Amish Outcasts

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The television series Amish Outcast, is a documentary series focused around an Amish community that consists of 30 different families. This television series gives viewers an inside look into the beliefs of the Amish community, as well as what they do in their everyday lives. Without the distractions from television, phones, cars, or radios, their lives are very differently than those from an English community.

In this television series, viewers will learn the ways of the Amish people and their beliefs. In addition, viewers will hear interviews from members of these families who have been shunned from the community. Viewers will learn what it means to get shunned and how these men and women got to the point of being shunned.

Wednesday 7:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
1 Season, 1 Episode
August 13, 2014
Documentary & Biography, Drama, Mystery
Amish Outcasts

Amish Outcasts Full Episode Guide

  • Featuring the community of the Weavertown Amish and its 30 families, from people living the simple and pure Amish life to families who have been excommunicated or 'shunned' recently for disobeying the strict rules of the religion.