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The television series Warships began in the seventies, with a profile of some personnel serving aboard ships in the Royal Navy in 1973 and 1977. The first programs aired in the UK and the Netherlands, and later in several other countries. In 2010, a new six episode series by the same name was filmed aboard three Canadian naval vessels on a four month tour of duty in the Persian Gulf, during a mission to prevent piracy against commercial shipping. The show documents the daily life of the men and women on the ship.

Pure Science
1 Season, 6 Episodes
February 17, 2014
Documentary & Biography

Warships Full Episode Guide

  • HMCS Iroquois has a 30 million dollar inventory of missiles on board and carries triple torpedo launchers on each side of the ship. She has been designed to meet any threat, from land, sea, or air.

  • Prearranged mid-sea rendezvous with coalition warships, extends their operational capabilities. Without having to lose precious time returning to port, the ships can remain on patrol, in the search for terrorists, for weeks at a time.

  • The ship's crew is in full combat gear as it navigates through the narrow Bab El Mandeb strait. This geographical choke point is one of the most dangerous waterways on the planet. Directly translated from Arabic, Bab el Mandeb means "The Gate of Tears".

  • HMCS Protecteur is a warehouse at sea. The warehouse at sea plays a crucial role in extending the war faring abilities of the international coalition's warships by being able to supply them with nearly all of their needs while on deployment.

  • From the youngest sailors to the most experienced, the most fundamental of bonds is the challenge of being away from the comforts of home and loved ones. Homesickness is simply a reality of the job, but on some days, it really hits home.

  • These waters are rife with terrorism, piracy, and the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and humans. It's more than a tough day at the office, it's a matter of life and death, each and every day during the deployment.