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Destination America Presents is a documentary style series that follows random interesting tales from across the United States. The series covers everything from attacking turkeys to sink holes, and explores just about every possible region of America looking for fascinating stories that often border on the impossible or horrific. Of course, in many cases the result is both. Unique and to the point, the series offers something different with every episode, and viewers will leave every episode wondering where things might be headed next.

Destination America Presents is a Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2014.

Destination America Presents is available for streaming on the Destination America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Destination America Presents on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Destination America
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
January 15, 2014
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Reality
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Destination America Presents Full Episode Guide

  • Casefiles: Unknown tells the stories of real life paranormal encounters supported by riveting footage and evidence. From souls leaving their bodies to alien implantation, Casefiles: Unknown aims to make sense of inexplicable paranormal events.

  • America's Bermuda Triangle a.k.a. Bridgewater Triangle, hosts a high volume of unexplained mysteries. From ghosts and cryptic animal sightings, to UFOs and evidence of satanic rituals, the area is a diverse hotspot for paranormal activity

  • On September 11th two police officers were trapped 30 feet beneath the rubble. One man stepped forward to conduct the most incredible rescue mission of 9/11 and then disappeared. This is his story, told for the first time in his own words.

  • Taking you back to 1888, this extraordinary special dispels the myths and misconceptions that have surrounded this case for so long. Utilizing 3D virtual environments, watch what actually happened on the night of each murder as never seen before.

  • When documentary filmmaker Morgan Matthews joined three groups of men from the highly competitive and bitterly divided world of Bigfoot hunting, he got more than he bargained for. An actual encounter with a creature that left him injured and shaken.

  • Two families struggle with the unimaginable: their children can see dead people! Desperate to find out what's haunting their houses and stalking their kids, they turn to investigator Ben Parrillo and his team of experts to find answers.

  • The third annual Kingsford Invitational brings the best pitmasters in the country to New York City for the ultimate BBQ showdown.

  • The Apocalypse is coming. Rapture awaits. Are you ready for the end of days? When will it come? What will happen? And what can you do to survive? Meet the people who are already preparing. The bible is their survival guide. Can you afford to ignore them?

  • Alaska is a volatile, ever-changing land like no other. Massive earthquakes, giant tsunamis, towering volcanoes and unstable glaciers make The Last Frontier the toughest place on earth to call home.

  • When Turkeys Attack reveals the dark side of the bird that graces your plate at Thanksgiving. You'll watch viral video footage of turkeys clawing, pecking and flogging everyone from grandmas to small children. Real survivors recount their terrifying tales

  • Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) founders Bobby Hamilton and Jim Lansdale lead a team of commandos on a mission to find and kill a bigfoot in order to prove its existence to science and to protect the public from a future attack.

  • There's more than what meets the eye as homeowners across America take you inside their mind-blowing hidden rooms. Blending wild fantasy with modern luxury, brilliant architects tackle challenging requests to make their clients' dreams come true.

  • In the 1970s, a murderous cult-leader called Ervil Lebaron cut a swathe of terror through a community of polygamous Mormons in Mexico. Now the family who were victimized are making a stand for peace in a nation held to ransom by drug lords.

  • A glimpse into one of America's strangest drug syndicates. Made up of followers of a Christian, pacifist sect, The Mennonite Mob uses the traditional appearance of its members as a foil to ship vast amounts of drugs into North America.

  • You will see the most popular "must see" sites, events, and attractions. Also spotlighted are the surrounding areas to further enrich the experience.

  • Discover the hidden world of church BBQ competitions with Holy Smokers! 3 God-fearing amateur church BBQ teams are throwing down their best ‘cue in Conway, South Carolina at a church cook-off competition. They're putting their faith and food on the line.

  • Heavy equipment, tight timelines, fast-paced bidding and major money! Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is the #1 destination for big time buyers and sellers. In this high stakes world of industrial auctions they'll put it all on the line for selling big!

  • Prison Ink offers an insider's look at the secretive and illegal subculture of prison tattooing. Inmates, gang-members and corrections officers reveal the makeshift methods and deadly risks of so-called ‘chain gang' tattoos.

  • My Trip From Hell tells the stories of vacations gone horribly, hilariously wrong. From drunk passengers being duck-taped to their seats, to getting literally stuck in an outhohouse, these travelers have found themselves on one very bad trip.

  • Eyewitness accounts uncover the horrific details of a man swallowed alive as he lay sleeping in his bed in Seffner, Florida. Survivors from around the state come forward, sharing harrowing true stories of a natural disaster like no other: Sinkholes.