, the three are overjoyed. The first concert of ?'s begins, but...

  • Honoka and her friends decide to form a school idol group to increase the number of their school's prospective students. Their first step is to get the student council president, Ayase Eli on their side.

  • In Tokyo's Chiyoda-ku is the traditional school Otonokizaka High.Second year student Kosaka Honoka discovers the school will be closed in three years. In order to avoid being closed, the school must increase its number of prospective students.

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