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Moon Phase is a fantasy anime series that follows the relationship between a vampire and a photographer. Kouhei Morioka is a photographer working freelance. He is sent to Germany on assignment for his cousin's supernatural magazine. In a castle called "Schwarz Quelle", he meets the fourteen year old vampire girl Hazuki who feeds on his blood to bind him as her unwilling servant. What Hazuki doesn't know is that Kouhei is immune to the slave's binding-- a special sort of person called "ama lamia", or "vampire lover". Kouhei and his cousin free Hazuki, and travel together to live in his grandfather's house in Japan. There, we meet Kouhei's family and friends as well as some of Hazuki's family who try to retrieve her.

Hazuki's secondary personality is Luna. Luna was placed in Hazuki's mind by her father, who wanted to keep Hazuki confined to the castle Schwarz Quelle. Luna is calculating and cold, much like a typical vampire. Luna can only come forth during a full moon and through the use of a special pendant. Luna and Hazuki can communicate telepathically in times of stress, and Luna can even force a take over of Hazuki's body.

Hazuki and Kouhei are seen as dangerous threats to the status quo by other vampires, and Hazuki's family tries to return her to the castle. Unlike her vampire family, Hazuki can survive in sunlight-- a gift much envied by other vampires. Later, Kouhei discovers he posses formidable spiritual powers. His parents suppressed them when he was a child because they wanted to help him have a normal life.

Kouhei and Hazuki become fond of each other. While at first they bickered, they eventually develop a strong bond. They are protective of each other and even begin to think of the other as a sibling.

Moon Phase is a romantic comedy anime featuring supernatural elements and some combat scenes. The series aired in Japan from 2004 through 2005, with a special episode airing in 2006. Moon Phase was dubbed and released in the United States by Funimation.

Moon Phase is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Moon Phase online? Moon Phase is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Moon Phase on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
Cast: Chiwa Saitô, Hiroshi Kamiya, Monica Rial, Jason Liebrecht
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Moon Phase Full Episode Guide

  • Hazuki saved and the vampires banished, life for the Mido family is resuming its normal pace once more – or as normal as it never was! With the old house rebuilt, Ryuuhei welcomes friends and family to celebrate…

  • The castle which had been her cage for so long appears, summoned by Hazuki's acceptance of her fate – to return to her imprisonment and her life as the unfeeling, uncaring Mistress Luna.

  • Forbidden from killing her sister Luna, Mistress Arte decides to kill the cherished servant instead. Yet the Mido family hides its own share of dark secrets, for the truth behind Kouhei's lack of psychic prowess is revealed.

  • Hazuki and Hikaru rush unheeding into the arms of the enemy. As they seek to escape from the elephant-headed Vargas, Yayoi and Seiji hurry to their aid.

  • Kouhei continues with his training, driven by the memory of Gramp's sacrifice. But when the masked defender of the mountain steps in with a test of his own, Kouhei's fall from grace is… well, less than graceful.

  • As Hiromi ponders the fate that has befallen her friends, Kaoru seeks to capture her betrothed's attention. Meanwhile, Master Yayoi confronts a mysterious trio of vampires roaming in the night.

  • Eight months have passed since Hazuki has been in hiding at the Mido family shrine. Meanwhile, Kouhei has been undergoing intense training in the mystical arts.

  • Count Kinkel may lie dead, but a beast of an entirely different breed has reared its head. Hazuki, haunted by the blood on her hands and a voice from the past, has the entire Mido household concerned by her odd behavior.

  • Count Kinkel is a daywalker!!! With Kouhei at the Count's mercy, Hazuki steps towards the sunlight, bartering her life for her servant's.

  • Hiromi and Gramps have both been caught up in the Count's tangled web, and the invitation is sent. Despite certain failure, Kouhei, Seiji and Hazuki must set aside their fears and travel to the little vampire's childhood home.

  • With both Kouhei and Ryuuhei on the mend, the Mido household is looking forward to some well-deserved recuperation. But a convenient 'accident' leaves the young cousins Hikaru and Kaoru stranded in Tokyo.

  • Kouhei lies in the hospital, left on death’s door by recent events. As his family waits with baited breath, Hazuki agonizes over her attempt to kill him.

  • With Hazuki trapped in enchanted slumber, Count Kinkel awaits the awakening of Mistress Luna. His servant no longer, Elfriede plots her Master’s destruction.

  • The mysterious Count Kinkel has abandoned the confines of his castle and come to Japan in search of Mistress Luna. Deception flies thick in the night as false hope draws Hazuki out of Mido family protection.

  • Hazuki's testing out her vampire powers, and she finds Kouhei's friend Hiromi to be easy prey.

  • ouhei and his family take Hazuki and Haiji to Kyoto, to visit the Mido family home and seek mystical assistance.

  • A servant of the fearsome Count Kinkel, Elfriede has come to retrieve Hazuki and return her to the castle. But the little vampire is less than agreeable, and a fierce and furry battle begins.

  • Kouhei and his family welcome the young vampire and her newfound feline friend, Haiji, into the household, the only stipulation being that Hazuki must wear the cute little cat ears at all times.

  • As Kouhei learns more about his adopted sibling, Hazuki’s memories awaken misplaced resentment.

  • Unable to master Kouhei with her vampire wiles, Hazuki changes tactics, convincing the photographer to help gain her freedom with pleading and tears.

  • When Kouhei fails to capture a hauntingly beautiful young girl on camera while on assignment in Germany, he knows there must be an explanation.