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This documentary shows the struggles and rewards on accomplishing a goal that is extravagant. It tells stories of people have did courageous and exciting things and you can see them push their selves to the limit. They accomplish their goals no matter what it takes. Die Trying is a Action & Adventure, Drama, History, Mystery series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on July 9, 2014.

Die Trying is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Die Trying on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 7 Episodes
July 9, 2014
Action & Adventure, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Dave B. Mitchell
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Die Trying Full Episode Guide

  • With the boys disbanded, Kenneth is still reseliant and wants to perform at Hysteria. Rohan lost out on love and his best friend, seems more lost than ever. Will they get back? Will they perform at Hysteria ? Or will the season end? The last one is definetly true.

  • Trace the fateful steps that led to the biggest disaster in mountaineering history and learn how it could have happened. Get a rare glimpse into the minds of climbers who seem compelled to continuously test the borders of what is humanly possible.

  • Follow a pair of daring Australian adventurers who, despite having never been on skis before, set out to establish the record for an unsupported journey from the shores of Antarctica to the pole and back.

  • Shark experts and wildlife filmmaker Andy Casagrande go off the Gansbaai, South Africa coast, to Shark Alley on a mission to capture a great white. They hope to mount camera tags and data loggers on the backs of these predators in order to scientifically document the profile of a great white shark during its explosive breach.

  • Alex Honnold goes on a daring attempt free soloing a trio of harrowing cliffs without any safety lines to set a world record. Honnold has set his sights on the ambitious, daring and dangerous goal of scaling the faces of Yosemite National Park's Triple Crown in under 24 hours.

  • George Kourounis and his team of scientists and climbing experts go on one of the most dangerous scientific expeditions in the world: a descent into Turkmenistan's firey Darvaza crater. Joins Kourounis on his mission in the crater by a designed rope system, walk on its burning floor and get samples of soil that could help us look for life on other planets.

  • Casey Anderson and Jason Matthews go into the Alaskan Arctic, some of the most dangerous bear country on earth, and are determined to find footage and DNA evidence of the Super Bear. Half grizzly and half polar, this hybrid Super Bear has the DNA makeup of two of the world's biggest predators.