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  • 2012
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.7  (56)

Hillbilly Blood is an American reality television show aired on Destination America in 2011. The show follows three friends and outdoorsmen from West Virginia: Spencer Two Dogs Bolejack, Eugene Runkis, and Joseph Frantz. The show focuses on their daily lives in the mountains, where they survive by hunting, fishing, and growing their own food.

Spencer Two Dogs Bolejack is a Native American and the leader of the group. He is skilled in hunting, fishing, and making traditional bows and arrows. Eugene Runkis, also known as T-Money, is a skilled trapper and hunter with a laid-back personality. Joseph Frantz, also known as Bucky, is the youngest member of the group and is enthusiastic about all aspects of mountain life.

Each episode of Hillbilly Blood provides insight into the daily lives of these survivalists, who face extreme weather conditions, dangerous animals, and the challenge of living off the grid. They use traditional, often manual, methods to hunt, fish, and farm, using their knowledge of the land to live off the resources it provides.

The show does not shy away from demonstrating the harsh realities of mountain life, showing the struggles and challenges these men face as they strive to provide for themselves and their families. The cast often discusses what it takes to survive in the mountains, the importance of being self-sufficient, and the value of respecting nature.

Throughout the series, the trio often receives requests for help from locals who face issues such as wildlife intrusion, overflowing creeks, or brush clearing. This provides an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and help out their neighbors.

Despite the challenges, Hillbilly Blood shows the deep love and respect that the trio has for their lifestyle and the land they live on. They often share insights into their cultural and family histories and the knowledge they have gained from previous generations.

In addition to the survival skills, Hillbilly Blood also highlights the friendship between Spencer, Eugene, and Joseph. The trio’s humor and camaraderie are integral to the show, and viewers are given a sense of what it means to be part of the tight-knit mountain community.

Overall, Hillbilly Blood offers a unique and fascinating look into the lives of mountain men and their survival techniques. The show highlights the harsh, challenging, and rewarding aspects of living off the grid, and viewers are taken on a journey into the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

Hillbilly Blood is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 2012.

Hillbilly Blood
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Underwater Ghost Town Part 2
22. Underwater Ghost Town Part 2
June 27, 2015
Eugene and Spencer need to turn a riding mower engine into an outboard motor strong enough to power a salvage barge. The boys want it to locate a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, where they hope to retrieve any vintage steel left behind.
Underwater Ghost Town Part 1
21. Underwater Ghost Town Part 1
June 27, 2015
Eugene and Spencer run out of vintage high carbon steel, for forging knives to fill an important order. Can they build a salvage barge from junk, to seek a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, and retrieve the old steel that was left behind?
4th of July
20. 4th of July
June 27, 2014
Mama Gene steps in a gopher hole and breaks her foot, leaving her homebound on the porch. She's plagued by insects, and missing out on the 4th of July festivities. So the boys build her a flame roasting bug zapper, and a hillbilly ninja rocket wheel.
Mountain Swapping
19. Mountain Swapping
June 20, 2015
Spencer and Eugene must build a barn wood display case for Cheyenne's store. But to get the wood they must make traps to catch a critter, to make into groundhog grease, to trade for a dog, which they can trade for barn wood to finally make the case.
Risky Railroads
18. Risky Railroads
June 20, 2015
Eugene and Spencer plan to build wood-burning stoves out of steel barrels, with windows made of high-quality block mica. Can they also build a hand-powered pump trolley out of junkyard scraps for bringing heavy sacks of mica down from the mountains?
Catfish Catchin'
17. Catfish Catchin'
June 20, 2015
Spencer and Eugene must build their own hillbilly houseboat, out of a discarded camping trailer, which they float on a pontoon platform made with rows of airtight oil drums, when Cheyenne gets a leisure boat and becomes a bit too big for his britches.
Knife Grind
16. Knife Grind
June 13, 2015
Spencer and Eugene have two days to forge 15 knives for a collector. The boys construct a water wheel to power a homemade hydro-powered grinder—and to power an electric light. Because if they want to meet that deadline, they must pull an all-nighter.
Car Bartering
15. Car Bartering
June 13, 2015
Widowed Mavis has doctor appointments to keep, and a stalled car. If the boys make a tire patch, a replacement gasket and a temporary fan belt out of junk, then they get an old alternator from a junkyard, they might get Mavis to the doctor on time.
Fishy Business
14. Fishy Business
June 13, 2015
Spencer and Eugene set out to build a fish farm. But when they can't afford the cattle-watering troughs where they planed to put their trout, can they rig up their own fish tanks from nothing but a roll of plastic tarp and some old hay bales instead?
Hit or Miss
13. Hit or Miss
June 6, 2015
Eugene and Spencer salvage a rusted-solid Winchester M37 and an antique hit and miss diesel engine from a barn full of scrap. They must make an electrolysis bath to strip the rust off the shotgun, which they'll trade for parts to restore the engine.
Secret Still
12. Secret Still
June 6, 2015
The boys must come up with a contraption that can help notorious old moonshiner, Charlie Shine, bring heavy supplies to and from his hidden still. They'll construct a mechanical cable climber to take the load off Charlie.
Monster Mower
11. Monster Mower
June 6, 2015
Eugene and Spencer aim to clear an overgrown field and find a valuable item Cowboy hid there years ago.
Backwoods Rope Bridge
10. Backwoods Rope Bridge
May 30, 2015
A creek blocks the best route from Cowboy's house to the holler, so Eugene and Spencer build an old fashion swinging bridge from scavenged rope and hand-hewn bamboo. Will their hillbilly rope bridge hold weight? Or will it dump the boys in the drink?
Appalachian Burls
8. Appalachian Burls
May 30, 2015
After Eugene breaks his mother's burl wood bowl, he and Spencer try to replace it.
Water War
7. Water War
May 23, 2015
Using bamboo and some scrap metal, Eugene and Spencer build a trickle-feed irrigation system.
Walkin' Sticks and Chicken Spits
6. Walkin' Sticks and Chicken Spits
May 16, 2015
When Cowboy needs help making walking sticks and Bertha must roast a mess of chickens for charity, Eugene and Spencer must build a wood kiln out of discarded oil barrels to dry the sticks, and construct a huge outdoor rotisserie for chicken cooking.
Hillbeely Hive
5. Hillbeely Hive
May 16, 2015
Spencer and Eugene make a smoker to try and become beekeepers.
Legend of Trapper Dan
4. Legend of Trapper Dan
May 9, 2015
The boys uncover clues that may lead to treasure. Eugene constructs a metal detector out of bamboo and wire scraps, and a salvaged transistor radio. Because finding the location is one problem, but uncovering the treasure once they arrive is another.
Chainsaw Chopper
3. Chainsaw Chopper
May 9, 2015
Eugene and Spencer decide to build a solar-powered hot water heater out of salvaged pipes and old beer cans. In order to get the cans they need to build the heater, the boys must build a chainsaw engine-powered bicycle for their friend, Tin Can.
Treasure Hunt
2. Treasure Hunt
May 2, 2015
Cowboy convinces Eugene and Spencer to mount a new gold hunting expedition to the legendary secret Lost Creek. But when they can't shake an interloper, can the boys use trickery to keep Lost Creek secret? And can they still make their expedition pay?
Cowboy Prepper
1. Cowboy Prepper
May 2, 2015
Cowboy is sure that end days are on the way, so he asks Eugene and Spencer to fortify his compound. The boys construct a wood still for converting wood matter into fuel, out of an old barrel, some buckets and pipes, so Cowboy has fuel no matter what.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 18, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (56)