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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (33)

Boogeymen is a paranormal investigation show that aired on Destination America from 2013 to 2015. The show follows the travels of two paranormal investigators, Chad Lewis and Matt Myers, as they explore locations across the United States that are rumored to be haunted by legendary creatures known as boogeymen - supernatural entities that are often associated with childhood fears and urban legends.

Throughout each episode, Chad and Matt delve into the history and folklore surrounding each location, interviewing eyewitnesses and experts to learn everything they can about the supposed boogeyman in question. They then employ a variety of techniques and equipment to investigate the site, ranging from EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings to thermal imaging cameras and more.

What sets Boogeymen apart from other paranormal investigation shows is the specific focus on these legendary creatures. Rather than simply investigating haunted houses or other more generic paranormal phenomena, Chad and Matt seek out locations that are specifically tied to boogeyman legends, such as the Mothman, the Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil. This allows the show to delve into some truly unique and unusual locations, providing a fresh take on the paranormal investigation genre.

Of course, as with any good paranormal investigation show, the real draw of Boogeymen lies in the spooky and often unsettling encounters that Chad and Matt experience throughout their travels. Whether they're exploring abandoned hospitals, dark forests, or mysterious graveyards, the investigators often find themselves facing unexplained phenomena that seem to defy rational explanation.

These encounters are heightened by the atmospheric cinematography and editing of the show, which creates a sense of tension and dread that pervades each episode. From eerie sound effects to creepy camera angles, Boogeymen pulls out all the stops to create a truly immersive paranormal experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Despite the spooky subject matter, Chad and Matt themselves are always approachable and relatable, bringing a sense of humor and humanity to the show that helps to ground it in reality. They come across as genuinely curious and interested in the stories they're investigating, but also know when to crack a joke or lighten the mood when things get too intense.

Overall, Boogeymen is a unique and intriguing paranormal investigation show that offers a fresh take on the genre. Whether you're a diehard believer in the supernatural or simply enjoy a good spooky story, there's something here for everyone.

Boogeymen is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 2014.

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Lagarfljoy Worm
11. Lagarfljoy Worm
May 6, 2015
Reports of a monstrous Iclandic lake worm known as the Lagarfjlot are investigated.
10. Hodag
May 6, 2015
The town of Rhinelander, Wisconsin is united by the local legend of a fierce creature with scales, horns and sharp claws known as a Hodag.
9. Normie
April 16, 2015
In North Carolina's Lake Norman lies Normie, a lake monster reported to look like an overgrown alligator. Investigators theorize that Normie might be the result of a mutation caused by the nearby nuclear power plant.
8. Pepie
February 25, 2015
Sightings and stories of a monster lurking in the waters of Lake Pepin have been reported for centuries.
7. Bownessie
February 4, 2015
A flurry of recent sightings of Bownessie, a strange, serpent-like creature, in England's Lake Windermere have prompted new investigations.
6. Ogopogo
January 28, 2015
Over the past 150 years, sightings, photos and even videos of Ogopogo, a dark green snake of enormous length, has drawn tourists, zoologists and thrill seekers to the the shores of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia.
5. Bigfoot
January 21, 2015
Whether he's known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman, the bi-pedal, ape-like monster covered in fur has captivated imaginations the world over but northern California's Bigfoot Scenic Byway is the epicenter of Bigfoot sightings.
4. Tatzelwum
January 14, 2015
The Tatzelwurm, legendary across all of Europe, is an ugly beast, possessing two powerful front claws but no hind legs and the body of a serpent.
The Bell Witch
3. The Bell Witch
November 21, 2014
The small town of Adams, Tennessee is home to the Bell Witch, who cursed the Bell family with a poltergeist.
2. Champ
November 14, 2014
In Lake Champlain, compelling evidence and eyewitness accounts tell the story of Champ, America's oldest monster.
1. Mothman
November 7, 2014
In Point Pleasant, West Virginia, there lurks a winged man, with eyes that glow a fierce red, known as the Mothman. The sheer number of sightings has even awed the skeptics.
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Boogeymen is available for streaming on the Destination America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Boogeymen on demand at Vudu and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 7, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (33)