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Haikyu!! is an animated television program that follows Shoyo Hinata and the game he loves, volleyball. Haikyu!! is based on the manga by Haruichi Furudate with animation by Production I.G. The opening and end themes are done by Spyair and Nico Touches The Walls. The series starts with Shoyo

Haikyu!! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on May 7, 2014.

Where do I stream Haikyu!! online? Haikyu!! is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Haikyu!! on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

Anime Network
2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
May 7, 2014
Anime, Comedy, Sports
Cast: Satoshi Hino, Toshiki Masuda, Ayumu Murase, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kaito Ishikawa
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Haikyu!! Full Episode Guide

  • Karasuno heads back after the match with Seijoh to regroup before the next day. With amazing support from their peers, the team prepares to fight against Shiratorizawa.

  • Focused on keeping the ball up, both teams are giving everything they've got. Will the necessity for a winner and a loser allow each team to walk away proud of their actions?

  • In the final set against Seijoh, Karasuno struggles against Oikawa' monster serves, yet Mad Dog earns his title, giving Hinata the chance to cause the game' tipping point.

  • As Aoba Johsai picks up the momentum, Karasuno needs a miracle to turn it around. After running away, will Yamaguchi be able to return as a pinch server and save the game?

  • With the addition of "Mad Dog" Kyotani, Aoba Johsai added some unexpected firepower to their team, but also some recklessness. Can Karasuno use that to their advantage?

  • Once more, Karasuno faces one of their toughest rivals, Aoba Johsai. Will the crows' new wings get them soaring high enough to be a match for Oikawa and an unexpected mad dog?

  • With the outcome determining their next opponent, Karasuno watches Aoba Johsai and Date Tech battle it out. Can Karasuno conquer their nerves as they head to face the winner?

  • The entire team is out of whack without their captain. Wakunan's ace has the closest play style to the Little Giant Hinata's ever encountered; can he go head to head with him?

  • As Daichi exits the court, a second year has to push through his self doubt to lead the team in his stead. On top of that, Yamaguchi comes in to serve but gets nervous.

  • Karasuno's first qualifier match is up! The opponent, Johzenji High, displays a playful and lighthearted attitude, but their recklessness may prove to be a problem.

  • As the qualifiers for Nationals approach, everyone's fired up and practicing their hardest, even Tsukishima! With the intensity growing, Kenma and Hinata make a pact.

  • To get through the prelims, Karasuno will have to beat a giant; the opposing team has a member who's extremely tall and continues to get point after point!

  • The fight to Nationals begins! Karasuno takes the court against Ohgi Minami in their first match of the Spring Tournament.

  • With the training camp behind them, all of the teams enjoy a well-deserved barbecue. Hinata finds out the names of those Karasuno has to beat to become the best.

  • Determined to win at least one set in their last match of the camp against Fukurodani, Karasuno will have to work together to show just how much they've grown!

  • The team continues to grow, but Hinata feels like he's the only one failing to do so. In an effort to improve, he asks to train with Fukurodani's ace and setter.

  • Tsukishima used to enjoy volleyball, but something changed in middle school. Yamaguchi attempts to break through Tsukishima's indifference, but will it have an effect?

  • As the team evolves, one player seems to be resistant to change. Tsukishima seems resigned to being overshadowed by Hinata - will he overcome this or stay stagnant?

  • Coach Ukai introduces Hinata to his grandfather - the coach who took Karasuno to Nationals! Kageyama runs into Oikawa, who challenges Kageyama's view of power on the court.

  • During a practice game with Nekoma, Hinata has a tough realization about himself that could either help the team grow, or ruin their entire dynamic.

  • Karasuno is practicing hard! Hinata and Kageyama's competitive spirits haven't died down - they sprint away from the rest of the team and run into an unexpected person.

  • The Miyagi Prefecture Inter-High is now over. Hinata, Kageyama, and the other members of Karasuno have a lot on their minds...

  • In the final set against Seijoh, with the combo play by Hinata and Kageyama, they somehow are able to somehow tie up the score. Despite the pressure, Oikawa is able to bring out the best in Kageyama's former teammate, Kunimi. Seeing this, Kageyama...

  • Coach Ukai makes some tough calls. Yamaguchi receives a chance to prove his serving ability but chokes under the pressure.

  • Once Kageyama gets back in the game, he figures out where everyone should set the ball from and makes sure his team mates knows the strategy.

  • The solid former official setter of Karasuno takes over for Kageyama to give him a chance to get his head together. Sugawara's well-seasoned, researched, and simulated plays start to really mess with Aoba-Johsai causing this match to go either way.

  • The game against Blue Castle continues. Kageyama is gung-ho to show up his haughty upperclassman, but as Oikawa starts his work to whittle down Karasuno, his enthusiasm slowly transforms to bad stress.

  • Oikawa's skills seem to be unmatched after an interview on TV reveals just how good those skill are.

  • Thanks to Hinata and Kageyama's cornerstone "freak quicks," Karasuno is in the lead against Date Tech. But with Aone blocking, Date Tech starts catching up to Karasuno. This is when the ace Azumane must prove his worth. Will Azumane blast through Date's iron wall?

  • The second match of Interhigh preliminaries has begun. Azumane has a history with Date Kogyo, but he is determined to rise to the occasion. Dateko's tactic is to throw their opponent off kilter with their serves - but Karasuno focuses on receives. The wall of Dateko looms high; what will Karasuno do?

  • The much awaited day of Interhigh preliminaries has come. Karasuno's first match is against Tokonami High School. Sawamura battles against a former teammate in junior high, Ikejiri. The tournament is now official; one loss and you're out of the running. It's time for Karasuno's revival. Onward to the battle!

  • Interhigh is coming up next month. The Karasuno volleyball club is pensive, tension rises. They endeavor in training individually and with clearer vision as a team, as they get more inspired. In the meantime, pairings of the preliminaries get announced...

  • Hinata's momentum got thwarted by Nekoma's high-level defense and powers of observations, but he powers through to try quicks without closing his eyes. But his attacks don't go too well. Aided by their teammates, however, Inuoaka and Hinata are a close matchup.

  • The practice match against Nekoma has finally begun. Karasuno, with their ace and libero back in play, battles their opponent with the Hinata-Kageyama duo's fast attacks. But Nekoma finds an unexpected tactic to stop them...

  • The Karasuno Volleyball Club is at training camp, getting ready for the practice-match against Nekoma and for the Inter-High preliminaries. Even while the team's intense training is showing promising results, Keishin is in a quandary: Who will he choose as setter against Nekoma, Kageyama or Sugawara?

  • Hinata wants to be the ace, but soon finds out that there's more to being a great ace than scoring points during their match against the Association Squad.

  • On occasion of the practice-match against Nekoma, Sawamura tries to convince Azumane Asahi to return to the volleyball club. But Asahi refuses because he says he's lost face with Sugawara and Nishinoya. Meanwhile, Keishin, who has deep connections to Nekoma, is told by Takeda about the upcoming practice-match...

  • His term of suspension having been served, second-year Nishinoya, the "guardian god" of Karasuno Volleyball Club shows up to among club-members during practice. On the other hand, Takeda is acutely aware of the need of a coach after the Seijoh match. He tenaciously requests Ukai Keishin, grandson of the illustrious coach Ukai, to coach the team. However...

  • The Hinata-Kageyama combo is back in form again, they won the next set, Karasuno has cornered Seijoh, and they're one step closer to victory. But at that time, Seijoh's captain Oikawa who was out on hiatus visits the court. How does Karasuno respond to super-offensive setter Oikawa's powerful serves?

  • Karasuno High School Volleyball Club has challenged Aoba Johsai High School to a practice match. But even before the match begins, Hinata's anxiety level reaches maximum. And Kageyama has a "reunion" with his ex-teammate Kindaichi, who now attends Aoba Johsai.

  • Kageyama is improving his natural skills as setter, and Hinata has natural speed and spring. When the two of them get synched, their combination brings them victory in the three-on-three match. So they are officially accepted as members of the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club.

  • Hinata and Kageyama have second-year Tanaka on their side of the three-on-three match against first-years Tsukishima and Yamaguchi and third-year team-captain Sawamura. Tsukishima keeps razzing Kageyama, but is a high wall of defense to overcome.

  • Hinata and Kageyama are challenged to a match against fellow first-years, with the aid of second-year Tanaka. While they practice for the match early one morning, Hinata demands Kageyama to give him a toss, to which Kageyama responds: "I don't think you're essential in winning," and refuses to toss him the ball.

  • Before starting high school, Hinata had sworn revenge against Kageyama of Kitagawa Daiichi. But strangely enough he encounters the 'king of the court' again, but this time in the gym of Karasuno High School. Their head-butting is unrelenting and they start their own match, but the third-year captain Sawamura disallows them from participating in the volleyball club until they learn to show team spirit. What now?

  • Shoya is determined to become a giant on the court himself after witnessing Karasuno High's Little Giant dominate on TV.