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UFOs: Uncovering the Truth examines testimony from current and former government officials, pilots and astronauts about man's contact with the extraterrestrial. UFOs: Uncovering The Truth is a Drama, History, Mystery series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 2017.

UFOs: Uncovering The Truth is available for streaming on the Destination America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch UFOs: Uncovering The Truth on demand at Hulu, FuboTV online.

Saturday at 9pm on Destination America
1 Season, 10 Episodes
June 10, 2017
Drama, History, Mystery
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UFOs: Uncovering The Truth Full Episode Guide

  • Investigators reveal the secret history between US Presidents and the UFO phenomenon, from FDR's knowledge about a UFO battle over Los Angeles to JFK's alleged plan to share extraterrestrial secrets with the Russians.

  • Humanity's rapid technological advances have completely transformed the way we live. Are these innovations the result of human effort alone, or have extraterrestrials gifted them to our planet like a nefarious Trojan horse?

  • As long as there have been UFO sightings, there have been claims of alien abduction. This phenomena and the alleged alien implants sometimes left behind are examined through never-before-seen evidence and eyewitness testimony.

  • Using archival audio recordings, official transcripts and incident reports, UFO researchers investigate what really happened during incredible -- and sometimes life-threatening -- encounters between law enforcement and UFOs.

  • Pilots and astronauts share firsthand accounts of their encounters with mysterious, unknown flying objects.

  • New evidence from top intelligence, government and scientific witnesses who revealed the truth on their deathbeds.

  • Trace evidence from the history of ancient Egypt, to the myths of Native Americans through the art of the Renaissance period lead researchers to believe that otherworldly spacecraft have visited humans since the dawn of man.

  • New evidence reveals the possibility that extraterrestrials visited ancient humans, influencing ancient technologies, architecture and art; a scholar reveals evidence supporting his theory that aliens created ancient Sumerians.

  • Newly declassified documents and firsthand accounts of unidentified submergible objects lead researchers to look to the water instead of the skies.

  • The mysterious reports of vanishing aircraft, UFOs and reverse engineering highly advanced technology from Area 52.