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The series offers a picture what life is like in a trailer park located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Becky is the manager of the community but has trouble getting people to follow the rules. The residents often resort to crude and sometimes violent behavior such as setting fires or threatening to beat someone up. There is plenty of drinking, smoking and crude, lewd language. There are plenty of bikini clad girls and toned young men.

Becky's dream is to to turn the trailer park into an upscale residential resort, but thanks to some of her residents, it is an uphill battle. Becky's father Cecil wants to run the park as a profitable business while Becky has a tendency to coddle the residents more than she should. The park is home to some eccentric characters such as Chelsey, Lindsey and Amanda who spend their time in bikinis while making and selling hot dogs.

Lindsey and Amanda had a violent an altercation and Lindsey was evicted from the park. The outrageous Roy, an ex- drag queen, and Gina, who grew up in the park, run the beauty salon located in the park. Jared is the resident handyman.

Jared does maintenance in the park in exchange for a trailer to live in. Jared's main talent is his good looks that doesn't go unnoticed by some of the female residents. Taylor lives with his girlfriend Jessica right across the street from his nosy mother Anne. Taylor and Jessica's relationship is off and on due to his wandering eye and continous partying.

Myrtle Beach Manor is made up of long time residents and some that are just passing through. Each week there are parties and some drama. The quirky residents make sure that life at Myrtle Manor is never dull.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 2013.

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Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
March 3, 2013
Kids & Family, Reality
Cast: Amanda Lee Adams, Roger 'Bandit' Kelly, Taylor J. Burt
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Welcome to Myrtle Manor Full Episode Guide

  • The trailer park gets ready to rock when Roxy throws a concert starring the Bandit, but Becky isn't happy about the plan. The growing romance between Brock and Jessica is threatened when he drunkenly kisses her best friend.

  • The whole trailer park pitches in to make Miss Peggy's 80th birthday unforgettable, including treating her to a makeover and male dancers. Gina becomes irritated with Roy's frequent absences from Tangulls. Amanda comes up with a new idea to make money.

  • Roxy schemes up a plan to gain the residents respect. Marvin and Anne start to question their future together. And the love triangle between Brock, Jessica and Britney gets more complicated when he moves into the trailer in their front yard.

  • Tension erupts in Amanda's trailer, forcing her roommates to sleep under the stars. Jared tries to spice up his marriage planning a romantic evening with Chelsey. Finally, Cecil makes an unexpected decision about the park.

  • Bandit's dirty little secret is public and Becky is livid. Amanda's new live-in boyfriend causes stress in an already cramped trailer. And in an effort to help Kim find love, Marvin and Anne take her to a church speed-dating event.

  • To support his young family, Jared gets in over his head working at a used car lot. Amanda is involved in a love triangle with Brock and a new suitor. And the park buzzes with speculation as Bandit might be dating a familiar foe to Myrtle Manor.

  • Everyone celebrates Anne's cancer remission in true trailer park fashion. Jared and Chelsea make their return to Myrtle Beach with their newest family member in tow. And Amanda hosts a mysterious guest inside the trailer.

  • In the second season finale, Myrtle Manor battles Village Creek in the Trailer Park Games. Meanwhile, Roy and Gina plan a surprise for Miss Peggy's 80th birthday; Amanda considers a change of scenery; and Jared and Chelsey think about getting pregnant.

  • Jared scores a music gig and uses the money he earns to purchase a gift for Chelsey; Anne faces a health problem; Marvin thinks he's solved the mystery of the trailer-park rat; Amanda and Brittney's feud becomes physical.

  • The electricity goes out providing the residents a chance to bond. Brittney and Brock's relationship continues causing friction with Amanda. Anne finds out some surprising news.

  • Jared is asked to play the National Anthem at a baseball game. Amanda signs Miss Peggy up for online dating and Peggy agrees to go on her first date in years—, but only with Kim as her bodyguard.” Marvin has a break in his rat investigation.

  • Amanda becomes the hot topic for gossip after she goes on a date. The Silver Bullet trailer vanishes, prompting revenge on a rival park. Marvin and Bandit become honeymoon crashers.

  • To cut down on the rash of pranks against Myrtle Manor, Marvin decides to patrol by horse. Jared seeks help from others with Chelsey's snoring problem but winds up getting booted out of his trailer. Amanda organizes a girls night out.

  • Amanda wants to get back in shape for Brock; Marvin attempts to catch an underwear thief; Roy wants to hire a masseuse at Tangulls; the winner of the Myrtle Beach trailer-park contest is announced.

  • Becky hires a handyman who catches Amanda's attention; Bandit wants to move back into the park; Marvin investigates claims of illegal activity; a DJ visits Myrtle Manor to see where it ranks among Myrtle Beach communities.

  • In the second season premiere, Becky's leadership is questioned when a rival trailer park claims to be superior. Meanwhile, Jared is confused how Chelsey is paying the bills; and Amanda organizes the Manor's Fourth of July party.