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The series entitled McLeod's Daughters is all about the life and challenges of Claire McLeod and Tess McLeod who were two sisters from different mothers but same father McLeod. These ladies had lived apart for many years but only got together twenty years later after claiming what their father had left for them as inheritance. This was a farm known as Drovers Run which was located in the outskirts of the city.

It all started when Tess returned to where she had grown up as a kid before being taken away to the city by her late mother. Her plan was to sell her part of the inheritance and return to do business in the city. She was discouraged by the fact that the farm was in huge debt and also by her sister Claire. These two long lost sisters were determined to make the best of the farm.

After the male workers in the farm were caught stealing fuel they were relieved of their duties by Claire. They then employed a some other women and no men to work with them. They were closely assisted by Meg, Jodi and Becky.

The reunited sisters worked together closely and happily forgetting what they had experienced in the past. Claire later had a baby girl. Tess who was to be engaged to Alex in a few days got involved in a tragic car crash with her sister Claire where she died and heartbroken Tess was left alone to take care of Drovers run.

Tess later got married to Nick and the two made up their mind to relocate to Argentina. Before they left Jodi told them she had found out that she too was one of the daughters of McLeod. Tess was happy to have a sister again. Stevie who was a friend of Claire took care of the farm alongside some other ladies.

The series was developed by Posie Graeme and Caroline Stanton and was broadcast on the Nine Network.

McLeod's Daughters is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (226 episodes). The series first aired on August 8, 2001.

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KOCH Entertainment
8 Seasons, 226 Episodes
August 8, 2001
Drama Kids & Family
Cast: Simmone Jade Mackinnon
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McLeod's Daughters Full Episode Guide

  • Drovers is in serious financial trouble. Will Stevie and Grace be able to put aside their differences and find a way out of this crisis?

  • Paul starts to become more aggressive when he is released from hospital. Ingrid continues to worry about Marcus and her friends when she discovers that Paul had messed with her brakes, nearly killing her and Stevie. Hours later, the girls find Ingrid's car at the bottom of a ditch, broken, with branches and blood, but no Ingrid.

  • Ingrid becomes increasingly worried about the safety of Marcus, as well as her friends, when her ex-husband Paul continues to stalk and harass her; she is finally pushed to breaking point.

  • Annie, Jaz's show-jumping horse, is startled when trying to do farm work. Stevie doesn't want Annie to be trained for the farm. Ben and Jaz try to find out what causes her to be startled. Moira and Phil are going through rough times after losing the baby. Drovers inadvertently bought stolen cattle; they find out when two detectives visit. Meanwhile Taylor's initiative to redo Ingrid's schedule goes all wrong. Ingrid's violent husband visits Drover's.

  • Jaz is shocked when Prince Misha, her royal ex-boyfriend, turns up on Drovers.

  • Frank threatens to detonate a deadly bomb during a town meeting over the controversial dam. Jaz ends her relationship with Frank, unaware this has tipped him into a deadly rage. Stevie and Marcus's lives are at risk when they accompany a visiting politician.

  • Grace, Jaz, Marcus and Frank head off to the city to confront the Minister responsible for a dam proposal that will take away their ground water. Marcus manages to get in to see Ayres and arranges a meeting for later that day. But instead of the face-to-face meeting they'd imagined, Ayres leads them directly into a press conference. Meanwhile, it's Stevie and Alex's first wedding anniversary but Stevie wants to forget about it.

  • Tayler's and Patrick's happy domesticity is disrupted when Tayler's mother, Jane, returns. Jane wants to set the record straight with her daughter, but Tayler is wary, owing to Jane's previous appearance around her 18th birthday. Now, Jane wants to be up front with Tayler, to explain why she left, and why she stayed away for 16 years without so much as a word.

  • The girls mobilise the local community to prevent a massive dam being built upstream. Jaz is blackmailed by a pro-dam farmer, who threatens to reveal an explosive secret from Jaz's past. Patrick's trial as overseer on Killarney ends in disaster.

  • Jaz McLeod steps off a bus in Gungellan looking every inch a fashion plate. As she struggles to gather up her luggage she meets Ben, a handsome larrikin on the same bus. Back at Drovers, Jaz's return seems to reawaken old tensions amongst the McLeod sisters. Grace and Jaz are so different - the rebel and the princess - and they have always clashed, leaving Regan stuck in the role of peacemaker.

  • Regan McLeod has returned to Drover's and soon discovers the little kiss Marcus and Grace shared. Stevie doesn't feel at home any more, and moves with her son who goes by the name of Wombat for now to Killarney.

  • Alex returns home and shares the news that he won't be going to Argentina again. Their joy is soon turned to despair when a tree falls on Alex. He dies in Stevie's arms. Later, she gives birth to a boy, but she can't bear to look at him because he reminds her too much of Alex. Tayler fights with Patrick about their relationship and asks Moira for help.

  • Moira wakes up every night hearing strange noises; there seems to be an intruder at Drover's. Moira meanwhile struggles with her feelings for Phil, and she worries that she might have been too harsh on him, when her curse on him comes back to haunt her. Tayler and Grace discover Lily, a little girl, in their house.

  • While finishing her chores, Kate crosses paths with a young man whose car has broken down. Tayler and Patrick are interrupted by Noisy the dog every time they try to get romantic, so Tayler suggests they move in together, to which Patrick responds negatively. Kate decides to leave Drover's life to join a church camp for troubled and runaway teenagers.

  • Kate throws herself into her new job as an overseer. Stevie's wild-hearted rodeo mate Sharon comes to Drover's, but she and Stevie are no longer on the same wavelength. Marcus goes to extreme lengths to save Ingrid from an abusive rodeo rider.

  • Grace and Marcus become trapped at the bottom of a mine shaft. Tayler asks Kate for romantic advice. She still struggles with the loss of Riley and turns to Father Dan for comfort. Grace starts hallucinating and she and Marcus almost give into their passion; they are rescued before anything further happens. Tayler and Patrick work out their issues after she confessed to still being a virgin.

  • The season opens five days after the Christmas accident; while Grace, Patrick and Tayler have survived, Riley is still missing. Patrick has several other near-fatal accidents. This angers Tayler and she confronts him, after which they both admit they love each other. Grace's secret hero is revealed to be Ingrid, and she tells Kate that Riley's body was probably dragged away by the river.

  • It's Christmas Eve, and Alex makes a surprise return from Argentina to visit Stevie. Meanwhile, Grace finds proof of Heath's infidelity, and Kate and Riley finally admit their attraction to each other when they kiss under the mistletoe. Christmas Day ends tragically when Grace, Riley, Tayler and Patrick are involved in a shocking car accident at the flooded river. Who will survive?

  • Grace stops doubting Heath's love when he buys her a present, but Marcus believes she is being cheated on.

  • 200th Episode. Patrick plans a surprise party for Taylor's birthday. Grace reconsiders her relationship with Heath. Meanwhile a new vet teaches Marcus a lesson.

  • Stevie finds out she's pregnant

  • Ashleigh goes ahead with her plan to destroy Drovers and steals some cattle. She does all this to impress her dad, Bryce, who is in a very bad health condition. In the meantime Grace looses her engagement ring.

  • This is the Middle Ages and one knight proposes to princess Grace. In the meantime, the Drovers girls try to raise the money to save their farm from Ashleigh.

  • Jim Selkirk's bull is poisoned at Drovers, and Grace has an accident while trying to bring the antidote. The girls find out that it's all part of a conspiracy to make them sell Drovers Run.

  • Blinded by love, Kate decides to go on the run with her outlaw boyfriend Mitch. Drovers Run and other local farms are the victims of a professional arsonist.

  • Some of the Drovers' sheep are injured and they suspect wild dogs, but Kate sees something else. While on the hunt, Marcus and Heath try to impress Grace. The ex-army guys fight. And Kate falls for the deserter Mitch.

  • A new guy appears in the picture, but he seems to be hiding something. Anonymous complaints against Dovers Run by Ashleigh Redstaff threatens future water supply.

  • A pair of robbers take Rose and Tayler hostages, looking for a teddy bear which carries some secrets.

  • Stevie is back from Argentina where Alex stayed a while longer. Rose is almost raped after being drugged and she also falls down from a windtower.

  • Hostage situation. Only plot. Someone gets shot.

  • A backstabber episode. Ashleigh, determined to destroy her brothers continues the sabotage, now much costly. Heith and Grace have an argument and end up kissing. Tayler gets hurt.

  • Sheepy, creepy... The curse is upon Dovers Run. But foremost Ashleigh is stirring in the waters, and stirs the water until it breaks.

  • Alex's kindness lands him in jail. Marriage between Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall. Bryce's daughter, Ashleigh Redstaff, shows her greed when he falls into a coma. (Episode with the highest number of viewers in the series. One of the last episodes_4-18 with Alex.)

  • Regan is catching up with reality or vice versa, but catches a break. Alex claims his status and helps out in a rescue, all in a days work. Meanwhile violent protests shake the town. Regan McLeod (Zoe Naylor) departs.

  • Geology suddenly becomes vastly important and surprises are in store for Regan. The story becomes toxic, at a cost. Meanwhile Alex remembers he's on the last day of mailing his application for the marriage license and have to jump through the government workers hoops.

  • Stevie's new father in law wants an ironclad, waterproof and Teflon-coated prenuptial agreement. All ends up in a game of high stakes. Meanwhile Stevie is battling the image of being a Mrs Alex Ryan, but finds a way to tame the situation.

  • Grace comes back to help the Drovers girls catch some sheep thieves. Meantime Alex thinks of Nick as his best man which makes Marcus feel like a second choice. Also The Sword in the Stone (wooden beam) in the garage. Grace McLeod decides to stay at Drovers Run.

  • Grace McLeod (Abi Tucker) arrives

  • Kate has a hard time coming to grips with the fact her best friend is gone and decides to investigate the murders herself. Alex tries to prove how much he loves Stevie. Regan is surprised by what was left to her in Jodi's will. They all say goodbye to Jodi.

  • Jodi continues to have visions while her boyfriend, Matt, is chased again by the ones who tried to kill him before. When Matt is told he has to go back into the witness protection program Jodi decides to go with him, but as they leave, tragedy strikes.

  • Jodi's horse gets bitten by a snake. Marcus is flirting with Stevie getting her to go along with helping him to make a quick buck without Alex finding out. All is revealed and Stevie gets the cold shoulder from Alex for her participation.

  • Jodi has dreams and sees ghosts. Marcus is back trying to say he is only there to look after the business interests of his ans Alex's father, at the ame time he is using Stevie to sweet talk Alex. Jodi and Matt are having a date that makes Riley jealous. Alex stops being mad at Marcus for lying after they dent Dover's trailer.

  • Marcus tells Alex they are brothers. Jodi starts having weird visions.

  • Alex and Marcus go for a ride on motorbikes. Strange things start happening for Jodi after she finds a chest.

  • A new arrival named Marcus Turner arrives at Drovers and falls for Stevie when she falls into his arms. Meanwhile, Kate's departure finally affects Jodi; Tayler tries to prove herself to the Drovers' girls by volunteering to do a branding job.

  • Jodi has feelings for both Rob (now going by his real name of Matt) and Riley. Meanwhile, Tayler is still at Drovers and getting into more trouble; Regan tries to reach out to her. Stevie finds that her relationship with Alex may be changing for the better.