Paranormal Home Inspectors

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A Canadian Investigation Discovery program produced by Big Coat Productions, Paranormal Home Inspectors is a drama documentary that details investigations by an expert team as they go into Ontario homes in search of spirits and home repair projects. Hitting both ends of the professional spectrum, the show brings in a paranormal researcher Michelle McKay, a psychic healer Nadine Mercey, and a licensed home inspector Brian Daley into the home being investigated.

Michelle conducts a more traditional ghost hunt with techniques like voice capture and infrared cameras to try and document the activity. With knowledge of homes herself as a former real estate agent, Nadine relies on a more metaphysical approach as she does a walk through of the house and relates her feelings and impressions on the energies of the house and the spirits within. Brian searches for plumbing, electrical, or structural issues that might be the cause of the supposed paranormal problems faced by the homeowner.

Each half hour episode introduces a case with an overview of the homeowner's problem and the house's history. The investigations are broken down into three days starting with the paranormal researcher Michelle meeting with the family on the first day to get their stories. Next Michelle goes to whatever research facility is available in the town to collect information on the location and its history. During their studies, Brian begins his inspection of the home on the second day of investigation. Brian goes over the paranormal problems and finds their possible natural and scientific causes within the home itself. Without any prior information about the house Intuitive Healer Nadine then does her own inspection on the third day of the investigation, telling emotional tales of the people who passed away on or near the property. On the last day, Michelle and Matt go in to spend the night and use their hi-tech equipment in hopes of recording evidence. Finally, the three experts present their findings and recommendations to the homeowners so that they can make their own informed decision about whether or not their house is truly haunted.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 14 Episodes
August 17, 2011
Cast: Michelle McKay, Nadine Mercey
Paranormal Home Inspectors

Paranormal Home Inspectors Full Episode Guide

  • Barb and her children live in a peaceful town, but the unexplainable events that are happening in their home have made it difficult to live there. It was only after research that Barb found out the previous owner died in the house.

  • Four years ago, an inexplicable force drew Bev to buy her house. Soon after, strange things started to happen, to the point that she's even had guests flee her home. Desperate, she's called on the Paranormal Home Inspectors to find resolve.

  • Although there have been a large amount of paranormal occurrences in Carrie's house, she's come to believe that the incidents are targeting her daughter. The Paranormal Home Inspectors try to shed some light on the case to ensure her safety.

  • Brad and Christa have been renovating their home in preparation for their new baby. Christa believes that spirits have followed her throughout her life, but now that she's starting a family, she wants answers once and for all

  • Brian and two of his children live in a renovated log cabin. Strange things have happened to them there for some time, but after one of Brian's other children dies in a car accident, the incidents only intensify.

  • Just six months after moving into their new home, Claude and Yvette's daughter Ashley was found dead in a nearby motel. Since then, strange occurrences have been taking place in the house. Has their grief turned common happenings into something more?

  • Darrel and his wife live on a 200-year-old family farm, and claim to have felt the deceased there for years. Though that's never bothered them, lately they've felt as though the energy has shifted, and is affecting their emotional and physical health.

  • Cindy and her family live in a historic farmhouse that has been in her family since the 1800s. Knowing that many of her ancestors passed away in the house, Cindy calls the Paranormal Home Inspectors to investigate a series of strange occurrences.

  • When Alex's mother passed away, he inherited the family home. Still struggling with his grief, Alex has found himself at the center of many supernatural experiences. Is it Alex's own energy that's causing them, or something more?

  • Katherine Fogarty has strange occurances going on in her home. She brings in the Paranormal Inspectors to check it out.

  • Alex Ciancino has been feeling a presence for 50 years in his bungalow. He invites the Paranormal Home Inspectors to investigate.

  • Ed Conroy has strange things going on in his home and place of work an dhas called for the help of Paranormal Home Inspectors.

  • Newlyweds Nick and Diana find some bizzare activity going on in their custom dream home in Dundas Ontario.