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Hillbilly Blood takes place in rural Cold Mountain, North Carolina, where the rules of the Appalachian rule. The show follows two brothers, Eugene Runcus and Spencer "Two-Dogs" Boljack, and shows their way of life. In one episode the two men search the mountain, with a mission to catch a rattlesnake for a church to use during their service. The rattlesnake trip put them in a dangerous position that could have cost them their lives.

Eugene and Spencer seem happy living the simple life and making the best out of what they have. The series consist of the men teaching "mountain etiquette" , using moonshine to fix a broken car, making a makeshift stove with cans and moonshine while on a camping trip.

The show is full or homemade remedies that men use in their daily lives that have been proven to be effective. The may seem unorthodox but work for them.

Hillbilly Blood is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 2012.

Hillbilly Blood is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hillbilly Blood on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
5 Seasons, 61 Episodes
September 18, 2012
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family
Cast: Spencer Two Dogs Bolejack, Eugene Runkis, Joseph Frantz
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Hillbilly Blood Full Episode Guide

  • Eugene and Spencer need to turn a riding mower engine into an outboard motor strong enough to power a salvage barge. The boys want it to locate a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, where they hope to retrieve any vintage steel left behind.

  • Eugene and Spencer run out of vintage high carbon steel, for forging knives to fill an important order. Can they build a salvage barge from junk, to seek a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, and retrieve the old steel that was left behind?

  • Mama Gene steps in a gopher hole and breaks her foot, leaving her homebound on the porch. She's plagued by insects, and missing out on the 4th of July festivities. So the boys build her a flame roasting bug zapper, and a hillbilly ninja rocket wheel.

  • Spencer and Eugene must build a barn wood display case for Cheyenne's store. But to get the wood they must make traps to catch a critter, to make into groundhog grease, to trade for a dog, which they can trade for barn wood to finally make the case.

  • Eugene and Spencer plan to build wood-burning stoves out of steel barrels, with windows made of high-quality block mica. Can they also build a hand-powered pump trolley out of junkyard scraps for bringing heavy sacks of mica down from the mountains?

  • Spencer and Eugene must build their own hillbilly houseboat, out of a discarded camping trailer, which they float on a pontoon platform made with rows of airtight oil drums, when Cheyenne gets a leisure boat and becomes a bit too big for his britches.

  • Spencer and Eugene have two days to forge 15 knives for a collector. The boys construct a water wheel to power a homemade hydro-powered grinder—and to power an electric light. Because if they want to meet that deadline, they must pull an all-nighter.

  • Widowed Mavis has doctor appointments to keep, and a stalled car. If the boys make a tire patch, a replacement gasket and a temporary fan belt out of junk, then they get an old alternator from a junkyard, they might get Mavis to the doctor on time.

  • Eugene and Spencer salvage a rusted-solid Winchester M37 and an antique hit and miss diesel engine from a barn full of scrap. They must make an electrolysis bath to strip the rust off the shotgun, which they'll trade for parts to restore the engine.

  • Eugene and Spencer aim to clear an overgrown field and find a valuable item Cowboy hid there years ago.

  • A creek blocks the best route from Cowboy's house to the holler, so Eugene and Spencer build an old fashion swinging bridge from scavenged rope and hand-hewn bamboo. Will their hillbilly rope bridge hold weight? Or will it dump the boys in the drink?

  • After Eugene breaks his mother's burl wood bowl, he and Spencer try to replace it.

  • Using bamboo and some scrap metal, Eugene and Spencer build a trickle-feed irrigation system.

  • When Cowboy needs help making walking sticks and Bertha must roast a mess of chickens for charity, Eugene and Spencer must build a wood kiln out of discarded oil barrels to dry the sticks, and construct a huge outdoor rotisserie for chicken cooking.

  • Spencer and Eugene make a smoker to try and become beekeepers.

  • Eugene and Spencer decide to build a solar-powered hot water heater out of salvaged pipes and old beer cans. In order to get the cans they need to build the heater, the boys must build a chainsaw engine-powered bicycle for their friend, Tin Can.

  • Cowboy convinces Eugene and Spencer to mount a new gold hunting expedition to the legendary secret Lost Creek. But when they can't shake an interloper, can the boys use trickery to keep Lost Creek secret? And can they still make their expedition pay?

  • Cowboy is sure that end days are on the way, so he asks Eugene and Spencer to fortify his compound. The boys construct a wood still for converting wood matter into fuel, out of an old barrel, some buckets and pipes, so Cowboy has fuel no matter what.

  • Cheyenne assigns the boys a cooler of thawing bear meat to figure out a way to preserve it.

  • A heat wave is causing meltdowns on Cold Mountain. Eugene and Spencer build an air conditioner for Mama Gene's car from an old fan and wet rags. But will it be safe?

  • When Spencer hears that the fire chief wants to equip his squad with Cold Mountain-made tools, he and Eugene salvage a steel saw blade from the big scrapyard, and get to work forging a bushwhacking brush clearing machete from it, to win the contract.

  • Spencer and Eugene mount an old camper onto barrels that they weld together to make their own hillbilly houseboat. But when they attach a lawnmower-powered paddlewheel and take it to the lake, will the boys and their latest contraption sink or swim?

  • The guys build a drying shed for herbs using a dying tree.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Spencer and Eugence build a four wheeler.