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This paranormal-investigation series features hosts Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, former co-hosts of the Syfy paranormal-investigation series Ghost Hunters. In this series, much as in Ghost Hunters, the duo travels from one haunted location to another, trying to get to the bottom of the paranormal activity that's been reported by residents of the place. The air employ electro-magnetic-field detection devices, infrared cameras, and audio recorders to observe spiritual activity, and they conduct interviews and research to uncover secrets of each location's past. The series premiered on October 21, 2016, and was the 27th-highest-rated program for the day on cable TV.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
October 21, 2016
Documentary & Biography, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Amy Bruni, Adam Berry
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Kindred Spirits Full Episode Guide

  • A family lives in fear because of airborne box cutters, hair pulling and other unexplainable paranormal activity. Adam and Amy discover that one of the spirits haunting the home has a vital message to deliver.

  • A home in constant turmoil leaves a child sleepless and in total unrest. His room is haunted by a shadowy mass. The entity scares the child at night and taunts his mother, growling at her from the closet. No one feels safe on the second floor.

  • A home catches fire and the owners are certain the cause was paranormal. Their daughter always sensed a dark presence looming, and now she believes something is targeting her family. Amy and Adam think she might be psychic and launch a unique investigation.

  • Amy and Adam investigate two properties simultaneously. Both homes are afflicted by the same entity. A cache of haunted objects is key to solving this case. The objects, however, belong to different people.

  • A spirit targets a family with three children, leaving one child strangled. The other two are visited at night and the spirit speaks to them. The children wonder whether it's passing along a message or whether they're next on the list.

  • A terrified couple calls for help after witnessing a chair levitate in their home. Amy endures a chilling paranormal experience in an upstairs bedroom. A psychic's visit later reveals a horrifying truth that leaves Adam and Amy shocked.

  • A full-bodied apparition terrorizes two young girls at night and Adam and Amy catch it on camera; a heinous murder committed more than 100 years ago might help close the investigation.

  • Adam and Amy investigate the home of a former executioner who killed hundreds of criminals, and now something's trying to kill the current homeowner.

  • Adam and Amy investigate one of the most infamous places in America, the Lizzie Borden House; one of the tour guides experiences terrifying paranormal activity and fears for her life, and Adam and Amy discover there's a life hanging in the balance.

  • Bonus Edition: An unknown entity torments a teenager, who is afraid to live in his own home. Amy and Adam investigate a creepy crawlspace in an upstairs bedroom. Could the activity be linked to the tragic death of the grandfather, who was buried alive?

  • A teen is tormented by an unknown spirit and is afraid to stay at home, so Amy and Adam investigate a crawlspace in an upstairs bedroom and begin to wonder if a family member who was buried alive could be responsible.

  • An 11-year-old girl is scared by a menacing ghost and she won't sleep alone in her room, and Amy and Adam wonder if the disturbed grave of a large Native American man holds any clues.

  • A frightened homeowner's security system captures unexplained voices so terrifying that she must leave her house.

  • A family won't step foot in the basement after a brutal murder takes place. Kids are seeing shadow figures, and a "scary man" in the closet. Amy and Adam bring in advanced paranormal gadgets, and find shocking evidence on camera.

  • An investigation into a shadowy figure takes an unexpected turn for Amy when a psychic has a shocking revelation; a growling voice makes the team fear the ghost is more negative than they believed.

  • A hostile spirit attacks a homeowner and smashes objects, leading the investigation to a breakthrough in an infamous unsolved murder.

  • Amy and Adam head to Pennsylvania to help a family make sense of unexplainable happenings on their desolate property and find the spirit stalking them.

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