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In this drama, the stories of the residents of a small town are revealed as the local judge draws out their secrets in court. The series is the first original programming from The Hallmark Channel and is based on a popular book series. Cedar Cove is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on July 20, 2013.

Where do I stream Cedar Cove online? Cedar Cove is available for streaming on Hallmark, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cedar Cove on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Hallmark
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
July 20, 2013
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Sarah Smyth, Teryl Rothery
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Cedar Cove Full Episode Guide

  • The couples of Cedar Cove search for middle ground while family revelations, a hasty proposal, and a heartfelt confession lead up to Grace's big wedding day. After Jack moves in, Olivia grows unsettled as she unpacks boxes full of memories from his past. While Olivia struggles to get him to open up, Jack is distracted with a new challenge at work. Meanwhile, Warren and Buck continue to go head to head with Alex caught in the middle of their feud.

  • Grace and Cliff accept a huge crowd at their wedding. It becomes necessary for Olivia to give Paul an answer.

  • Olivia struggles with Jack's past while Jack devotes himself to his work. Also, Paul reveals something unexpected before Grace's wedding.

  • Jeri is upset that her job was offered to Jack. Paul experience his first date after his divorce. Will is no longer welcome to stay at Olivia's house.

  • Paul tells Olivia that Liz's intentions aren't sincere. Jack makes a sacrifice for Jeri.

  • Paul plays mediator for Olivia and Will as tensions run high between the two.

  • Olivia and Will disagree about a real-estate issue, and Grace is pressured to make a decision.

  • As Jack gives Olivia space after their fight, Justine finds herself going into business with a surprising opponent, and all of Cedar Cove learns a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Olivia is still shocked by the impact of Jack's huge secrets.

  • Jack's distant behavior encourages Olivia to search for answers. Jack opens up to Jeri. Warren's business dealings leave Eric in an awkward situation.

  • Jack has a relapse and struggles to hide it from Olivia. Eric is still involved in Warren's dodgy deals.

  • Olivia takes a chance on Rebecca, despite the circumstances. Jack starts doubting himself.

  • Olivia happens upon a secret involving the new ADA. Jack gets an unexpected job.

  • Olivia's brother shows up with unexpected news. Jack considers telling Olivia the truth about his past.

  • A new assistant district attorney challenges Olivia in court at Luke's trial, and an old flame reveals unsettling details of Jack's drinking days.

  • Jack is disappointed with Eric's new job. Olivia is concerned about Justine, who defends Luke despite his recent violent behavior.

  • Olivia tries to offer support to Grace as she faces her ex-husband in court. Justine is feeling overwhelmed after she helps her new friend start again.

  • Olivia encourages Grace to confront her ex about their messy divorce. Justine encounters a troubled soul, who fought in the war and has a secret.

  • Jack wants to continue his romance with Olivia, but she is overwhelmed by his advances. Grace finds it hard to takes the final steps necessary to put her marriage in the past.

  • Olivia and Jack get involved when emotions get out of control about an impending adoption.

  • Olivia has a hard time supporting Jack and Eric at the hospital when bad memories from her past resurface.

  • Go behind the scenes with an exclusive inside look at season two of Hallmark Channel's original series, 'Cedar Cove.' Star Andie MacDowell and the rest of the dynamic cast reveal their unique perspectives on the production of this dramatic and heartwarming series.

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