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Snow White with the Red Hair is a fantasy romance Japanese anime. This anime, based on a Japanese manga, follows the life of a young girl named Shirayuki. Shirayuki, whose name translates to white snow, is a beautiful, young herbalist who gets noticed by the prince of her country. He wants her to be his concubine, but she does not. So Shirayuki cuts her hair and escapes to the neighboring kingdom and there begins her story.

While escaping Shirayuki meets Zen, the second prince of the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. He helps her and soon they become friends. He allows her access to the court and opportunities she's never had before. In the kingdom of Clarines Shirayuki pursues her dreams.

This anime series shows the daily life and growth of Shirayuki. She becomes an apprentice court physician, develops a closer relationship to Zen, saves a species of birds, and falls in love.

Snow White with the Red Hair is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 2015.

Where do I stream Snow White with the Red Hair online? Snow White with the Red Hair is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Snow White with the Red Hair on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
July 7, 2015
Cast: Saori Hayami, Ryôta Ôsaka, Yuichiro Umehara, Kaori Nazuka
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Snow White with the Red Hair Full Episode Guide

  • A message from Tanbarun causes Shirayuki to think again about her future with Zen.

  • Mitsuhide has an accident with a concoction in the medical wing which causes him to behave strangely.

  • Shirayuki and Zen are back in Clarines, but Zen is forced to have a marriage interview.

  • On their way back to Tanbarun, Shirayuki and the others are caught in the rain and stop at an inn, where they meet a mysterious woman...

  • Shirayuki and the others visit the village of the Lions of the Mountain, where they have a party to celebrate their victory.

  • Shirayuki and Kazuki are having a tough time on the ship as the princes and their entourage come up with a plan for rescuing them.

  • Shirayuki was kidnapped on the night of the ball in Tanbarun, and now Raj and Zen must join forces to save her.

  • As Shirayuki and Raj continue to explore their relationship, new developments unfold in the hunt for Kazuki in Tanbarun.

  • Shirayuki and Raj try to get over their awkwardness with each other in Tanbarun while Zen attends to his duties in Clarines.

  • As Shirayuki gets ready to leave for Tanbarun, Zen and the others search for the mysterious youth, Kazuki.

  • Shirayuki's busy cleaning up the medical wing when Mihaya pays a visit to the castle, and she gets an unexpected invitation from Tanbarun.

  • On their way back to Tanbarun, Shirayuki and the others are caught in the rain and stop at an inn, where they meet a mysterious woman...

  • It's Open Castle Day, when the public is allowed into a corner of the castle, and Shirayuki and the others join in the festivities.

  • After Zen and Shirayuki's encounter at the watchtower, Shirayuki discovers feelings that she didn't know she had.

  • While at work in the castle, Shirayuki makes friends with a girl named Kiharu and her bird Popo. Can Shirayuki help save Popo's family?

  • Shirayuki's still a little drunk, but with Obi keeping an eye on her, there's no need to worry...

  • Zen assigns Obi to be Shirayuki's bodyguard and thinks back to when Mitsuhide first came to be his attendant.

  • Zen tells Shirayuki a story from his past about Izana as Shirayuki deals with having the eyes of the court on her.

  • Izana is back at the castle, and summons Shirayuki. What does Izana want with her?

  • The soldiers at Fort Laxdo have come down with a strange illness, and Shirayuki helps Zen and the others find the cause.

  • It's time for the exam to become an apprentice court herbalist. Will Shirayuki finally be able to enter the castle in her own right?

  • Shirayuki goes to a mountain in search of medicinal herbs and has a run-in with a dangerous stranger. Will she be able to escape his clutches?

  • Prince Raj wants to make Shirayuki his concubine so she leaves her home in Tanbarun and ends up with a fateful encounter.