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Sweet Home Alabama is a TV show currently airing on CMT, with its first season premiering in the summer of 2011. It's a reality TV show with an emphasis on matchmaking, like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but with a special twist that makes it unique: it's a battle between the city and the country. In the first season, young Southern belle Devin Grissom meets twenty potential suitors. Ten are traditional Southern gentlemen and ten are city slickers, but all have come to win the lady's heart. As she gets to know each of them, she must decide which of the several suitors to send off the show each week. All the men live together in one house, so tensions are high as they all compete for attention in group activities and individual dates. The woman and her suitors spend time both in the country and the city, giving every one of them a chance to show her what they can do best in their natural habitat.

For the second season of the show, which aired in the fall of 2011, the same format was kept, except this time the tables were turned - rejected country bachelor Tribble Reese from the first season became the center of attention, and this time he had to choose from among ten country girls and ten city girls. Similarly, the third season, which aired in the spring of 2012, featured season two favorite Paige Duke as the lucky Southern bachelorette.

Out of all the seasons so far, season three is the only one that has yielded a longer relationship. The couples from the first two seasons split very shortly after the show ended. When the third season's finale aired, Paige and her final choice Jeremiah had just celebrated their 3-month anniversary and were still going strong.

Sweet Home Alabama is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on July 14, 2011.

Where do I stream Sweet Home Alabama online? Sweet Home Alabama is available for streaming on CMT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sweet Home Alabama on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
4 Seasons, 35 Episodes
July 14, 2011
Comedy, Kids & Family, Romance
Cast: Devin Grissom, Michael Dean, Michael B. Chadwick
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Sweet Home Alabama Full Episode Guide

  • Kelsey goes on her two final romantic dates and meets close family members from each of the mens' lives. Kelsey makes her choice in the most emotional night yet.

  • Kelsey enjoys a romantic date in the boxcar of a freight train as it rolls through the countryside. Meanwhile, Kelsey and the remaining guys head to the zoo.

  • Kelsey and the remaining men go out on the town. But what's supposed to be a fun evening takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Meanwhile, a city guy attempts to show Kelsey what life would be like in the glamorous bright lights of his hometown.

  • The guys attend a high-school football game with Kelsey, and must learn a cheer.

  • The guys compete to catch the largest gator. The winner will be awarded a private date.

  • Kelsey tests the guys' skills with children. Later, a big city guy tries to learn the two-step at a country bar.

  • The guys plan an outdoor trip for Kelsey complete with a rose garden and a secluded country lake at sunset.

  • Kelsey goes on her first romantic dates, including a ride on a speedboat and a moonlit evening by the water.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Alabama native Kelsey Smith is thrilled to meet her suitors as her search for love continues.

  • In the season finale Paige goes on her dream dates. In the end, she makes her final decision, choosing one as her soul mate.

  • Paige asks her best friends to come to Alabama to interview the remaining suitors.

  • Paige continues dating to find her Mr. Right. More men are sent home and their future with Paige is ended.

  • As Paige's connection with some of the men deepens, the city-versus-country tempers begin flaring. Romantic dates include martinis by the fire and a high-speed ride into the heart of the Louisiana bayou in search of alligators.

  • Paige is serenaded on a date by a love song written for her. Midnight pranks intensify in the house as the guys start to turn on each other.

  • Paige is whisked away on a private jet to Miami to experience the city life. Back home in Alabama, the country boys grow increasingly jealous and attempt to win her back by taking her to a shooting range.

  • Things heat up as fireworks light up the sky. Meanwhile the men fight for Paige's attention at a beach party and one of the guys is called out by his peers for being too needy and aggressive.

  • Paige takes the guys on an overnight camping trip where the men are tasked with setting up their own campsites and securing food and shelter for Paige.

  • The battle scene for Paige's heart is set at a paintball shootout. Then romantic dates take place in a tranquil meadow, upstairs in a hayloft and on a carriage ride as both city and country men try to charm Paige with their own opposing styles.

  • Southern bachelorette Paige Duke is thrilled to meet her suitors as her search for love continues.

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