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Sakura Trick is a 12 episode anime within the lesbian interest genre, classified as a "yuri anime." Over the course of its 12 episodes, Sakura Trick focuses on the romantic interests of two girls, Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, who have been as close as possible since middle school, only to start high school in seats that are as far apart as could be. As the series progresses, other girls are introduced, only to soon find themselves interested in another classmate. By the conclusion of the series, four separate pairings of high school-aged girls make themselves known. Despite all of the pairing off and hooking up, Haruka and Yuu's fellow classmate Yuzu seems totally unaware of the sapphic solicitations at the school.

Sakura Trick is the anime adaptation of the "four panel" comic series of the same name. The series is licensed for distribution throughout North America by way of Sentai Filmworks.

Sakura Trick is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on February 10, 2014.

Sakura Trick is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sakura Trick on demand atGoogle Play, iTunes online.

Friday 1:58 PM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
February 10, 2014
Cast: Yuka Iguchi
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Sakura Trick Full Episode Guide

  • Haruka and the others hold a farewell party at the Sonoda household for Mitsuki and Rina, who have finished their exams. All of them give Mitsuki and Rina presents, letters, homecooked goodies and the like to congratulate them. At some point, just as Haruka and Yuu are cooking alone together, Mitsuki appears and refers to the two of them kissing, and her and Yuu get into a fight over it.

  • Mitsuki, a third year, retires as student council president. It is decided the new president will be the second year student, Otokawa Sumi. Upon hearing "I have a friend who wants to throw a graduation party" from Kaede, Sumi immediately shows up at Haruka and the others' classroom.

  • The rare snowfall puts Haruka in a good mood and she suggests, "Since we don't get this chance often, we should eat outside!" but next to no one gets on board. Haruka goes outside with Shizuku, the only one to agree, and they talk about things like "I want to treasure these three years" and "I want to engrave this sight into my memory."

  • New Years is fast approaching, and Haruka has a nice phone chat with Yu to rejoice. Later, Mitsuki becomes envious of her sister linking arms with Haruka.

  • Haruka is going to participate in a relative's wedding and invites Yuu in her dad's place as he'll be on a business trip. She tells a half-asleep Yuu "Do you want to go to a wedding with me next week?" who misunderstands, gets extremely flustered, and thinks it's the two of them getting married.

  • Haruka and the others come to the culture festival after-party at the heated pool in Kotone's home. Haruka sneaks a kiss in the pool, undergoes a swimming crash course, and has fun with everyone like always when Kotone's little sister Shinobu shows up.

  • In preparation for the culture festival the next day Haruka and the others make progress finishing the costumes for the dramatic reading. But, it doesn't look like they'll finish in time and everyone decides to sleep over at the school.

  • When Yuu dozes off in the classroom, Haruka isn't there when she wakes up. From what she hears from Shizuku, Haruka went with the others to a cafe. Yuu is shocked and becomes sullen, but heads to that cafe with Shizuku and Kotone.

  • Haruka and Yuu are as intimate as ever as it turns to summer, but Yuu has been worried ever since Mitsuki saw her and Haruka post-kiss shortly ago. Mitsuki has been prying into their relationship ever since.

  • Sonoda Mitsuki, Yuu's big sister and acting student council president, become curious what "Takayama Haruka," the girl Yuu keeps bringing up lately, is like. Meanwhile, Haruka and the others are shocked to learn that due to the number of students and costs, a small-scale ball sports tournament will be held instead of a sports festival.

  • Haruka and the others worry about Shizuku, who seems different this morning. Kotone tells them that she's actually staying at Shizuku's place, and that they had a fight the previous day. Though they want to make up, they each have their own complicated feelings and remain stubborn. However, Shizuku speaks to the others. She feels she can't leave things the way they are, resolves herself, and goes to talk to Kotone.

  • Haruka and Yuu are best friends, but when they get to high school their bond is tested and they become something more.