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I Used to Be Fat was a self-improvement improvement reality show that aired on MTV for one season. The framework of every episode was the same. It would open with an introduction to a recent high school graduate whose extreme obesity had negatively affected his or her life. MTV would arrange for a trainer to make daily visits to the student's home for intense all-day workouts. The trainer also went through the student's kitchen and threw away all of the food that was not healthy. This would generally cause a great deal of resentment among the rest of the family members, who usually felt as though they were forced to go on restrictive diets whether they wanted to or not. Family support was touted as a major component of a healthy lifestyle, especially since many of the overweight subjects of the show had initially become heavy due to poor nutritional choices on the part of their parents.

Each subject set a weight-loss goal that would take him through to his first day of college, which he would enter as a brand-new, confident young adult. The trainer arrived early every morning to start the full day of exercise. Almost every subject resisted the process at first. Some of them even found that their parents encouraged them to give up on their weight loss goals. One subject cheated by cooking fatty foods as soon as her trainer went home. The young adults were filmed while they shopped for new clothes and attempted to choose healthy foods off of restaurant menus. They found out that maintaining their new weights without changing certain aspects of their social lives was going to be nearly impossible.

Despite the setbacks, every single subject lost a substantial amount of weight. Most of them, having become accustomed to working out on a regular basis, continued to get smaller after going away to college. They really did incorporate their new healthy habits into manageable lifestyles. Their families would also come around by the end and admit that they had been wrong about the long-term prospects of such dramatic weight loss.

I Used To Be Fat is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on December 29, 2010.

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Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
December 29, 2010
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I Used To Be Fat Full Episode Guide

  • A woman takes on the challenge to loose weight while in a wheelchair.

  • A woman's attempt to loose weight is blocked by her protective father.

  • In order to pursue a career in college baseball Trevor must loose the weight.

  • A lady must face her family tragedy to battle weight loss.

  • A battle with eating for comfort is what faces this artist.

  • This former athlete works hard to regain her healthy body.

  • A man must face his emotional eating to loose his weight.

  • A woman relies on her inner strength to loose the weight.

  • Paul dreams of becoming a police officer, but his weight is holding him back.

  • Jose wants to play college football, but first he hast o lose some weight.

  • Janelle and her family enjoy gathering and eating unhealthy food. Will she be able to change her lifestyle and still be able to hang out with her loved ones?

  • Holly is torn because her family loves to eat fried and unhealthy food. However, her mother believes that if Holly doesn't change her lifestyle, her health will be in danger.

  • Maddy has had a difficult life and alcohol has helped her cope with it. Now that she is sober, she has turned to food to cope.

  • Sammy is a mama's boy who is completely indecisive. Will he be able to decide to become healthier?

  • On the outside, Latrice is an outgoing funny girl. But inside, she is hurting and insecure about her appearance. Will she be able to shed her defensive attitude and the weight?

  • Lindsey wants to be a college cheerleader, but must lose weight in order to meet her goal.

  • Terra has followed her mother's poor health example, will she able to break bad habits?

  • At 310 pounds, Josh is the odd man out because he is the largest person in his athletic family. He's forced to stand by as his younger brothers play team sports and go on dates.