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Diabolik Lovers begins with a young herione named Komori Yui. Yui is a high school student in her sophomore year. Yui's father is a priest and tends to move around quite a bit for his work. Due to Yui's father's profession, she is forced to relocated to a new town all alone and arrives in a mansion, which serves as her new home.

Once Yui heads inside the mansion, she sees nobody around. She then decides to look around and explores the mansion until she discovers a young man lying on a sofa. As soon as she notices him, she starts to panic, as she notices five other men appear out of nowhere.

Yui then discovers that each of them are brothers who were born from three different mothers. Yui also notices that these six men don't seem to be human, so she fears that these young men might be vampires.

Diabolik Lovers is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 2013.

Where do I stream Diabolik Lovers online? Diabolik Lovers is available for streaming on AT-X, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Diabolik Lovers on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

Monday 5:30 PM et/pt on AT-X
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 13, 2013
Anime Romance Fantasy
Cast: Bryson Baugus
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Diabolik Lovers Full Episode Guide

  • The struggle between Yui and Cordelia for control over the body comes to a head. The boys hatch a plan to get rid of Cordelia for good.

  • A fight breaks out between the boys and Richter, and while Ayato problaims Yui to be his, Richter brandishes a knife...

  • Cordelia and Richter are reunited once again. Ayato demands to know what has happened to Yui.

  • Amid Yui's growing concern for her safety, the boys uncle appears, and shows her the reason she has stayed alive this long.

  • Yui seeks out Shu to ask him about the sudden chest pains she is experiencing, but instead she learns more about her later father.

  • Yui asks the triplets about the woman in the purple dress who she spotted in the garden, and learns the grusome truth about what befell their mother. Yui runs out of the house in horror and collapses sobbing in the garden, only to be approached by Subaru, who demands she keep her distance from him, or else. Yui spends a sleepless night in her chamber, made less restful by the arrival of an unwanted guest.

  • A mysterious woman gives Yui a chance to look into the past, when Ayato and his brothers were young boys.

  • Yui continues to struggle adjusting to life with the vampire brethren. Subaru grants her desire to flee, but something is keeping her there...

  • More information is revealed to Yui about the brothers' past, even as she endures her life's blood being drained by two of them.

  • Yui, still intent on escaping the horrors of the mansion, learns a shocking truth from one of her oppressors.

  • After being told to behave or face certain doom, Yui is coerced by Ayato to skip class, and she submits to his every whim.

  • A girl finds herself in a house full of bloodthirsty vampires. Unable to escape and with traditional anti-vampire weapons being useless, she becomes lost within the labyrinth of hallways.