My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

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This anime series follows two high school students as they cheerfully offer advice and assistance to their fellow students. This slice-of-life series touches on the typical social and romantic hardships that go along with being a teenager. The series aired for two seasons between 2013 and 2015.

Anime Network
1 Season, 15 Episodes
May 13, 2013
Cast: Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, Nao Tôyama, Melissa Molano
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Full Episode Guide

  • And So, Their Festival Will Never End

  • Thus, His and Her and Her Youth Continues to Be Wrong.

  • Hachiman and Yui check on Yukino. Later, Hachiman shakes things up with the committee when he decides to alter their mindset.

  • And So the Curtain on Each Stage Rises, and the Festival is Festivaling Its Very Best.

  • The Distance Between Them Remains Unchanged as the Festival is Becoming a Carnival.

  • Hachiman becomes restless as summer draws to an end. A Firework Festival opens the door for more teasing and many SNAFUs!

  • Yui recognizes the limo that hit Hachiman and Shizuka readies a bonfire and a "test of courage."

  • Trying to rest during summer vacation, Shizuka constantly calls and text. Komachi breaks the cycle when she Hachiman agrees to take her to Chiba. But before they make it to the station.

  • After their confirmation things are different between Hachiman and Yui, Hachiman revels that he was able to reset his relationship with Yui, while Yui stops attended club meetings. Shizuka informs them that they need to go on a recruitment drive and Yukino knows the perfect person.

  • Hachiman's younger sister, Hikigaya Komachi, was asked to give advice to a fellow classmate, Kawasaki Taishi. Apparently his sister had been acting strange. His older sister, Kawasaki Saki (though Hachiman wasn't aware of this), was in the same class as Hachiman and Yui, so the Service Club decided to help with the issue. They come up with various ways to try to dissuade Saki from her suspicious activities, but...

  • Hachiman questions what it is like having a sister in real life means. While walking her to school she brings up the car accident he was in while saving a dog. At school, he is once again berated by Shizuka on his response to the �Career Observation Application survey�. When he finally makes it to the club room, a mysterious text sets off the clubs next request.

  • Hachiman continues his solitary lifestyle by using his skills to ensure he is left alone during gym and lunch. His routine is broken by the appearance of Saika Tosuka, who has come to him with a request.

  • As Hachiman continues his narrative of his school life, tension rises in the room as Yui attempts to break away from her social group. If that wasn't enough, the club has received a new request from a unique visitor.

  • A loner is tricked into joining the "Services Club", along with a young beautiful and extremely stuck up president.