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Ghostly Encounters is a Canadian documentary television series. Each show is thirty minutes in length. The show is hosted by Lawrence Chou. During each episode, Lawrence Chou introduces two or three different segments based on peoples experiences with the paranormal. Although this show is called Ghostly Encounters, the stories don't always focus on spirits but anything that is paranormal in nature. This includes prophetic dreams, unidentified flying objects, psychic phenomena and more.

Each guest or guests are seated in a chair and tell the story of their encounter with the paranormal. As the unravel their tale, a series of actors portray the events for the viewer to get a visual as to the activity described. In many cases the guests were considered non believers of the occult until their encounter and have since changed their mind about life after death. At the end of each small segment there is a text update as to if the paranormal activity continues or if it was stopped.

Some of the stories included in this series center around famous events such as the sinking of the Titanic. During a routine visit to the Titanic exhibit, a woman purchased a piece of coal from the ship and brought home something more than what she paid for. In other cases, people have had encounters with the ghosts of loved ones recently passed. These spirits have somehow imparted some knowledge to their living relatives. It could be in the form of encouragement or a warning of future disaster.

Other more traditional haunting accounts are also explored in this show. From people hearing noises in their homes to objects being moved. Each guest tells what they did to help eliminate the problem, if the ghostly encounter seemed threatening. Some people called in paranormal investigators, while others tried cleansing the home on their own. The nature of the haunting determines what steps are taken to remove the perceived danger.

As the subject matter may be disturbing for some viewers, it is recommended that young children not watch this series.

Mondays at 10 p.m. et/pt on Destination America
5 Seasons, 89 Episodes
July 15, 2005
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Lawrence Chau
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Ghostly Encounters Full Episode Guide

  • As kids, Kendra Lee and Aaron each had frightening supernatural experiences. But no one believed them, and the cost of that disbelief has remained with them. Next, two persons rehash ghostly encounters they had as children related to cultural folk tales.

  • Dawn brings home a lump of coal taken from the Titanic and opens the door to a ghost from one of the world's most famous disasters. Then, the Tuckers moved into their house a happy family and came out broken, after enduring a year of terror.

  • Rose goes to work and finds herself in a disturbing environment, straight out of a gothic romance, while Barbara discovers the supernatural secrets of an old theatre. Then, two dead mothers come back from the grave to show how deep a mother's love goes.

  • A woman's son is carried off by a ghost in the Philippines. And while a continent away, a Filipino man is shocked when he's visited by a phantom from home. Then, a new neighborhood is plagued by poltergeists after an Indian burial ground is disturbed.

  • The ghosts of fallen soldiers return with messages for Alex and Maria. Stephen and Alicia are startled by the return of relatives that refuse to be forgotten.

  • Jordan and Ian experience ghosts that watch over the places they loved most in life. Both Ruth and Penny share their homes with ghosts who never left them.

  • A girl's doll is supposedly brought to life by a ghost.

  • Whether its a levitating little brother or a poltergeist hurling things at you, living in a haunted house can be a terrifying experience! Then Anthony and Heather are deeply affected by macabre ghosts of murder victims. Heather is even frightened away from her dream job because of one.

  • Encounters witht the ghosts of people who died violently.

  • Alex turns to Catholic icons for safety when he is faced with horrifying supernatural threats. Meanwhile, Susan goes to unusual lengths to keep her protective rosary close. Then, Fred and Pansys spouses died, but didnt leave. Both continue to have a ghostly relationship with their dead wife or husband.

  • Two people who have been to the other side tell of the supernatural experiences surrounding their own deaths. Then, Barbara and Elsie both get ghostly messages from their long-dead fathers, and those messages save their mothers lives.

  • Vulnerable people are haunted at critical times in their lives. Also: Incidents of teens being targeted by ghosts are recounted.

  • Jordan and Ian experience ghosts that watch over the places they loved most in life. Both Ruth and Penny share their homes with ghosts who never left them.

  • Andrew McVicar and Donna Marshall both experienced a supernatural experience as children. Their parents didn't believe them. These are their stories.

  • When Christopher and his friends' interest in the paranormal tempt them to visit the legendary Texas Road, they instigate a terrifying series of events. Scott and Lise witness terrifying spirits who take over the bodies of people in their homes.

  • The secret past of Patrick's childhood home torments him for years before he finally discovers its shocking source. After inviting ghosts into their lives, Kelly, Anna and Colleen realize they're more trouble than they're worth.

  • When Erin's family starts to renovate their new country home, the house's long and storied past comes to light. Kyle and Chris both experience ghostly activity that guides their careers.

  • Brad is driven from his home and onto the road during a yearlong battle with a ghost that pushes him to the edge of sanity. Kelley and Ron both come face to face with ghosts that guide them through hard times.

  • Lee and Christine's relationships with death make them susceptible to ghostly activity. Sherri and Adam both experience ghosts who are attached to their workplace after dying on the job.

  • Encounters with the ghosts of people who died in hospitals.

  • Young Ross sees ghosts that his parents don't, and Kelsey's son plays with a ghostly friend.

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