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The television series entitled So, I Can't Play H is a TV series based on a Japanese novel series that was created and written by Pan Tachibana. However, the artist known as Yoshiaki Katsurai illustrated the novel. The television series and the novel revolve around a boy named Ryosuke Kaga. Like most high school boys, hormones can make anyone that age perverted. In the story however, Ryosuke Kaga makes a contract with a cute and beautiful Grim Reaper named Lisa Restall. The Lisa makes an agreement in exchange for Ryosuke's perverted spirit.

The television series composed of only 12 Volumes. Feel is the company responsible for adopting it to the TV screens. The series was mainly aired in AT-X in Japan. However, some other lesser-known networks are also airing the series. The anime film did reach North America and it was licensed to Setai Filmworks.

The basic plot of the television series starts with Ryosuke Kaga. He is a high school student studying at Momozomo Academy. He has a unique spirit since it is considered as a Perverted Spirit by Grim Reapers. One day, Ryosuke meets a cute girl standing alone in the rain. Little does he know at the time that it was an elite Grim Reaper named Lisara Restall.

Lisara Restall is reaper that is visiting the human world since she has a mission to find a person known as the The Singular Man. However, Lisa needs an energy source in order to stay in the world of humans. That is why an agreement was made between Ryosuke and Lisa so that Lisa may suck out the perverted spirit from Ryosuke so she can continue to do her activities in the human world. Ryosuke is then forced to help Lisa in completing her mission so that he can preserve his life.

Some other characters are also worth mentioning like Mina Okura. Mina is a childhood friend of Ryosuke. She knows about Ryosuke's perversion, and she is ok with it. An interesting point since Mina has a big bust. She also learned about Lisa and Ryosuke's agreement and she is fine with it.

Another character is named Quele Sellier. She is also a Grim Reaper and a distant cousin of Lisara. Quele made a contract to with Mina to make her as an energy source.

Anime Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 6, 2012
So I Can't Play H

So I Can't Play H Full Episode Guide

  • Ryousuke picked death, but the ladies that love him refuse to let him go. The group gets one final chance to save him thanks to an e-mail.

  • The only way to save Ryousuke is to make him fall in love with Mina. But someone is greatly against the idea.

  • Ryousuke is awake, he is home with friends, and everything is great. But why does everything feel so off?

  • Galdarblog and Ryousuke finally get a chance to clash swords; each strike puts one closer to their goal.

  • With Ryousuke still limp from the previous fight, Quele attempts to heal him. Lisara sets out to rally the Restall army with information provided by Iria.

  • Ryousuke's rush to rescue Mina has put everyone in danger. The situation begins to overwhelm him and while he is physically able, his deteriorating mental state hinders him.

  • Ryousuke rush to rescue Mina has put everyone in danger. The reality of the situation is setting in and while physically ok, he is mentally unable to raise his perv power.

  • The truth behind Ryousuke having the sword is revealed and it takes a Mother to do it.

  • Mina and Quele follow Ryousuke around as he expands his dictionary. Mina's admiration for Ryou is starting to become infectious.

  • Fukumune Iria is back and she has joined Ryousuke and Lisara's class. She wants to find that special person before Lisara does and will do anything.

  • There are 8 special individuals at the school with unique skills. Lisara needs to test their powers, but the 1st one proves to be a big challenge.