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Destination America is an American cable channel established in the eighties under several names before settling on its current one. The genre is reality based and features a variety of shows that displays the cultural life in the United States. Tune in to see shows such as Mountain Monsters, Buying Alaska, A Haunting and Impact Wrestling. Episodes range in length from thirty minutes to one hour.

Mountain Monsters is a show about men who are looking for elusive creatures that go bump in the night. Watch as they play practical jokes on each other during the hunt. Will the show see if there really is a Bigfoot?

Buying Alaska will take you on an adventure throughout the state alongside individuals looking to purchase property. That may sound simple enough but wait until the available properties hit the screen. The backdrop will make these places an interesting proposition.

A Haunting will keep you on the edge of the seat with stories of frightening experiences families encounter. Whether the show is about a family moving into their new home or the set of a show being filmed, captivating rules the hour. The only advice to take from this show is to leave the lights on.

Impact Wrestling is just that an impact. For an hour there is the treat of the popular sport of wrestling with tag team matches. There are even some wrestlers that take their battle into the streets. If that is not enough, there is the Monsters Ball Match that will have you coming back for more.