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  • TV-PG
  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (7,603)

The God of High School is an anime television series that follows a young boy named Jin Mori. A martial artist with unparalleled skills, Jin Mori's dream is to become the strongest fighter in the world. To do so, he enters a fighting tournament called The God of High School. Little did he know, this fight is about more than just power and strength, as he gets drawn into a world of intrigue and ancient martial arts that could spell the end of the world.

The anime series was inspired by a popular Korean webcomic of the same name. Produced by MAPPA and directed by Sunghoo Park, The God of High School aired in Japan in July 2020 and has quickly gained widespread popularity. The series boasts impressive animation, dynamic fight scenes, and a variety of diverse characters that make for an engaging watch.

The voice cast for the English dub includes Robbie Daymond as Jin Mori, Tara Sands as Han Dae-Wi, and Landon McDonald as Yu Mira. Each of the voice actors brings a unique energy and authenticity to their respective characters, making the dialogue and performances feel natural and engaging.

The God of High School follows the journey of Jin Mori as he competes in The God of High School tournament. The tournament is a martial arts competition that pits high school students from all over South Korea against each other in battles that are fought with real strength and power. The winner of the competition is granted any wish they desire.

Jin Mori makes friends with Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mira, two fighters who also have their own personal reasons for participating in the tournament. As they make their way through the tournament, they meet a variety of other fighters, each with their own unique fighting styles and motivations.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that the tournament is just the tip of the iceberg. There are mysterious forces at work behind the scenes, and Jin Mori and his friends are caught up in a larger conflict that involves ancient gods and a fate that could spell doom for the entire world. Jin Mori's ultimate goal of becoming the strongest fighter in the world takes a backseat as he realizes that his skills may be needed for a higher purpose.

Overall, The God of High School is an anime series that is sure to captivate fans of martial arts, action, and fantasy. With vibrant animation and engaging characters, the show is a thrilling watch from start to finish.

The God of High School is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 6, 2020.

The God of High School
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September 28, 2020
The god that appeared over the arena has been shot down by Jaesan's technique. Mori and the rest have fallen into a huge cave, where they battle against Jegal, who has transformed into a god after absorbing the Key. Mori, Daewi, and Mira face him together, but their attacks don't even reach him, and Daewi is severely wounded protecting Mori from Jegal's vicious onslaught. As the situation grows desperate, a memory that had remained dormant in Mori's mind all this time reawakens...
September 21, 2020
Ilpyo mercilessly beats down Jegal. Just as he's about to deal the finishing blow, Ilpyo sprouts tentacles and ensnares him. With the charyeok Greed, Jegal unleashes the charyeok powers of the others he's absorbed and turns their incredible powers upon Ilpyo. As their battle rages, something changes in the sky over the arena, and it is soon filled with a sword-wielding God and his many followers...
11. lay/key
September 14, 2020
In his battle with Mori, Ilpyo unleashes the charyeok Nine-Tails and awakens as the Key. Mori uses his Blue Dragon Tempest, but Ilpyo stops it easily. The difference in strength between them seems clear, but then, energy suddenly surges forth from Mori's body...
10. oath/meaning
September 7, 2020
When he learns of Nox's existence and their role in Jin Taiejin's confinement, Mori swears to win the tournament and save him. But his opponent, Ilpyo, also has a good reason why he can't afford to lose. Four years ago, Seungah's sister and Ilpyo's cousin, Seungyeon, had her leg broken by Jegal and had to give up martial arts for good, and Ilpyo has made up his mind to become cold-hearted for her sake. Meanwhile, Paylong, whose attack on Mori failed, is eliminated... as Jegal wears a cruel smile.
9. curse/cornered
August 31, 2020
After learning that his grandfather, Jin Taejin, has been confined, Mori rushes to set him free. Daewi and Mira await his arrival at the tournament with no idea what's going on. With Mori missing and Daewi suspended, Mira is forced to kick of the team match alone. She struggles against her opponent, Marin, who evades her attacks and counters with her own sword. When he calls it a National Treasure, it begins to glow white, and its true form is revealed...
8. close/friend
August 24, 2020
The team led by Park Ilpyo, one of the participants considered a top Key candidate, faces the team led by Gwim Gi. Gwim Gi calls upon his charyeok, Jack the Ripper, but Ilpyo uses his antiquated taekkyon fighting style rather than relying on charyeok. Meanwhile, Daewi is suspended from the competition after interfering in a match and hitting Jugok. Mira scolds him, but Mori seems distracted. Something he sees on Ilpyo's back looks familiar...
7. anima/force
August 17, 2020
In the first match of the national tournament, Mori loses his team's opening bout by applying a pressure point he learned from Bongchim of The Six, which renders him immobile. The second bout pits Daewi the tournament's oldest competitor, 38-year-old Jin Pum Kwang, who overwhelms Daewi with powerful attacks acquired through years of hard physical labor. Meanwhile, Commissioner Q is attacked by Drake, a member of Nox, and seriously injured. Q ends up removing his limiter so he can call upon the power of the gods, and the charyeok Joker materializes!
6. fear/SIX
August 10, 2020
The national God of High School tournament will be a team battle between teams formed from the top three participants in each regional preliminary. Mira wins the battle for third place, meaning she will compete in the nationals with Mori and Daewi. Mujin explains to the other administrators that this is all part of the search for the one with the potential to be the "Key." At the same time, Mujin puts out a call to The Six, a group of extraordinarily powerful fighters, in order to deal with Nox, another organization searching for the Key.
5. ronde/hound
August 3, 2020
Daewi shows no mercy in his fight against Mira with the goal of getting the money to help his friend, Woo Seungtae, who suffers from an incurable disease. Mori handily defeats his own semifinal opponent, Brazilian jiu-jitsu user Byeon Jaehee, but is angered by Daewi's method of defeating Mira by targeting her injuries. Daewi, meanwhile, learns that Seungtae has taken a turn for the worse and strengthens his resolution even further. Then, amidst all this, Mori and Daewi face each other in the final round.
4. marriage/bonds
July 27, 2020
The top four fighters in the preliminary have been decided. With her semifinal match against Daewi drawing near, Mira is suddenly approached by Oh Seongjin, a martial artist and successful businessman, with a marriage proposal. She agrees to marry him in exchange for his promise to restore her family's dojo and spread the Moon Light Sword Style around the world, but marrying him means she must withdraw from the tournament... and Mori and Daewi are not okay with this.
3. wisdom/kingdom
July 20, 2020
Mira faces off against WWD women's pro wrestler Mah Miseon, but her swordfighting can't keep up with Miseon's well-built body and overwhelming strength. Mori faces the risk of being disqualified from the tournament after interfering with the match between Gang Manseok and Go Gamdo. Park Mujin, a National Assembly member and God of High School's sponsor, tells Mori that if he can defeat Commissioner Q in a match, he will be allowed to return to the tournament. Meanwhile, as regional preliminaries continue across Korea, a secretive organization schemes behind the scenes. The "key" to fulfilling their desires turns out to be...
2. renewal/soul
July 13, 2020
Mori, Daewi, and Mirahave made it through the first preliminary round. With the next round coming up, the three of them talk about their reasons for entering the tournament. Mira says she's hoping to find a strong man who can become the successor to her late father's Moon Light Sword Style and rebuild her family's dojo. On the day of the tournament, one of the favorites to win the tournament, Gang Manseok, faces off against tai chi user Go Gamdo.
set up/stand up
1. set up/stand up
July 6, 2020
"God of High School" is an all-styles martial arts tournament for high schoolers from all over Korea. Jin Mori, who lives on his own after parting ways with his grandfather Taejin at a young age, is on his way to the preliminary for his region when he ends up chasing a snatcher. In the midst of his pursuit, he meets Han Daewi and Yoo Mira, two other high schoolers on their way to participate in the preliminary. The only thing on the line is your pride! The only thing you can trust is your fists! Choose any wish, and it will be granted! Such is the power of God! So begins the battle royal featuring the most powerful contenders from all over...
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The God of High School is available for streaming on the AT-X website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The God of High School on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    July 6, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (7,603)