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Takuro Mukojima is a high school boy who enjoys spending his time fishing in the sea. One day he manages to hook a legendary mermaid named Muromi-san who, for better or worse, changes his life forever. Though Takuro would rather spend his time fishing Muromi-san takes him on wild adventures, often encountering mythical creatures and monsters.

Muromi-san acts like a sixteen year old girl but in reality she is far older. All of her friends are also ancient legendary creatures. Some of these creatures include four other mermaids, a yeti, a harpy, and a kappa. Throughout the show Takuro's demeanor is detached and he remains unimpressed by the situation he has found himself in. He wishes the monsters would go away so he can go back to fishing in peace, but because of Muromi-san's unrequited affection for him, he continues to be harassed.

So far this show consists of only thirteen twelve minute episodes, but it is a relatively new show so there is a chance it will be renewed for a second series. It is based on an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Japanese manga artist Keiji Najima.

Kodansha Ltd.
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 6, 2013

Muromi-san Full Episode Guide

  • Muromi wants Takku to relax and enjoy the beginning of the New Year.

  • Fuji turns to the one person who might help her convince Muromi to regrow her tail fins.

  • Takku runs into Otohime selling popsicles, later he runs into Levia-san at a convenience store where an unexpected party breaks out.

  • Ciel gets the chance to meet a unique cast of characters and later Yeti has to call on Takku for help.

  • Youthful pride of Curiosity, how far will Taku go to learn more about the ancient civilizations that tried to defy the gods?

  • Trapped by a gang of deadly sea animals, Muromi has only one chance of survival.

  • While river fishing, Taku can’t escape the salt water Muromi or her legendary friends.

  • After catching an unemployed fish, Muromi tells Takkun about the Ryuuguujou and the evil Otohime.

  • Fuji use to admire Muromi and her gorgeous tail, but the current status of Muromi tail only brings anger.

  • An age old grudge against those belonging to the family of Delphinidaes has left Muromi bitter. Her self-appointed sister, Hii-chan, will try her best to change Muromi’s mind.

  • Muromi wants to be text buddies with Takurou; later Takurou meets one of Muromi’s legendary friends.

  • Takurou has caught the most unusual fish; unfortunately it keeps coming back when he throws it back.