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Is the Order a Rabbit?, or "Goch?mon wa Usagi Desu ka?," is a 12 episode Japanese anime adaptation of a series of 4 panel comics revolving around Cocoa Hoto and her job as a waitress at the Rabbit House Cafe. After Cocoa moves for the sake of her schooling, she takes up living and working at the cafe, which is owned and operated by the family of her friend Chino Kafu. Curiously, each of the major characters takes their name from a drink or, in the case of Megumi Natsu, a garnish used in many of the cafe drinks served.

Is the Order a Rabbit? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on May 10, 2014.

Where do I stream Is the Order a Rabbit? online? Is the Order a Rabbit? is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Is the Order a Rabbit? on demand at Apple TV online.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on Anime Network
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
May 10, 2014
Cast: Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase, Risa Taneda, Motomu Kiyokawa
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Is the Order a Rabbit? Full Episode Guide

  • Chino unveils her talents as a budding photographer. Later, Cocoa finds a map hidden at Rabbit House, the ensuing treasure hunt takes the girls on an adventure around town.

  • A perfect vacation to a mountain cabin changes into quest for survival?! The girls go fishing, hunt for mushrooms, stargaze, and pull zombie pranks on each other!

  • The ever popular Rize recruits Syaro to help her with her packed club schedule. Later, Cocoa desperately tries to find someone to play outside with her.

  • An ancient rivalry between Rabbit House and Ama Usa An?! Rize and Cocoa "interrogate" Syaro for answers and discover the origin of Chiya's obsession with strange menu items.

  • The new school year begins with high hopes and cute supplies, but Syaro and Cocoa get into a fight, Maya worries about the future, and the girls end up stalking each other!

  • An accidental spill on her uniform sends Cocoa on a soapy, bubbly adventure. Later, the girls debate dinner, and Chino attempts to speak less stiffly with her friends.

  • Mocha continues to effortlessly win all of Cocoa's friends over and claim them as her new "little sisters." How will Mocha react when Cocoa starts to treat her coldly?

  • Cocoa's sister, Mocha, arrives at Rabbit House, and she's ready to cuddle everyone in sight! Against Mocha, does Cocoa stand a chance at keeping her "big sister" status?

  • The high school girls treat Chino, Megu, and Maya to a classy afternoon tea party. In an effort to be more "grown up," the younger girls observe and copy the older girls.

  • Chino, Megu, and Maya have to come up with sketches and a creative dance for a school fine arts project. Will Chino's ballet lessons take her away from Rabbit House?

  • Syaro's being plagued by a ghost... or is she? Later, the girls visit Rize's mansion and find themselves dressed up as maids!

  • It's been a year since Cocoa arrived at Rabbit House, and she wants to send her mom pictures of her friends. If only she could get Chino to pose for a picture!

  • While shopping at a Christmas market, Cocoa and the other girls plan a Christmas party. Then on Christmas Day, Maya, Megu, and Aoyama-san join the gang, and their lively Christmas party begins.

  • While Cocoa is absent from Rabbit House for an overnight study session at Chiya's house, Maya and Megu come to spend the night with Chino. Rize watches Chino, Maya, and Megu as they work in the café and gives them the collective nickname "Chimame."

  • As Chino is walking home, a paper airplane made from manuscript paper flies toward her head. It was thrown by Aoyama Blue Mountain, who says she has quit her job as a novelist, so Chino brings her to Rabbit House.

  • Cocoa and the other girls visit a hot spring pool, where they have underwater breathing contests and teach Rize how to swim. Meanwhile, Chino and Chiya begin a game of chess with something big on the line...

  • Cocoa comes home to find Chino's classmates, Maya and Megu, wearing uniforms and helping out at Rabbit House. Maya and Megu immediately become friends with Cocoa and Lize, but for some reason, watching them makes Chino feel bad.

  • Cocoa says she needs to practice with Chiya for their school's ball sports tournament, but for some reason, she doesn't look happy as she leaves work early. Later, Chino and Lize head to the park to practice badminton, and they're greeted by the sight of Cocoa and Chiya lying on the ground.

  • When Cocoa sees Chino using caff-de-mancy to tell fortunes with coffee, she has Chino teach her how to do it, then tries telling fortunes for Chino, Lize, and Tippy. After that, for some reason, all sorts of bad luck befalls Cocoa...

  • Cocoa and friends are shopping for mugs when they meet Sharo, an underclassman at Lize's school who's also a childhood friend of Chiya's. Later, Chiya is worried that Sharo is working in some shady establishment, so she and the other girls decide to infiltrate Sharo's workplace.

  • On the way to her new school, Cocoa meets a girl in traditional Japanese clothes named Chiya. It turns out Chiya will be attending the same high school as Cocoa, and her hobby is giving original names to the Japanese sweets she makes.

  • Cocoa's first day at the Rabbit House Cafe is great as she becomes friends with Chino and Lize in a heartbeat, while also learning about her new friends' amazing talents.