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Hakuoki is a Japanese anime television show. In the series, Chizuru Yukimura's father has gone missing. She travels to Kyoto in search of him. It is in Kyoto that she happens to see a fight between an Oni and a Shinsengumi. The Shinsengumi take Chizuru into custody. While trying to decide her fate, they find out that the doctor they are searching for is also Chizuru's father. They join forces to find her father and encounter many adventures along the way.

The series is directed by Osamu Yamasaki and released by Studio DEEN. The very first episode premiered on April 4, 2010. There are twelve episodes in the first season. Each episode is twenty-four minutes in length. The opening theme song is "Izayoi Namida" by Aika Yoshioka. Mao does the closing theme song, "Kimi no Kioku." The show aired in Japan on TV Kanagawa, Chiba TV, TV Saitama, and KBS Kyoto, among other stations. The series is licensed by Hanabee and Sentai Filmworks.

There is also a second season of the show called Hakuoki: Hekketsuroku. There are multiple manga series based on this season. The third season started airing in the summer of 2012. This season is actually a prequel for the first season and is called Hakuoki: Reimeiroku. Two feature length films are currently scheduled for release in 2013.

The anime is based off of a popular video series of the same name released by Idea Factory. It was originally designed for Playstation 2 and is now available for Playstation Portable, Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS.

Hakuoki is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2012.

Where do I stream Hakuoki online? Hakuoki is available for streaming on IF DF / HAKUOKI PROJECT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hakuoki on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
September 27, 2012
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Hakuoki Full Episode Guide

  • The Shinsengumi battle it out with the imperial forces in their final conflict.

  • After an attempted assassination, Commander Kondou is in critical condition. Kaoru reveals the reason he hates Chizuru.

  • The Shinsengumi try to thwart the plan to assassinate Commander Kondou.

  • Chizuru finally dresses as a girl on a celebratory night out.

  • Chizuru discovers a damning secret about Okita.

  • It is unclear if Sanaan will recover from his horrible reaction to the medicine. While on patrol, Chizuru and the soldiers rescue a girl who looks exactly like Chizuru. The Oni strangers attempt to kidnap Chizuru.

  • The Shinsengumi plan to move to a larger headquarters. Meanwhile, Sanaan continues research on that medicine in a dangerous way.

  • A mysterious stranger arrives and announces an upcoming storm. Many confrontations arise as they race to Mt. Tennozan.

  • A small Shinsengumi squad apprehends the Chousuu conspirators at Ikedaya.

  • Chizuru becomes more familiar with the inner workings of the Shinsengumi society. Following a lead concerning the whereabouts of her father, she ends up running into the Shinsengumi's enemy. This encounter leads to uncovering a plot against Kyoto and the Emperor.

  • Chizuru Yukimura is in Kyota looking for her father, a doctor who's gone missing. When demons called ronin chase her, she is saved by the Shinsengumi. They allow her to live at their headquarters since they are also looking for her father.