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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons

BBQ Rules is a reality TV show that premiered on Destination America in 2015. It features the renowned pitmaster, Myron Mixon, and his son, Michael Mixon, as they travel across America, visiting various BBQ competitions and helping amateur pitmasters improve their skills.

The show is all about teaching the art of BBQ in a fun and entertaining way. Myron and Michael, who come from a long line of pitmasters, use their knowledge and expertise to educate the contestants and viewers on everything from the choice of meats and seasoning to the proper techniques of smoking and grilling.

Throughout the show, Myron and Michael offer their expert advice and comments as they watch the competitors prepare and cook their meats. They judge the results based on criteria such as taste, tenderness, and appearance. They also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant's cooking and give tips on how to improve.

In addition to the BBQ competitions, the show also features segments where Myron and Michael showcase their own personal BBQ techniques and recipes. They take turns showing how to prepare their favorite dishes, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and more. They also share their secrets for achieving the perfect flavor and texture.

Another highlight of the show is the father-son dynamic between Myron and Michael. They have a natural and humorous rapport that makes watching them interact a delight. Myron is the gruff and tough veteran pitmaster, while Michael is the eager and enthusiastic son who often brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Overall, BBQ Rules is a fun and informative show that offers a unique look into the world of BBQ. It teaches viewers the ins and outs of this beloved American tradition while also entertaining them with engaging personalities and mouth-watering food.

BBQ Rules
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3. Birds
July 24, 2016
Myron Mixon and Michael Mixon prepare turkey, chicken and pig wings.
41 & Main
2. 41 & Main
July 17, 2016
A father vs. son cook-off in Georgia with diner hosts Myron Mixon and Michael Mixon.
Whole Hog
1. Whole Hog
July 10, 2016
The Mixons build a pit and cook a whole hog.
  • Premiere Date
    July 11, 2015