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About AT-X

AT-X is the news channel for the whole of the anime world. It is a channel that brings you all the information you could ever want about anime, and you will learn what is coming up next in the exciting world of Japanese animation. However, it is also a place where you can see what is new in anime. They do show movies, documentaries and interviews with some of the artists who are behind these beautiful films.

You may have watched anime your whole life, but you have only had access to a small amount of the output that comes from the world of anime. When you are looking for the right kinds of information about these cartoons, you need to look at the channel to see what they offer. The channel will teach you about all the people in the community who create all this beautiful art, but they will also show you some of the movies that are coming out soon. You get to see behind the scenes of each of these movies being made, and you will learn what it takes to make just one frame in one of these films so you have a better appreciation for the art.

About This Channel