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  • TV-PG
  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.9  (2,645)

Cedar Cove is a heartwarming drama series that premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2013. The show is based on the bestselling book series by Debbie Macomber and follows the lives of the residents of Cedar Cove, a quaint fictional town nestled in the Pacific Northwest. The show revolves around the life of emotional Judge Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell), who is the heart and soul of the town. The series ran for three seasons, ending in 2015.

The show opens with the introduction of the main protagonist, Judge Olivia Lockhart, who is a respected and compassionate judge in Cedar Cove. She is also a mother of two and has recently divorced her husband. Her personal and professional struggles are the central narrative of the show, and viewers quickly become emotionally invested in her story. Although Olivia is a successful judge, she still struggles to find balance in her personal life. Despite the challenges, Olivia is a role model to those around her and is a beacon of hope in the small community.

Another noteworthy character is Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal), who owns and runs the local Cedar Cove Inn. Jack is a handsome, charismatic, and charming man who quickly becomes a love interest for Olivia. Although they have a rocky start, the two develop a deep and meaningful relationship throughout the series. However, their relationship is not without trials and tribulations, and they face numerous obstacles that test their love for one another.

Throughout the show, we are also introduced to a cast of supporting characters who add depth and dimension to the series. These characters include Olivia's daughter, Justine (Sarah Smyth), who is finding her feet in the world of journalism and romance. Other key characters include Maryellen (Elyse Levesque) and John (Charlie Carrick), a young couple who are deeply in love but struggle with their different backgrounds. We also meet Bob Beldon (Bruce Boxleitner), a local businessman who is in love with Olivia but struggles to win her heart.

As the series progresses, viewers are taken on a journey of twists and turns, heartbreaks, and triumphs. Every character in Cedar Cove has their own story to tell, and each character's struggles and successes are intertwined, giving the series a real sense of community. The show explores themes of love, friendship, family, and forgiveness, and each episode ends with a valuable life lesson.

One of the standout features of Cedar Cove is its charming setting. Cedar Cove is a picturesque town with stunning landscapes, and the show takes full advantage of this. The show is shot on location in Vancouver, Canada, and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest provides a magnificent backdrop for the series.

In conclusion, Cedar Cove is a feel-good drama series that viewers can enjoy with their entire family. The characters are relatable, and their struggles feel authentic. The show's themes of love, forgiveness, and family make it an uplifting and heartwarming experience. Fans of Hallmark channel shows will find Cedar Cove particularly appealing, and those who have read Debbie Macomber's books will be pleased to see the characters come to life. Overall, Cedar Cove is a beautifully crafted show that will leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Cedar Cove is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on July 20, 2013.

Cedar Cove
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Getting to Know You: Part Two
12. Getting to Know You: Part Two
September 25, 2015
The couples of Cedar Cove search for middle ground while family revelations, a hasty proposal, and a heartfelt confession lead up to Grace's big wedding day. After Jack moves in, Olivia grows unsettled as she unpacks boxes full of memories from his past. While Olivia struggles to get him to open up, Jack is distracted with a new challenge at work. Meanwhile, Warren and Buck continue to go head to head with Alex caught in the middle of their feud.
Getting to Know You: Part Two
11. Getting to Know You: Part Two
September 26, 2015
Grace and Cliff accept a huge crowd at their wedding. It becomes necessary for Olivia to give Paul an answer.
Getting to Know You: Part One
10. Getting to Know You: Part One
September 19, 2015
Olivia struggles with Jack's past while Jack devotes himself to his work. Also, Paul reveals something unexpected before Grace's wedding.
9. Engagements
September 12, 2015
Not sure about her future with Jack, Olivia still offers guidance on romance to Paul.
The Good Fight
8. The Good Fight
September 5, 2015
Jeri is upset that her job was offered to Jack. Paul experience his first date after his divorce. Will is no longer welcome to stay at Olivia's house.
7. Runaway
August 29, 2015
Paul tells Olivia that Liz's intentions aren't sincere. Jack makes a sacrifice for Jeri.
Batter Up
6. Batter Up
August 22, 2015
Paul's sister comes to town and sticks her nose into his business. Grace is excited to start wedding planning while Maryellen is not. The tension between Jack and Paul reaches an all time high at a charity baseball game.
Civil War
5. Civil War
August 15, 2015
Paul plays mediator for Olivia and Will as tensions run high between the two.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
4. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
August 8, 2015
Olivia and Will disagree about a real-estate issue, and Grace is pressured to make a decision.
Something's Gotta Give
3. Something's Gotta Give
August 1, 2015
As Jack gives Olivia space after their fight, Justine finds herself going into business with a surprising opponent, and all of Cedar Cove learns a picture is worth a thousand words.
A Helping Hand
2. A Helping Hand
July 25, 2015
Jack wants Olivia to move in with him, but she's not sure she can trust him, so she hesitates.
Hello Again
1. Hello Again
July 18, 2015
Olivia is still shocked by the impact of Jack's huge secrets.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 20, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (2,645)