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  • 2012
  • 1 Season

The TV anthology sci-fi comedy series 5th Dimension begins by taking us into the life of a young man who is desperately trying to let the world know his fantastic secret - the earth has been invaded by extra-terrestials. The cast includes Sheree J. Wilson, John Laughlin, Taylor Negron and Collin Pelton. Michelle Merkin is the Host and the series is written and directed by Samuel V. Langford.

The series attempts to put a positive spin on science fiction themes. It does pay homage to popular science fiction series of the 60's but is meant to focus on hopeful themes using the genre of comedy.The idea of the anthology is to produce half hour (approximately) comedy pieces that contain science fiction themes but without the dark message of earlier popular Sci-Fi television efforts.

The series was created by Samuel V. Langford who also wrote, produced and directed "Destiny's Calling" a stage comedy about the meaning of life. Mr. Langford also founded and was the President of Audacity Entertainment, Inc. The cast has appeared in TV, Film and the stage. Taylor Negron is best known for such films as "The Last Boy Scout" and "Angels in the Outfield".

Sheree J. Wilson plays the mother in the pilot. She is best known for her work on the television series, "Dallas". John Laughlin known for "The Defenders" television series plays the father in the pilot.

Michele Merkin known for her work as host of "Wedding Wars" does the hosting duties here.

Mr. Pelton plays the lead in the opening episode. His character, a rather disoriented yet lovable young man is being pursued by aliens. The dilemma and comic device is that he seems to be the only one who knows this. The story follows his efforts to convince his family and friends that there is indeed a threat. There are aliens invading the earth. The fact that no one believes him or seems to care is a central theme. The apathetic reactions of the people he tries to persuade are an integral part of the story as well.

The 5th Dimension (TV Anthology) is produced by Stony Brook Entertainment.

5th Dimension is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on November 25, 2012.

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6. Telepathy
November 25, 2012
Is telepathy a unique weapon of war? Science tells us no, but throughout history, military powers have used psychic spies to gather key information about their enemies.
5. Reincarnation
November 25, 2012
Imagine a second chance at life. Does the soul truly exist? If so, can it be transferred to another body? Can we remember our past lives? How does science deal with these ideas? Unravel the secrets of reincarnation.
Near Death
4. Near Death
November 25, 2012
When we are on the brink of death, what is waiting for us? Life on fast-forward? Light at the end of the tunnel? A sense of peace? These could just be a concoction of chemicals released by the brain, but some believe they are a peek into the afterlife.
Mind Over Matter
3. Mind Over Matter
November 25, 2012
Throughout the world, some people claim they can move objects with their minds. Is the human consciousness so powerful that this could be possible? See footage that steps out of the bounds of physics and reality.
2. Ghosts
November 25, 2012
People hearing voices, feeling strange presences, and even seeing ghastly apparitions. Do beings exist from beyond the grave? Or can modern day psychologists provide a scientific explanation? One case seems to stump even the brightest minds.
1. Exorcism
November 25, 2012
The family of Anneliese Michel was convinced that she was possessed by demons, which lead to her ultimate death at age 23. Were supernatural powers at work, or was she simply a victim of Epilepsy?
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5th Dimension is available for streaming on the Pure Science website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 5th Dimension on demand at Amazon and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 25, 2012