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  • TV-G
  • 2014
  • 11 Seasons
  • 7.9  (14,929)

When Calls the Heart is a heartwarming, family-friendly drama series from Hallmark Channel that premiered in 2014. Set in the early 20th century, the show takes viewers on a journey through the trials and triumphs of a young teacher named Elizabeth Thatcher, who moves from her privileged life in the big city to a small coal-mining town in the Canadian West.

The show stars Erin Krakow as Elizabeth, Martin Cummins as coal mine owner Henry Gowen, Pascale Hutton as café owner Rosemary Coulter and many other talented actors.

As the show opens, Elizabeth moves to the small town of Coal Valley to take up a teaching position. Despite being initially viewed with suspicion and mistrust by the townsfolk, she gradually wins the hearts of the locals, including those of the handsome Mountie Constable Jack Thornton, played by the charming actor Daniel Lissing.

Although Elizabeth is adjusting to a new way of life, she still has to contend with the challenges of living in a coal-mining town, including the hardships of the miners who work there. The town endured a mining accident that killed most of the male population, creating a devastating effect throughout the families that lost their loved ones. Elizabeth grows to love the town's children, who she teaches in the local schoolhouse, while also navigating the turbulent romantic waters between her and Jack.

But life in Coal Valley is not all easy, as Elizabeth and Jack must face numerous challenges as they navigate their affection for one another. Throughout the series' six seasons, Elizabeth and Jack's relationship is tested time and again as they have to overcome other suitors, miscommunications, and various external obstacles. All the while, they must also keep the best interests of the town and its people close to their hearts.

The show features other exciting storylines, such as the initial antagonism between Elizabeth and the town's wealthy coal baron, Henry Gowen, which gradually transforms into a complicated, power play between the two. As the series develops, we learn more about Gowen's past, which shapes his present so his upper-class life and disdain for the working class becomes clearer.

Another notable subplot involves the comical yet endearing romance between café owner Rosemary Coulter and her love interest town veterinarian, Dr. Carson Shepherd. This lighthearted side story provides a fun edge to the sometimes profound drama of the central plot.

Throughout the series, the show maintains a strong emphasis on relationship-focused storytelling with a hopeful optimism that encourages viewers to believe in the good and that love will ultimately prevail. Every season presents new challenges and opportunities for the characters to grow, and the series constantly emphasizes the values of hard work, integrity, and kindness.

Overall, When Calls the Heart is a delightful, romantic series that's perfect for families to watch together. It is well written and acted, with engaging characters and intriguing subplots. It's sure to leave viewers smiling and feeling encouraged after every episode.

When Calls the Heart is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (120 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2014.

When Calls the Heart
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Brother's Keeper
8. Brother's Keeper
May 26, 2024
Elizabeth and Nathan help Tom out of a tight situation, and the town comes together after a setback. With encouragement from family, Joseph heals and old rift. Gowen councils Lucas.
Facing the Music
7. Facing the Music
May 19, 2024
Elizabeth hopes for the best when Tom Thornton visits with an exciting opportunity for the town's choir. Rosemary and Bill interview a source. Lucas considers his options.
6. Believe
May 12, 2024
Elizabeth confronts an imposing figure from her past with Nathan's support. Rosemary helps Lee navigate a new leadership role. Lucas struggles to find bidders for his resort project.
Stronger Together
5. Stronger Together
May 5, 2024
Hickam and Lee clash with the mayor of Benson Hills, and Gowen suggests a solution with huge implications for the town. Elizabeth and Nathan clear up a misunderstanding.
Along Came a Spider
4. Along Came a Spider
April 28, 2024
It's Easter in Hope Valley. Elizabeth organizes an egg hunt with help from Nathan. A visitor from Lucas's past gets the town talking. Angela and Cooper seek to mend a relationship.
Steps Forward
3. Steps Forward
April 21, 2024
Rosemary and Bill team up to investigate a case they believe shouldn't be closed. The women of Hope Valley start a day care. Hickam and Mei celebrate a milestone.
Tomorrow Never Knows
2. Tomorrow Never Knows
April 14, 2024
Elizabeth and Allie plan a birthday party for Nathan. Lee and Rosemary weigh business responsibilities against family time. Lucas settles into his role as governor.
When Stars Align
1. When Stars Align
April 7, 2024
Elizabeth turns over a new leaf. Nathan returns home from an investigation, and Bill questions its outcome. Rosemary chases a scoop. Lucas make a surprise announcement.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 11, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (14,929)