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  • TV-MA
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (289)

Heaven's Memo Pad is a 2011 anime series directed by Katsushi Sakurabi. The show is known for its unique mix of genres, blending elements of mystery, drama, comedy, and crime. The protagonist of the show is Narumi Fujishima, a high school student who moves to Tokyo after his parents' divorce. He quickly finds himself drawn into the world of NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training), a group of young people who have chosen to drop out of society.

Narumi's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Alice, a brilliant detective who lives in a ramshackle apartment above a convenience store. Alice is a reclusive girl who rarely leaves her room, but she has a vast network of information sources and uses her skills to solve crimes that the police cannot.

Narumi becomes Alice's assistant, helping her gather information and solve cases. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of characters, including Tetsu, a former gang member who runs the convenience store; Ayaka, a maid who has a crush on Narumi; and Hiro, a computer genius who helps Alice with her investigations.

The cases that Alice and Narumi tackle range from small-scale scams to larger criminal organizations. Alice's vast network of connections means that she has access to information that the police do not, and she uses this to her advantage. She is constantly one step ahead of her opponents, and her unique approach to solving crime often involves unconventional methods.

One of the interesting aspects of Heaven's Memo Pad is the way it explores the psychology of the NEETs. Many of the characters in the show have dropped out of society for various reasons, and the show delves into their reasons for doing so. Some are disillusioned with society, while others have suffered from mental health issues. The portrayal of these characters is sympathetic and nuanced, helping the viewers to understand their perspectives.

Another prominent theme in the show is the idea of identity. The characters are constantly struggling to define themselves, both to others and to themselves. Alice, for example, is a complex character who is constantly negotiating her relationships with others. She is both brilliant and fragile, and her interactions with Narumi and the other characters help to reveal different aspects of her personality.

The animation style of the show is distinctive, using a mix of 2D and 3D animation to create a unique visual style. The art style is detailed and colorful, with a slightly dark and moody tone that reflects the show's themes of mystery and crime.

The voice acting in the show is exceptional, with David Matranga delivering a standout performance as Narumi. He brings a depth and nuance to the character, making him relatable and sympathetic. Brittney Karbowski is also outstanding as Alice, delivering a performance that captures the character's intelligence and vulnerability.

Overall, Heaven's Memo Pad is a refreshing and original anime series that offers a unique blend of genres and compelling characters. Its exploration of the NEET subculture and its themes of identity and psychology make it a thought-provoking show that is well worth watching.

Heaven's Memo Pad is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 30, 2011.

Heaven's Memo Pad
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About You, Me and Her
12. About You, Me and Her
September 24, 2011
The NEET detectives close in on the maker of Angel Fix and go to extremes to get it off the streets. Ayaka remains in a coma.
Fragments of Me
11. Fragments of Me
September 17, 2011
Ayaka jumps off the school roof, and Narumi tries to cope with the fact that she may not recover. He asks Alice to uncover the truth that led to Ayaka's death.
About You
10. About You
September 10, 2011
The NEETs seek to track down the new drug, Angel Fix, and its supplier. Meanwhile, Narumi tries to protect Ayaka from learning the truth about her brother.
That Summer's 21st Ball
9. That Summer's 21st Ball
September 3, 2011
While Narumi and the other NEETs are enjoying an addictive baseball sim at a local arcade, a familiar yakuza member shows up and decides to raise the "rent" on the building, or turn the place into a pachinko parlor.
I Don't Believe in Fate
8. I Don't Believe in Fate
August 27, 2011
With Renji now on the run and the Hirasaka gang going after blood, Narumi decides that the fighting must end.
All I Can Do
7. All I Can Do
August 20, 2011
A shocking past comes to light, one that Renji and Sou (The Fourth) both share, but only one would like to forget.
It Looks Like I'm About to Lose
6. It Looks Like I'm About to Lose
August 13, 2011
The mystery man proves himself to be Renji, a once close friend of The Fourth that, due to certain events, was forced to flee from his home.  Now he's back, and planning to take over the Hirasaka gang for himself.
He Knows Who I Am
5. He Knows Who I Am
August 6, 2011
While out on a case, Narumi runs into a mysterious person, a man from the past whose appearance raises many questions.
A Full Account on Hanamaru's Soup [subtitled]
4. A Full Account on Hanamaru's Soup [subtitled]
October 9, 2012
A customer in dark sunglasses has been acting strangely around Hanamaru. He orders something new each time he comes, but only takes a small bite before leaving. Whenever he shows up, someone breaks in and steals one of Min's chest wraps. It's up to the NEETs and Narumi to catch the criminal and make him pay!
What I Can Do for Those Two
3. What I Can Do for Those Two
July 23, 2011
Since Meo used the phone at Hanamaru's to call her dad's cell, the yakuza know where she is. Some of Mikawa's men go roughen Min and her ramen joint up a bit in an attempt to convince her to hand the Thai girl over, but Min's one tough cookie.
You and the Travel Bag
2. You and the Travel Bag
July 31, 2011
After a strange phone call, Meos father has gone missing. Her only clue is a heavy bag hes entrusted her with. Desperate to find her father, Meo goes to Alice for help.
The Two or Three Things I Know About Her
1. The Two or Three Things I Know About Her
July 30, 2011
Narumis new to Tokyo. One of Narumis classmates, forces him to join her Garden Club. After school she takes him over to a ramen shop, where she introduces him to a group of NEETs that like to help out the NEET detective, Alice.
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Heaven's Memo Pad is available for streaming on the Anime Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Heaven's Memo Pad on demand at Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    July 30, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (289)