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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.8  (812)

Coming Home was a heartwarming and captivating television drama that aired on Lifetime in 1998. Starring a star-studded cast including Peter O'Toole, Joanna Lumley, Penelope Keith, David McCallum, Emily Mortimer, Gruschenka Stevens, Paul Bettany, Heikko Deutschmann, Susan Hampshire, Charles Edwards, Keira Knightley, Carol Drinkwater, Anneliese Uhlig, and Malcolm Stoddard, this six-part series took viewers on an emotional journey through love, loss, and the importance of family.

Set in the picturesque English countryside, Coming Home follows the lives of the Whitelocks, a wealthy and prominent family who face their fair share of trials and tribulations. Led by the authoritative figure of William Whitelock, portrayed by the legendary Peter O'Toole, the family's lives revolve around their ancestral estate, Whitelock Manor. However, the façade of wealth and privilege masks a myriad of secrets and hidden emotions that threaten to tear them apart.

At the center of the drama is William's daughter, Rebecca, played by the talented Keira Knightley. Rebecca, a wild spirit who rebels against the trappings of her privileged upbringing, finds herself torn between duty and her desire for independence. As she battles society's expectations of her, Rebecca embarks on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads her back to the place she once called home.

Joanna Lumley shines as Martha, William's loyal and wise housekeeper, who possesses an uncanny ability to see through the family's façade and provide guidance when they need it most. Her relationship with William is one of mutual respect and trust, serving as a moral compass for the entire household.

Penelope Keith portrays Lady Elizabeth, William's estranged and aristocratic sister. Residing in her own grand estate, Elizabeth is a woman plagued by bitterness and regret. As the story unfolds, her fractured relationship with her brother becomes a pivotal point in the family's journey towards healing and redemption.

David McCallum steps into the role of George, the Whitelocks' trusted family friend and confidant. George, an enigmatic figure with a mysterious past, provides much-needed stability amidst the chaos. His unwavering loyalty and deep connection to the family prove to be invaluable as they confront their inner demons.

Throughout the series, the audience is introduced to various other key characters who weave an intricate web of relationships and stories. Emily Mortimer portrays Emma, Rebecca's childhood friend and confidante, whose presence brings an air of nostalgia and innocence to the storyline. Gruschenka Stevens plays the vivacious and free-spirited Annabelle, Rebecca's best friend, who challenges her to embrace life's adventures along the way.

Paul Bettany takes on the role of Oliver, a distant cousin whose arrival shakes the foundations of Whitelock Manor. Oliver's uncanny resemblance to a beloved family member sends shockwaves through the household, unraveling long-held secrets and igniting both love and jealousy.

The exquisite performances by Heikko Deutschmann, Susan Hampshire, Charles Edwards, Carol Drinkwater, Anneliese Uhlig, and Malcolm Stoddard further enrich the narrative, creating a multi-dimensional tapestry of emotions and relationships.

As the series progresses, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster of love, heartbreak, and the undeniable power of forgiveness. Coming Home masterfully explores themes of family dynamics, societal expectations, and the enduring importance of finding one's true self.

With its enchanting setting, stellar ensemble cast, and a compelling storyline filled with twists and turns, Coming Home is a timeless drama that will captivate viewers from beginning to end.

Coming Home is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 2011.

Coming Home
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Love And Laughter
13. Love And Laughter
July 18, 2012
The GIs of Comedy help reunite a military family at Fort Bliss, Texas.
In Honor of Dad
12. In Honor of Dad
July 11, 2012
The U.S. Army Field Band helps an Army Staff Sgt. surprise his children after being gone for a full year.
Daddy's Little Dancer
11. Daddy's Little Dancer
July 4, 2012
A soldier is desperate to surprise his daughter at her dance recital with his unexpected return.
Out Of Thin Air
10. Out Of Thin Air
June 27, 2012
An Army Specialist executes the ultimate magic trick when he comes home early from Afghanistan and surprises his kids at one of the biggest shows in Las Vegas!
Photo Finish
9. Photo Finish
June 20, 2012
During a patriotic photo shoot in Fort Bliss, Texas, a soldier returns early to the shock of his family.
Birthday Splash
8. Birthday Splash
June 13, 2012
A sailor surprises his son at Sea World on the boy's 11th birthday.
Slam Dunk
7. Slam Dunk
June 13, 2012
A soldier shocks his children during halftime at a University of Texas at El Paso basketball game by disguising himself as the school's mascot.
We'll Be Here For You
6. We'll Be Here For You
June 1, 2012
An Army dad returns home sooner than expected and surprises his two kids, with help from Elmo and "Sesame Street."
Undercover Engagement
5. Undercover Engagement
May 31, 2012
A Sailor plan an unforgettable surprise proposal for his girlfriend, in Hawaii.
Strike Up the Band
4. Strike Up the Band
April 1, 2012
A soldier surprises is teenage son with the help of the University of Hawaii marching band.
Hula Homecoming
3. Hula Homecoming
March 25, 2012
A military father surprises his seven kids while they perform at a luau in Hawaii.
Daddy's Girls
2. Daddy's Girls
March 18, 2012
A Navy dad returns home and surprises his daughter at a violin concert.
Raider Reunion
1. Raider Reunion
March 11, 2012
The second season begins with a military dad, a fan of the Oakland Raiders, surprising his four kids during the halftime show at a home game.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 6, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (812)