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Parasyte: The Maxim is a Japanese television show that features a 17 year old named Shinichi Izumi who is your typical Japanese teenager living at home with his parents until extraterrestrial aliens known as "Parasites" invade Japan. These parasites take over the bodies of their victims by slithering up their noses or mouths and taking control of their brains. The story centers around the fact that a parasite attempted to take over Shinichi Izumi. The parasite had to enter through his arm instead. This meant that both Shinichi and the alien parasite have control over his bodily functions and his life.

Parasyte: The Maxim is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2014.

Where do I stream Parasyte: The Maxim online? Parasyte: The Maxim is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Parasyte: The Maxim on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV online.

Thursday 1:29 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 24 Episodes
October 8, 2014
Anime, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Adam Gibbs, Aya Hirano, Brittney Karbowski, Nobunaga Shimazaki
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Parasyte: The Maxim Full Episode Guide

  • After Migi says his final farewell, it seems like Shinichi' life can finally return to normal until an unexpected enemy resurfaces.

  • With Migi no longer at his side, Shinichi attempts to take on Gotou by himself one final time.

  • Motivated by Satomi to stay alive, Shinichi resolves to fight Gotou. With Migi's support, they press their attack in an isolated forest. However, they fail to finish Gotou at a critical juncture, causing Shinichi to lose Migi and flee in defeat.

  • The assault squad succeeds in eliminating Hirokawa, the parasites' leader, but they find themselves in a bind when the ultimate parasite appears. Their failure to eliminate Gotou strikes fear into Shinichi's heart--who will give him the final courage to face Gotou?

  • The joint operation by the police and the strike force to eliminate the group of parasites led by Hirokawa has begun. Yamagishi's unit uses their special sensor system to hunt down the parasites. Amidst the chaos, human victory seems all but confirmed. But the tables are about to be turned by a single parasite...

  • Suspecting Shinichi's connection to the parasite cases, Hirama arranges to have Shinichi meet with Uragami, a convict with a peculiar ability. Although cleared of any suspicion and able to return to his high school life, it isn't long before Hirama appears once more before Shinichi. A government operation to neutralize the parasites with Hirokawa is about to begin...

  • Shinichi and Migi arrive at the park, only to find Tamura holding her child. As Shinichi struggles to quell his fury at the sight of her, Tamura unleashes a flurry of questions about the meaning of the parasites' existence and what humanity means to them.

  • Having determined Tamura to be a threat, Kusano's group moves to eliminate her. Meanwhile, Kuramori moves to avenge his family's death by abducting Tamura's baby. With her baby in his arms, Kuramori faces Tamura and threatens to throw the infant down a steep slope--what will Tamura do?

  • The newest parasite to appear is different from the others. Chatty and expressive, the parasite identifies himself as Miki and immediately makes his move. With Migi asleep, all Shinichi can do is to run and keep running...

  • Though still full of doubt, Kuramori has, for the time being, accepted Shinichi. Soon after, Kuramori's resolve is severely shaken by witnessing a parasite murder a human being. Shinichi is frustrated by the turn of events, but the lull is cut short when a new parasite appears...

  • Shinichi's secret becomes known to Kuramori, the private investigator hired by Tamura. Shinichi tries to confide in Satomi, but his unsuccessful attempt only drives a wedge between them. Shinichi recruits Uda's help to break the impasse.

  • A few days after Kana's death, things seem to be back to normal for Shinichi. Satomi and her friends are perturbed by his seeming indifference, but Shinichi, himself, is grappling with his own sense of disquiet with his unnatural state of mind. Meanwhile, a man begins snooping around about Shinichi...

  • Shinichi finally decides to reveal his darkest secret to Kana in an attempt to protect her from the danger she has unknowingly placed herself in. However, Shinichi's actions have unforeseen consequences that end in tragedy.

  • Kana's interest in Shinichi transforms into full-blown obsession when she discovers that she is able to sense his presence. Little does Kana know that it isn't Shinichi she can sense, but something much, much darker.

  • The confrontation between Yuko and Hideo comes to a gruesome head when Hideo goes on a rampage throughout the school. With Satomi missing, Shinichi must hurry and find her before Hideo can get to her first.

  • The divide between Shinichi and Satomi continues to grow. Shinichi's classmate, Yuko, investigates Hideo and unknowingly stumbles upon a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Ryoko Tamiya, now known as Reiko Tamura, plots behind the scenes

  • Shinichi sets out for revenge and runs into an unexpected ally. Together they team up to take down the Parasyte that brutally attacked Shinichi's family. But when Migi falls asleep, Shinichi is forced to engage the enemy on his own.

  • With Shinichi at the brink of death, Migi takes drastic actions to ensure his host's survival. After a trying recovery, Shinichi learns that his father is still alive and races to his side before the Parasyte that attacked his mother strikes again.

  • A violent confrontation with a gang brings Shinichi face-to-face with a girl named Kana, who begins to take an interest in him. Shinichi's parents continue their vacation, but their trip is cut short by an unexpected attack.

  • With the number of murders growing by the day, a new Parasyte appears at Shinichi's school, posing as the substitute teacher Ryoko Tamiya. Shinichi must learn if she is friend or foe before his classmates are put in danger.

  • On a quiet night, unsuspecting high school student Shinichi Izumi is attacked by an alien creature that burrows deep into his right arm. The next morning, Shinichi comes to learn that this being, known as a Parasyte, is now a part of him.