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Around the world people witness bizarre phenomena. Over the years scientific advancements have solved many of these mysteries, showing the natural causes at work behind seemingly supernatural events. Still, many answers continue to elude scientists and researchers of these phenomena. Monsters & Mysteries Unsolved documents the current search for answers behind these inexplicable events.

Destination America
1 Season, 12 Episodes
June 29, 2016
Documentary & Biography, Drama
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Monsters & Mysteries Unsolved Full Episode Guide

  • Exploring what comes after death. Included: People who have had near-death incidents report being bathed in images, sounds and feelings so strong that their lives are altered forever.

  • In New Jersey an adolescent girl is murdered and a psychic states she can see her killer. In Oregon, a psychic attempts to help solve the homicide of a cowboy. Can psychics actually aid in police and government investigations?

  • There have been tales throughout time of blood red rain or blobs of an mysterious gelatinous substance falling after meteor showers. Scientists examine the mystery and what they're finding might prove some of the superstitions to be true.

  • Investigating mass animal deaths around the world. Included: Scientists search for answers, specifically as to why some species seem to have nearly vanished.

  • Stories of the Bermuda Triangle are discussed by scientists as they turn their attention to a different strange area.

  • From Loch Ness to the west coast of Canada, people are reporting sightings of sea creatures they can't explain. Are they seeing remnants from the dinosaurs or mythical beings or just mistaking ordinary creatures for something paranormal?

  • For ages, prophets have suggested that disastrous events and maybe even the end of the world lie ahead. Are we looking at an unquenchable human desire to make sense out of the chaos of life - or a true supernatural power?

  • All over the world, mysterious, ghostly lights appear on the ground and in the air without warning or explanation. The lights continue to puzzle scientists who wonder if they could be a new source of energy, precursors to natural disasters, or UFOs.

  • Different cultures call it different things: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman and Yeti, but they're all talking about the same phenomenon and the descriptions are similar: large, hair-covered creatures that walk upright like humans.

  • Around the world, sightings of strange flying objects and mysterious lights in the sky have been reported. Could these UFOs be signs of intelligent life outside our planet, or are they just natural or man-made phenomena?

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