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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 5.2  (36)

Buying Hawaii was a television show that premiered in 2013 on Destination America. The show was created to showcase different people and families on their journey of purchasing their dream home in Hawaii. All the homes that were featured in the show were unique and offered something unique to the buyer. Hosted by Jeannie, the show aired for one season in 2013.

Each episode of Buying Hawaii featured a couple or family who was on the hunt for their perfect home on one of Hawaii's stunning islands. From the show, the audience could see the different cultures that existed within Hawaii, including its history and traditions. Whether it was the Oahu lifestyle, Lanai's sense of community, or Maui's tropical paradise, each couple or family had a specific dream location for their home, which they hoped to find with the help of Jeannie and real estate agent Patrick Wentworth.

Throughout each episode, Jeannie guided the potential buyers through the home buying process in Hawaii. She offered insight on Hawaiian culture and customs, as well as the challenges of finding and purchasing a home in paradise. The show highlighted the various unique homes and locations available to buyers in Hawaii. From beachfront properties to lush tropical gardens, there was a home for everyone on each of the islands.

Patrick Wentworth, the real estate agent for the show, was a licensed Hawaii realtor who had worked in the industry for many years. His experience and knowledge of the local real estate scene helped the buyers find properties that fit their specific needs and criteria. He was also instrumental in ensuring that each potential buyer was aware of the unique considerations that come with buying real estate in Hawaii, such as the high price of living and the various property regulations.

Jeannie was an excellent host for the show, providing insights into the local culture and customs in Hawaii. She also introduced the buyers to various local attractions, restaurants, and other amenities that they could enjoy if they chose to purchase a home in Hawaii. Additionally, Jeannie provided a lighthearted and fun atmosphere for the show, which added to its appeal.

Buying Hawaii was a unique show in that it gave prospective buyers a look into the home buying process in Hawaii, which is vastly different from buying property anywhere else in the United States. The show provided an excellent platform for potential buyers to learn about the real estate market in Hawaii, the challenges of purchasing a home on the islands and gave them valuable guidance on finding their perfect home in paradise.

In conclusion, Buying Hawaii was an exciting and informative show, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of Hawaiian real estate. From Jeannie's hosting to Patrick Wentworth's expertise, every aspect of the show was designed to highlight the beauty and diversity of Hawaii, showcasing the many unique homes and locations available to potential buyers. Though it lasted for only one season, Buying Hawaii was a great program that left a lasting impression on viewers.

Buying Hawaii is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on December 2, 2013.

Buying Hawaii
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Beachfront Bliss
10. Beachfront Bliss
January 20, 2014
Many people dream of coming to live in Hawaii, but Tucker and Nicole are living their dream. After huge life events, they both bought one-way tickets to Oahu and never looked back.
Boar Island
9. Boar Island
January 13, 2014
A couple from Los Angeles want the perfect home on Kauai, where wild boars, sea creatures and rain are part of the package.
Big Apple to Big Island
8. Big Apple to Big Island
January 6, 2014
A buyer wants a mix of country and city on the Big Island.
Volcano Zone
7. Volcano Zone
December 30, 2013
Jesse and Tracy have been living on Big Island in a tent for three years. They now want a house where they can live off the grid.
Jungle Fever
6. Jungle Fever
December 23, 2013
Maui's full of deserts along the coast and jungles in the mountains. Jeff and Pam are in the desert, but want be in the jungle instead.
Flying Kauai
5. Flying Kauai
December 16, 2013
Gerry and his girlfriend Julie moved to Kauai searching for adventure. Gerry runs an adventurous business as a pilot and hang glider; he would love to find a property where he can fuse his love of excitement with a functional living space.
BBQ Haven
4. BBQ Haven
December 9, 2013
A couple who love to bbq leave Massachusetts for Maui.
Explosive Living
3. Explosive Living
December 9, 2013
A couple is willing to move to a place by an active volcano so they can live on the Big Island.
Turnin' Up the Heat
2. Turnin' Up the Heat
December 2, 2013
A Navy officer and his wife want to move away from Pearl Harbor to a place with a view of Oahu.
Off the Base
1. Off the Base
December 2, 2013
A couple wants to move to Oahu to teach their child to live off the land. They want a place to build a backyard farm.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 2, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (36)