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The television series entitled Squid Girl is about a young girl who originates from the seas and comes to land for a mission. Squid Girl leaves the seas and decides to come and destroy the whole of mankind. She is called Squid Girl because she has some fully developed tentacles on her head which look exactly like those of a squid. In addition to that, she also has other characteristics of a squid. For instance she glows in the sun, she changes her body weight to adjust her tentacles to suit any situation at hand. She wears a mysterious hat which she considers to be a protective covering over her head and tentacles. She knows that if anybody removes the hat from her head she will eventually die. She feeds on shrimps and is scared of whales. Squid Girl is not happy with humanity because she considers them the major polluters of the ocean. She says mankind deposits all its wastes in the seas and oceans and pollutes them without considering the fact that there are living creatures in those seas.

She designs her program on how to attack, and decides her first step is to build her base at the beach. She chooses the lemon house owned by Aizawa siblings. She quietly goes to the house to monitor their activities. Unfortunately she breaks one of their walls and they ask her to repair it. Since she has no money on her, she is forced to offer her services as a maiden in exchange for the repair of the wall. She gladly offers her services while staying in the beach house and gradually plans her next move. She realizes she has to learn many things on how to live on land. She starts learning from the Aizawa siblings as well as from other people who come to the beach house every day.

The Aizawa sisters include Eiko who is the manager of the beach house, Chizuru the cook and Takeru.

Squid Girl is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on February 25, 2021.

Where do I stream Squid Girl online? Squid Girl is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Squid Girl on demand at Vudu online.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 34 Episodes
February 25, 2021
Cast: Hisako Kanemoto, Rie Tanaka, Alice Beaver, Christine Marie Cabanos
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Squid Girl Full Episode Guide

  • Squid Girl decides that the Lemon should test their defenses against other invaders. But little do they know Squid Girl has other plans for this mock invasion...A fight breaks out between Squid Girl and Eiko and this time things aren't patching up as quickly. With the tension in the air Chizuru closes the restaurant early so the group can go to the local Festival. Will Squid Girl go back to the sea or will a mysterious visitor be the key.

  • The Aizawa family and Squid Girl sit down to a Korean barbeque dinner. Eiko fights to win a piece of beef from Squid Girl and Chizuru's speedy hands and tentacles.Ayumi is being hit on by a few guys in front of the Lemon when Eiko saves her. Ayumi asks Eiko to teach her how to protect herself.On an insanely hot summer day, the three stooges show up at the Lemon with their latest gadget which cools the building. Being unable to attract customers with the coolness, they decide to up the power...

  • Squid Girl is the dad, Eiko is the mom, Sane is the other woman, and Kiyomi is the other other woman who is pregnant… This is getting weird. When Chizuru and Eiko give Squid Girl a bag and planner, she turns to Kiyomi to how use them. This will be Squid Girls first time at the amusement park and the last time.

  • There has been a series of robberies around the neighborhood. Squid Girl has been left alone to watch the house. She realizes being alone can be boring, but that's ok, Chizuru's dad has come to visit! Shrimp is Squid Girls one weakness. She is determined to quit, but it won't be that easy. Squid Girl is first aid booth suffering from heat stroke. Everything is fine until the lifeguards bring in… Sanae?! Squid Girl is unable to move and at the mercy of her biggest admirer.

  • The owner of Minamikaze has invited the girls of Lemon to his home, once there the mood changes drastically. How can the girls escape? Squid Girl is suffering from amnesia and everybody is trying to convince her she is an alien, girlfriend, or sister, but what about invader? The Invasion Club has been formed, join and watch how they systematically invade the city.

  • Everybody is out for a jog when they run into Goro. He takes this opportunity to spend time with Chizuru while Takeru and Eiko show Squid Girl around the city. Sanae has become a bodyguard to Squid Girl. Is this a new ruse to get closer? What trouble will Mini-Squid Girl get into now?

  • Squid Girl has to pay the price for breaking Takeru's new toy. Everybody is prepping their wishes for Tanabata and Squid Girl can't pick just one. All of Takeru's friends are busy and he doesn't know what to do. That's when 'Play Alone Squidmeister' teaches him the ropes.

  • Takeru was stopped by a foreigner and couldn't respond. It is up to Cindy to teach him English. Squid Girl won't miss this moment to invade English. Squid Girl has learned about tickling and out on the prowl to find victims. It's time for a boat ride with "Black Tiger"

  • Alex is disgruntled by seeing Sanae being overly happy about Squid Girl's visit that day. When she finally arrives, he bites her in the leg.Seeing that, Eiko suggests that Squid Girl takes Alex on a walk.One morning, when Squid Girl is taking a walk on the beach, she sees kids gathering and moving synchronized to strange music. Convinced that it must be some sort of ritual or brainwashing, she can't getthe movements out of her head. When Gorou sees with what kind of ease Squid Girl retrieves Takeru's ball that was washed away by the tides, he asks her if she wants to become a life saver.

  • One day, when Squid Girl is playing games as usual, Eiko derides her as being a "half-assed" invader.This reminds Squid Girl of her plans of conquering the surface world and sets about to reboot her plans.However, she suddenly grows wary of the actions of the people around her and...!?Squid Girl is busily working at the Lemon.On this day, Kiyomi decides to visit her. As Squid Girl hasn't seen her in a while, she's quite happy about this.Unfortunately, Sanae arrives at the same time and sees how Squid Girl and Kiyomi are having a chat that's too friendly for her tastes.Because of an explosion in the jellyfish population, Gorou and Squid Girl end up betting who can catch more.But Chizuru turns the whole thing into a competition open to all.Squid Girl wanted to win with a huge margin, but her overambitious nature causes her to get stung by the jellyfish instead.

  • Squid Girl and Eiko pair up to join the beach volleyball tournament. With sights set on the grand prize of a 3D TV, the usual faces stand in their way: Sanae and Cindy, Gorou and Isozaki, Nagisa and Kiyomi. Even the owner of the South Wind and the Idiots Three enter as the matches become chaotic!Squid Girl's tentacles stop working. Various treatments to restore them are unsuccessful and Squid Girl is at a loss. Finding the flapping things on her head also won't move and even her ink is weak, Squid Girl makes the decision to...With no prospect of restoring her tentacles, Squid Girl has lost both her invader self and her pride as a squid. Suddenly before her appears...?

  • On a rainy day, Squid Girl exhibits a talent for art, though the depictions of her friends are somewhat scary.

  • While trying to avoid Chizuru's wrath after a failed prank, Squid Girl ends up making friends with a schoolgirl named Kiyomi Sakura.

  • Squid Girl gets a fever, which she believes to be a special squid disease revolving around a craving for shrimp, so Eiko tries to help her stay off shrimp until she gets better.

  • Squid Girl falls ill and she collapses. Because she has been living the same life as a human, the people at the Lemon diagnose her with summer fatigue. They apply counter-measures to summer fatigue, but she shows no signs of getting better. Squid Girl tells Eiko the name of the disease which has her bedridden with a high fever. It is a mysterious disease that doesn't exist in the human world. If you catch that disease, Shrimp become...Squid Girl realizes that the fin-shaped attachments on her head flap after Takeru points it out. The members of the Lemon put their heads together to figure out the hidden ability in the seemingly meaningless flapping. Is it for attacking, for communication underwater, or to fly through the air? While they are still thinking...Squid Girl shows an interest in a plastic umbrella she borrowed as she goes shopping with Eiko in the rain. Its form resembles having a barrier function to block the raindrops. Squid Girl has an unusual fondness for the umbrella and gets carried away as she waves it around and scatters water everywhere. However, a highly functional umbrella catches her attention!?

  • Concerned about any evil plans Squid Girl may have, Nagisa decides to sleep over at the Aizawas to keep watch on her. Nagisa pretends to be unafraid of Squid Girl, which upsets Squid Girl.

  • Nagisa is invited to the Aizawa house for dinner and her welcome party, but Squid Girl is there. As Nagisa trembles in fear, Squid Girl talks about a plan to take over the Aizawa house. In order to prevent the execution of this plan, Nagisa decides to stay overnight and monitor Squid Girl. After a peaceful dinner, when everyone has gone to sleep, Squid Girl makes her wiggly move!Squid Girl is taken by Cindy's smooth talk and promises to go to the laboratory in exchange for Cindy becoming her loyal servant. With no choice, Squid Girl goes to the lab where three other researchers are waiting for her. They are very enthusiastic about alien research and frequently invent many extremely dangerous devices!Eiko saves the person inside the fake Squid Girl suit from a guy hitting on her. She begins working at the Lemon just to give it a shot, but the place ends up overflowing with guys there for the eye candy. The owner of the South Wind shows up at the Lemon during this and borrows Squid Girl as a replacement. Squid Girl doesn't like it, but she is forcefully taken to the South Wind...

  • A show is performed on the beach for the kids, though the performers run into a bit of trouble when Squid Girl somehow manages to get everyone to cheer for the villain.

  • #1Squid Girl is passing by a hero show and decides to observe the show with the excited children. After the Black Tights attack the children, in the usual plot twist, the hero known as the Noh Mask Rider appears. The strange looking hero causes Squid Girl to fall over laughing, but when the boss, the Squid Demon appears, her expression does an about-face! #2Squid Girl gives the answer to a math problem Eiko was agonizing over from behind her. Eiko suspects she somehow cheated, but she correctly answers all the additional problems she is given. Unable to accept this, Eiko gives her the ultimate obstacle of a college entrance exam problem. Squid Girl writes down a number of formulas...#3Nagisa is swallowed by a giant wave while surfing and is saved by Goro. The next day, Goro comes to the Lemon where Nagisa is able to thank him again for saving her, but...

  • A woman named Cindy Campbell who comes from a research laboratory believes Squid Girl to be an extraterrestrial alien and wants to take her back to her lab.

  • Cindy, the bikini-clad beauty with streaming blond hair, is here from America to get information on alien sightings. Seeing Squid Girl, Cindy decides she is an alien and tries to take her back to the laboratory. Squid Girl resists and uses her tentacles and squid ink to try and prove she is a squid, but this is evidence of an alien to Cindy and ends up only further convincing her!? Eiko is heading to high school for a school day during summer break causing Squid Girl to be very interested in what kind of place "school" is. Worried about a disruption, Eiko makes it clear to Squid Girl that she is to be at the Lemon before departing, but she spots Squid Girl at school! Investigating the chemistry lab, the home-ec room, and the gym storehouse, Squid Girl is convinced "school" is a human army base!Eiko is taking a stroll on the beach when she hears something crying. Looking at the water's edge, she finds a small creature struggling inside of a bottle. Eiko takes the bottle and the small creature inside of it home...

  • When Squid Girl finds a lost wallet, the owner rewards her with 10,000 yen, which she spends on frozen shrimp. When the TV in the beach house breaks down, Squid Girl is invited to sleep over at the Aizawa household.

  • The gang take Squid Girl, who had never heard of ghosts before, on a test of courage at the local cemetery; but she ends up scaring everyone with her ability to emit light.

  • 1: Squid Girl watches a TV special on ghosts but isn't frightened at all. The gang decides to show her some real ghosts to finally get her scared, but things don't go quite as planned...2: Takeru and Squid Girl are swimming in the ocean when they come across her natural sworn enemy, the orca. However appearances can be deceiving...3: Nagisa joins as a new part time worker at Lemon House at the Sea. She is super excited about being able to be near the beach, as her passion is surfing, but she becomes terrified of Squid Girl's appearance...

  • When her tentacles cramp, Squid Girl is saved from drowning by the lifeguard Goro.Hearing the lifeguard's job is to protect the sea, Squid Girl feels a sense of comradery. However, in reality his job is different from what Squid Girl, who plans to subdue humanity, imagines.Screwing with his work), an opportunity for her planned revenge on the Goro appears before her, but... 2:Squid Girl, having taken interest in some humans celebrating a birthday party, sets her own birthday and demands that they hold a party for her. Chizuru graciously decides to hold the party immediately and begins to prepare with the other members of the Lemon. But when Squid Girl sees this, she...?3: Eiko's classmate, Sanae, brings her dog Alex to play at the Lemon. Being jealous of how Eiko dotes on Alex, Squid Girl demands the same treatment, (but is unintentionally handled with like an actual dog) by Chizuru. Seeing this, Sanae invites Squid Girl to her house. However...

  • Angered by the pollution in the seas, a Squid Girl comes from the sea and declares war on the earth.

  • 1)The Aizawa sisters run the business at the sea "Lemon" where they serve beach goers.During their busiest hour, a strange girl appears before the younger sister Eiko.A hat with three points, wavy, water-colored hair, and a white one-piece suit.She calls herself Squid Girl and claims to be a messenger from the sea who's come to subdue humanity.When Eiko tries to dismiss her ludicruous speech, she unleashes the wrath of Squid Girl.2)Squid Girl is stuck working for the house at the sea "Lemon".Being worked so hard, she feels down when a shadow creeps up on her.When she tries to run from that shadow, her tentacles are grabbed.When she turns around, she sees a boy's face, full of curiosity.3)Due to the rain, the Lemon is deserted.Because of the chill, Squid Girl sneezes and covers the older sister Chizuru in a black liquid.When Chizuru licks this liquid...She realizes it's tasty tasty squid ink.When Squid Girl finds out that humans eat spaghetti mixed with squid ink...